You know what rubber stamps from the UK are made for right? It’s made to make the lives of those from offices, schools, hospitals, and business owners a lot better. Stamps do not only help us manage and organise our stuff, but it also helps us to finish our jobs a lot faster.

Business Stamps and stock stamps are very handy when it comes to marking receipts and paid bills. Although stamps are not a part of the major operations for businesses, it does not change the fact the stamps make the minor tasks less time-consuming.

Stamps for teachers also works the same as a business stamp would. Lending a helping hand especially when it comes to grading the students quickly. However, are there are other ways that you can use rubber stamps aside from office use, school use, and other business uses? The answer to that is yes. There are a lot of ways you can use your personalised stamps aside from what I mentioned earlier.


Here are 3 creative ways that you can use with your personalised stamps:


Motivate People

People today have become too busy with work, school, social media and other stuff that they often forget to give themselves a time to relax and recover. This causes the people to feel tired and exhausted all the time. The lack of sleep can heavily affect a person’s emotions, energy levels as well as the outlook in life. A lot of people today are sensitive and can get pretty down easily.

One thing that can cheer people up is inspirational and motivational quotes. These quotes can come either from books, internet, cards, and even on walls, posted as a wall decoration. This is where custom-made rubber stamps from the UK comes in. You can design your own stamp, as well as the text that’s going to be in it, through an online stamp designer. You can pick up your favourite motivational quote and put it into stamps. Using your personalised rubber stamp, you can cheer not only yourself but also others.


Event Invitation Cards

Parties and Special Events needs to have guests, and how else are you going to have your desired guests to attend your event other if you don’t give them an event invitation. Sending out event invitations to your desired guests is a formal way to invite people. Although, you can just give your desired person a call or send them a message through social media. Sending out invitation cards to your guests makes the event invitation more formal (and professional).

So if you’re a business owner, an event organiser, or someone who is tasked to invite people in a formal event, give your desired guest an invitation, and might as well give them a call to let them know that their presence is highly appreciated.

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on this. You can just use a cardstock, a date rubber stamp,  an address stamp and if it is a company event, add in the company’s common seal. With a little bit of creativity, you will be able to give your desired guests a beautiful event invitation card.


Messages For Your Beloved

In this time and age, receiving a handwritten letter from the person dear to you is very rare. Especially with the rise of smartphones, and social media, communicating has never been easier. These days, however, the only letters that are being written and sent out are application letters, authorisation letters, and resignation letters. However, sending a handwritten message to your loved ones will no doubt make them very happy. Sending handwritten letters to the people you love signifies that you care for them so much that you took an effort of writing a letter for them.

You can spruce your letter up, through the use of stamps. Rubber stamps make your handwritten letters look unique. Think of it this way, stamping on your paper makes the paper one of a kind. Which makes personalising your letter by adding stamp impressions and accents makes your letter very personal. As if you’re pouring your whole intention on the paper. A handwritten letter is a private way of telling someone that you care deeply for them.


Final Thoughts

Using a simple stationary tool such as rubber stamps in the UK, and your creativity, you can inspire people and motivate them to keep doing what they love, you can formally invite people on the events you’re hosting, and spruce up your handwritten letters you’re sending to your loved ones.

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