Using Personalised Stamps in Australia to Spark Self Motivation

Using Personalised Stamps in Australia to Spark Self Motivation

As you age, the time you spend on yourself becomes lesser and lesser. From home to work and from work to home, then you wake up doing the same things all over again. It’s easy to lose yourself in the ocean of chores that needs to be done. So before you forget about yourself in the midst of the busy life, remind yourself with how a fantastic person you are using stamps in Australia.

If you want to blame someone why your confidence is slowly sinking, blame your busy schedule. A busy schedule means you spend less time for yourself and more time for other activities. With the time for yourself lowered down, your motivation slowly fades until you find yourself working to get by for your day to day activities.


Planners and Reminders

goal setting

Human as we are, we tend to forget about a lot of things. Your umbrella, the name of your preschool teacher, and the name of that one ‘friend’ you met down at the mart who wants to catch up with you. And to help remind you of the little things that are often forgotten, we have colourful post-it notes, planners, phone reminders and sometimes even putting up notes on the fridge.

Most of the time, we place things that we need to be reminded of, tasks, appointments, and events. We become too busy with chores and works that we often forget how to take care of yourself. Why don’t you make use that planner and post-it notes to remind yourself how awesome you are. No— you don’t need to write it on your planner every single page of your planner, or in your post-it notes.

You can order rubber stamps in Australia that you designed yourself. Stamps to remind you for example 1. to ignore that ex of yours who cheated on you? 2. To remind you to buy that gift for your grandma’s 100th birthday. Stamp it all on your planner!

You can even stamp on your favorite motivational phrase! Put it on your planner, or post-it notes, wherever you want. Who knows, you may even be able to motivate your friend or co-worker who’s feeling in a slump lately using your personalised stamp.


Goal Setting

goal setting

You will never become a successful person if you don’t have any goals. Without goals, you won’t be able to create a plan to achieve that specific goal. Do you want to build your dream house? You got to make a plan to make it a reality. However, making that dream into reality is not that easy. Chances are, you’re going to get sidetracked that you forget your initial goal.

Your goal is also a great motivation whenever you feel down. And the best person to remind you of your own goal is none other than yourself? No one knows how much you want that goal but yourself. Stamping your goals just adds a bit of colour and inspiration to your goal.

You want to have that incredible body that you see on the internet and magazines? Work out, follow a healthy and sustainable diet (because starving yourself just have that hot body is NOT OKAY), and remind yourself of your goal.

You can just look up for online stamp designer in Australia and start designing your own stamp with your goal listed in the text. Buy colourful ink pad together with your stamp so you’ll always be inspired to achieve your goal.


Complimenting Yourself

complimenting yourself

Compliments make your day a whole lot better. Even with a small, ‘You Look Good’ from someone you know can instantly bring a smile on your face. The ‘Good Job’ from your boss can bring you so much joy because finally, your boss noticed your effort and hard work on your job. Compliments, even if they’re merely words can surely boost your mood.

However, it’s not that often at people are going compliment you. Sometimes a month or two will pass by, and not a single compliment was given to you. And this will definitely be reflected on your self-confidence. So why don’t you give yourself a compliment whenever you know you did an excellent job.

It’s never wrong to give yourself a compliment. Others may find it quite narcissistic, but self-love is a good thing. After all, who knows yourself better than yourself. Were you able to complete the task earlier than you expected? Give yourself a pat and ‘Good Job’ because you were able to do it quickly.

Get yourself a custom-made stamp or a self-inking stamp with a ‘Good Job!’ imprinted in it. And give yourself a ‘Good Job’ stamp for every task you did excellently. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better.

Just buy yourself an ‘Achievements Notebook’, and in it, you write tasks you were able to finish excellently and mark them with a ‘Good Job’ mark. So whenever you feel down, just open your Achievements Notebook and look back on the things you did excellently.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your greatest motivator is yourself because no one knows you better than yourself. Do not get drowned in the ocean of tasks, make sure you spend some time for yourself. Remind yourself why you’re doing the things you do in the first place, and most of all never forget to compliment yourself. Rubber stamps are merely tools to help you motivate yourself.

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