4 Ways to Spark Brand Awareness Using a Stamp Designer

4 Ways to Spark Brand Awareness Using a Stamp Designer

Not a lot of people can turn their hobbies and interest into a business. And when they do, they want to make sure they succeed. So if you’re crafty and you’re thinking of turning your hobby into a business. You may want to start planning how to let people know your that your business exists. It may sound quite expensive, you’d have to spend a lot of cash for advertising your product. We have a more affordable alternative for that, and that is through a stamp designer and custom-made stamps.





It’s not all the time that the hobby you love doing during your leisure time can be turned into a business. So once you’re able to turn your passion into a small business, one of the things you need to have is your product’s packaging.

Most businessmen spend hundreds if not thousands of money to have their products adequately packaged. However, for people who are just starting to establish their brand, they can opt for a much cheaper packaging through the use of custom made rubber stamps.

However, a much cheaper packaging doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. You can get creative with it. With a self-inking rubber stamp, a paper, and your creativity, you can create a simple packaging for your budding business.

Let’s say you’re turning your passion for baking into a business. You can buy brown paper bags, mark it with the rubber stamp you created using a stamp designer. You can then place your cookies into the brown paper bags. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also does not cost that much.

You can also use the stamp on a variety of surfaces such as textured papers, fabrics and many more.


Promotional Literature

promotional literature

Custom-made stamps can also help you with the promotional literature such as pamphlets, brochures and flyers for your business. Commercially printed promotional literature can cost you hundreds. However, you can lower the expenses down. Through creating your own rubber stamp, you can make flyers and pamphlets to help you promote your newly established business.

Through promotional literature, you can promote brand awareness for your business. This way, people are going to be aware of what product your offer, or what service your offer. If people are aware of the existence of your business, they will avail your services and buy your products.


Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

Another thing that’s going to help you establish is through a logo. Just how the Nike shoe brand has a checkmark on their products, and McDonald’s with a particular yellow ‘M’ shaped logo with a red background, putting a logo helps the customers differentiate your brand from the rest of the businesses that offer the same products and services as you. It’s the symbol of your brand’s uniqueness.

Creating a rubber stamp for your brand’s logo helps you brand your products. Stamps are affordable, portable, and is easy to carry. All you’re going to need is an ink pad and a rubber stamp. You can just mark the logo on the packaging, freebie, flyers, pamphlets, or anything that you use to spread brand awareness.

You can even create your own website, put up your created logo on your site, so everytime people will see your logo. They’re going to think of your product or service.

Bonus Tip: Make your logo unique and straightforward so people can easily remember it.


Business Cards

business cards

Business cards are also an essential element to let people know you’re starting your own business. You can hand them out to people you know, people who are inquiring about your business and your offer, or to everyone who you think is interested in your business.

You can create classy-looking business cards, using a black ink pad, and a textured paper, or a card. You can buy rubber stamps online that you designed yourself. Just write your name, the contact number for your business, your business’ email address, the website for your business all the necessary details to help your customer contact your or locate your business.

The advantage of having a rubber stamp for your business card is that stamps are portable and easy to carry. You can bring it wherever you want.

Another thing, you also want to be creative with the spacing on the details for your rubber stamp. You can then use the stamp with your logo in here. Another technique of spreading brand awareness.

Here’s a Sample Template for your Business’ Card:


Logo Here

Shammie’s Shimmie Jewels


Wobbly Shmanimoovs




Address: Line 1 / Line 2 / Country


Final Thoughts

One of the things you’re going to need if you want your crafting business to be successful is to spread awareness. Through the packaging, promotional literature, marketing strategy, and business cards, you can spread brand awareness. Because once people are aware of your brand as well as the products you make, they will definitely be interested with what you have to offer.

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