Using Made to Order Stamps To Decorate Cookies

Using Made to Order Stamps To Decorate Cookies

Who says stamps are only for paper art? Some people make great scrapbooks and cards while others have excellent hands and taste in the kitchen using made to order stamps. Crafting and baking and two expertise that will create beautiful and delicious results when combined. With our growing love for food and art, cookies have also evolved from the plain chocolate chip or peanut butter to fancy yet edible displays. As professionals use rubber stamps for designing, bakers use edible ink to stamp on cookies to make them more attractive and appetizing.


Here are 4 tips to help you get ready before stamping on your cookies:


Choose Stamps with Clear Designs

clear stamp design

When you only want a single design on your cookies, it’s best to use stamps without a backing mounted to it. It creates a blind spot when you’re trying to place the design in the center of your cookie. Make sure you also choose stamp designs with strong, clear and clean lines, so it presses well and maintains on the cookies. Complicated and soft designs may not reflect well on your cookies. You can order rubber stamps online where you’ll find a variety of them to use.


Bake the Cookie You Want

bake the cookie

First, reduce using leavening agents in your cookies such as baking powder or baking soda or do not use them if possible. Next, your dough shouldn’t be too sticky nor too dry. It must be similar to a playdough inconsistency instead. Lastly, if you’re planning to stamp your cookies before they’re done, take about 2 tbsp of dough for every cookie. Rolling is optional, and if you want them to be perfect, you can use a cutter to soften out the edges of your dough.


Ink Your Stamps

Start by picking your colour ink gel of choice. For best and convenient methods of inking your stamps, use a brush to apply the ink to your stamps. This will allow you to spread the ink excellently. If you plan to create a diversity of colours, it’s also much easier to blend colours and paint different portions of the stamp with this method. Brushing is also helpful if you only wish to colour a particular part of your stamp.
You can also try other methods of inking your stamps. It can be messy, but you can create a thicker ink by mixing a couple of ingredients – gel food colouring, a little vodka and isopropyl. Then, brush the solution on the bottom of your stamps.
If you’re planning to make more than a handful of stamped cookies, you might want to consider making a pad of edible ink, so it’s faster to repaint your stamps with a brush.


Design Finished Cookies with Stamps

cookies with stamps

Perhaps the best cookie surface to press your stamps are on royal icing. This type of icing flattens out on your iced cookies when already set. However, some icing can be deceiving. They might look settled on the outside, but you’ll find them soft underneath. You should be careful with chocolate icing or even confectioner’s sugar glaze because they might crack or deform when you press your stamps. Make sure all your ingredients have a food safe marker.


With all of that set, you’re now ready to start stamping your cookies with these 3 easy steps.

Step 1.

Once you’ve already painted your stamps, roll the stamps gently on the cookie icing, making sure it’s already set and won’t crack when you stamp.

Step 2.

You can’t expect your stamps to be painted on the cookies perfectly. Instead of trying to stamp again, use your brush to colour the blank parts or draw on the cookie to complete your design.

Step 3.

Let the ink dry before you add more details so it will not ruin the design or smudge the colours. You can buy rubber stamps online to find the perfect match for your plans and achieve your desired cookie design outcome.


Final Thoughts

Cookie stamping is a fun way to release your artistry. You can be innovative from using self-inking stamps on paper to creating your ink for your cookies. This is an excellent recreational activity to spend your leisure and a handy skill especially in kids parties and other themed-celebrations. Be a creative stamp designer and let the colours of your art burst into your creations.

Who says stamps are only for paper art? Some people make great scrapbooks and cards while others have excellent hands and taste in the kitchen using made to order stamps. Crafting and baking and two expertise that will create beautiful and delicious results when combined. With our growing love for food and art, cookies have also evolved from the plain chocolate chip or peanut butter to fancy yet edible displays. As professionals use rubber stamps for designing, bakers use edible ink to stamp on cookies to make them more attractive and appetizing.


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Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

If you own a business, Common Seals must be a familiar word for you. However, if not, you may want to get more acquainted with the word, especially if you intend to make one. Common seals refer to a Company’s official seal or official logo. Most of the time, it is used for legal transactions. However, today, it can also be used for spreading your brand/ business’ name.


2 Types of Common Seals

There are 2 Kinds of Common Seals that most businesses use. The Embossed Seal and the Printed or Inked Logo. Both types of common seals are used to make an impression on your files and documents. However, both the embossed and the stamped kind has its own difference.

Embossed Seals

embossed seals

An embossed seal is very useful for the files and documents that you don’t want to be replicated or be photocopied such as certificates, enrollment forms and other important documents. Embossing your Seal on a piece of means you’re raising certain parts of the paper to create an impression. Which why it cannot be reproduced photographically and is impossible to photocopy.

A note with a ‘Not valid without the Company Seal’ is printed on every document. Which is important in keeping your file authentic. Although, the prints can be photocopied. The embossed seal part of the document cannot be replicated. Without the seal, the document is not valid.

Stamped Seals

stamped seals

A stamped seal is commonly used for papers and documents that can be duplicated or photocopied such as the Company Head’s Signature. Stamping on important files and documents means you’re making an impression on a piece of paper through pressing ink on certain parts of the paper.

Most of the time if custom made stamps were created to be used for signatures, the stamp is still used together with an Embossing Seal to guarantee the document’s authenticity. Stamped Seals can be used aside from stamping signatures. It can be used for certifying documents for its authenticity or can be used for imprinting/ stamping the company/ business logo for spreading brand awareness.

There’s a huge variety of stamped common seals in Australia, such as rubber stamps, personalised rubber stamps, and self-inking stamps. You can order rubber stamp online for your business’ common seal.


What are Logos and Common Seals Used for?

Logo and Seal is the face of your brand/ business. Just like how a blue square with a large small letter f, or how a letter U, overlayed with an inverted ‘U’ is to the shoe brand Under Armour. How your logos look to represent the product of the service you provide.

People by nature tend to forget names. This is why you may not remember some of the names of your classmates back in primary school. This also applies to your brand, especially if your brand has quite a long name, people will most likely forget your brand’s name. Photos and images, however, can easily be remembered than basic words and phrases.

Promoting Brand Awareness

promoting brand awareness

If you want to spread brand awareness, printing or stamping the logo on your each of your products, flyers and posters is an excellent way to start. This is because logos can be of any size, large or small and it can still can recognizable, especially if your logo looks simple. You can stick your logo on your paper advertisements, online advertisements, or brand each of your products with the logo. You can print logos, or stamp them using rubber stamps on any surface you want to see your logo on.

Providing Authenticity with Your Documents

providing authenticity in your docs

Stamping your documents with your brand/ business’ logo validates each of your files and documents. It means you allowed the person to hold the document or an important file. Using a rubber stamp, or any self-inking stamps can help you certify the authenticity of documents and files.

You can use rubber stamps, or and self-inking stamps for marking logos and seals on your documents or any surfaces that you need your logo and seal to be imprinted.


Final Thoughts

The seal for your brand/ business doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if your business is just starting to bloom. Through rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and embossers, you can give your business a face and an identity spread brand awareness, as well as certifying the authenticity of your documents.

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4 Ways to Spark Brand Awareness Using a Stamp Designer

4 Ways to Spark Brand Awareness Using a Stamp Designer

Not a lot of people can turn their hobbies and interest into a business. And when they do, they want to make sure they succeed. So if you’re crafty and you’re thinking of turning your hobby into a business. You may want to start planning how to let people know your that your business exists. It may sound quite expensive, you’d have to spend a lot of cash for advertising your product. We have a more affordable alternative for that, and that is through a stamp designer and custom-made stamps.





It’s not all the time that the hobby you love doing during your leisure time can be turned into a business. So once you’re able to turn your passion into a small business, one of the things you need to have is your product’s packaging.

Most businessmen spend hundreds if not thousands of money to have their products adequately packaged. However, for people who are just starting to establish their brand, they can opt for a much cheaper packaging through the use of custom made rubber stamps.

However, a much cheaper packaging doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. You can get creative with it. With a self-inking rubber stamp, a paper, and your creativity, you can create a simple packaging for your budding business.

Let’s say you’re turning your passion for baking into a business. You can buy brown paper bags, mark it with the rubber stamp you created using a stamp designer. You can then place your cookies into the brown paper bags. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also does not cost that much.

You can also use the stamp on a variety of surfaces such as textured papers, fabrics and many more.


Promotional Literature

promotional literature

Custom-made stamps can also help you with the promotional literature such as pamphlets, brochures and flyers for your business. Commercially printed promotional literature can cost you hundreds. However, you can lower the expenses down. Through creating your own rubber stamp, you can make flyers and pamphlets to help you promote your newly established business.

Through promotional literature, you can promote brand awareness for your business. This way, people are going to be aware of what product your offer, or what service your offer. If people are aware of the existence of your business, they will avail your services and buy your products.


Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

Another thing that’s going to help you establish is through a logo. Just how the Nike shoe brand has a checkmark on their products, and McDonald’s with a particular yellow ‘M’ shaped logo with a red background, putting a logo helps the customers differentiate your brand from the rest of the businesses that offer the same products and services as you. It’s the symbol of your brand’s uniqueness.

Creating a rubber stamp for your brand’s logo helps you brand your products. Stamps are affordable, portable, and is easy to carry. All you’re going to need is an ink pad and a rubber stamp. You can just mark the logo on the packaging, freebie, flyers, pamphlets, or anything that you use to spread brand awareness.

You can even create your own website, put up your created logo on your site, so everytime people will see your logo. They’re going to think of your product or service.

Bonus Tip: Make your logo unique and straightforward so people can easily remember it.


Business Cards

business cards

Business cards are also an essential element to let people know you’re starting your own business. You can hand them out to people you know, people who are inquiring about your business and your offer, or to everyone who you think is interested in your business.

You can create classy-looking business cards, using a black ink pad, and a textured paper, or a card. You can buy rubber stamps online that you designed yourself. Just write your name, the contact number for your business, your business’ email address, the website for your business all the necessary details to help your customer contact your or locate your business.

The advantage of having a rubber stamp for your business card is that stamps are portable and easy to carry. You can bring it wherever you want.

Another thing, you also want to be creative with the spacing on the details for your rubber stamp. You can then use the stamp with your logo in here. Another technique of spreading brand awareness.

Here’s a Sample Template for your Business’ Card:


Logo Here

Shammie’s Shimmie Jewels


Wobbly Shmanimoovs


Address: Line 1 / Line 2 / Country


Final Thoughts

One of the things you’re going to need if you want your crafting business to be successful is to spread awareness. Through the packaging, promotional literature, marketing strategy, and business cards, you can spread brand awareness. Because once people are aware of your brand as well as the products you make, they will definitely be interested with what you have to offer.

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Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Arts and crafts never fail to bring a smile on a kid’s face. It’s that time when they get to be messy, play with paints, draw things, use colourful self-inking rubber stamps, and not get scolded. It’s also that time where they can bond with their parents, teachers, or other children their age.

However, there’s more to stamping than colours, and artworks. Rubber stamps help children in developing essential skills such as Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, as well as their Cognitive Ability.

How do self-inking rubber stamps help build up a child’s skills?


Sensory Development


Arts and Crafts, specifically, Stamping can help kids develop their senses. If a baby or a toddler comes in contact with the soft fur of a cat for the first time, the baby’s nervous system has yet to process the foreign feeling and generate a response from it. This response is then remembered by the brain— thus developing the kid’s senses.

Anything that allows a toddler to explore or interact freely with a variety of materials with different texture, colours, shapes, and sizes as well as temperature, can help a child improve their senses.

Whenever a toddler is stamping, the child can feel the stamp, as well as the surface they’re putting stamps on. This is why most preschool teachers have a variety of stamps, alphabet stamps, numbering stamps, rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and all sorts of colourful ink pads. Preschool teachers let the kids stamp on rough walls, cottony fabrics, smooth papers or anything that has textures as it helps them develop their senses.


Fine Motor Skills

fine motor skills

Another thing that your child develops when they’re stamping is the fine motor skills. Whenever a child manipulates small items such as self-inking stamps, paintbrush, or holding a pencil, they’re using small muscles in their body, specifically in their hands, fingers and eyes. This can be a pretty complex thing for toddlers. Notice how most toddlers find it hard to use their little spoon whenever they’re eating? This is because their fine motor skills haven’t fully developed yet.

Stamping helps toddlers and babies develop their fine motor skills. Especially since you need to use your hands and fingers if you’re stamping. One thing you’d have to look out for whenever you’re stamping with babies is to use stamps that are not very small. Toddlers have the possibility to shove all sorts of things to their mouth, and you don’t want your kid to be choked with stamps.


Emotional Development

emotional development

If a child is always given activities that follow a process, the child is not given the freedom to express. Arts though is an excellent way to let the child express what he or she truly feels. Giving a child the liberty to express himself/ herself is a good way of developing their emotions.

Using rubber stamps or self-inking stamp together with other art materials such as crayons and watercolours, and a paper, a kid, can express their emotions. The good thing about this is that you’re teaching a kid to express himself/ herself without using oral communication.

Self-expression is an excellent way to develop their emotion. Which is why teachers in preschool allow their students to express themselves through art. Using colourful stamps, paints, crayons, and watercolour. And the best part in here? The kids are always proud of their finished artwork. So if your kid goes home with a paper in his/ her hand, praise him/ her for expressing themselves.


Cognitive Development

cognitive development

Stamping also allows a child to develop their creativity as well as creative thinking. Think of it like this: whenever a child uses stamps, he/ she thinks of where to place it, and how it can help improve her artwork. Aside from that, they need to think from the variety of self-inking rubber stamps and use it for their artwork. How can a stamp beautify his/ her artwork, what colour will he/ she use?

The Cognitive ability of a child is then developed through using his/ her critical thinking, creativity, as well as his/ her problem-solving skills. And then combining these 3 to come up with an idea.


Final Thoughts

Developing a child’s Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, and Cognitive Skills is crucial as these are the basic skills they need to possess as these are the skills that help them develop their own personality. You don’t need to have expensive art materials for your child to develop these skills. You can buy and order rubber stamps online, and even personalise these rubber stamps for you and your child to use.

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Using Personalised Stamps in Australia to Spark Self Motivation

Using Personalised Stamps in Australia to Spark Self Motivation

As you age, the time you spend on yourself becomes lesser and lesser. From home to work and from work to home, then you wake up doing the same things all over again. It’s easy to lose yourself in the ocean of chores that needs to be done. So before you forget about yourself in the midst of the busy life, remind yourself with how a fantastic person you are using stamps in Australia.

If you want to blame someone why your confidence is slowly sinking, blame your busy schedule. A busy schedule means you spend less time for yourself and more time for other activities. With the time for yourself lowered down, your motivation slowly fades until you find yourself working to get by for your day to day activities.


Planners and Reminders

goal setting

Human as we are, we tend to forget about a lot of things. Your umbrella, the name of your preschool teacher, and the name of that one ‘friend’ you met down at the mart who wants to catch up with you. And to help remind you of the little things that are often forgotten, we have colourful post-it notes, planners, phone reminders and sometimes even putting up notes on the fridge.

Most of the time, we place things that we need to be reminded of, tasks, appointments, and events. We become too busy with chores and works that we often forget how to take care of yourself. Why don’t you make use that planner and post-it notes to remind yourself how awesome you are. No— you don’t need to write it on your planner every single page of your planner, or in your post-it notes.

You can order rubber stamps in Australia that you designed yourself. Stamps to remind you for example 1. to ignore that ex of yours who cheated on you? 2. To remind you to buy that gift for your grandma’s 100th birthday. Stamp it all on your planner!

You can even stamp on your favorite motivational phrase! Put it on your planner, or post-it notes, wherever you want. Who knows, you may even be able to motivate your friend or co-worker who’s feeling in a slump lately using your personalised stamp.


Goal Setting

goal setting

You will never become a successful person if you don’t have any goals. Without goals, you won’t be able to create a plan to achieve that specific goal. Do you want to build your dream house? You got to make a plan to make it a reality. However, making that dream into reality is not that easy. Chances are, you’re going to get sidetracked that you forget your initial goal.

Your goal is also a great motivation whenever you feel down. And the best person to remind you of your own goal is none other than yourself? No one knows how much you want that goal but yourself. Stamping your goals just adds a bit of colour and inspiration to your goal.

You want to have that incredible body that you see on the internet and magazines? Work out, follow a healthy and sustainable diet (because starving yourself just have that hot body is NOT OKAY), and remind yourself of your goal.

You can just look up for online stamp designer in Australia and start designing your own stamp with your goal listed in the text. Buy colourful ink pad together with your stamp so you’ll always be inspired to achieve your goal.


Complimenting Yourself

complimenting yourself

Compliments make your day a whole lot better. Even with a small, ‘You Look Good’ from someone you know can instantly bring a smile on your face. The ‘Good Job’ from your boss can bring you so much joy because finally, your boss noticed your effort and hard work on your job. Compliments, even if they’re merely words can surely boost your mood.

However, it’s not that often at people are going compliment you. Sometimes a month or two will pass by, and not a single compliment was given to you. And this will definitely be reflected on your self-confidence. So why don’t you give yourself a compliment whenever you know you did an excellent job.

It’s never wrong to give yourself a compliment. Others may find it quite narcissistic, but self-love is a good thing. After all, who knows yourself better than yourself. Were you able to complete the task earlier than you expected? Give yourself a pat and ‘Good Job’ because you were able to do it quickly.

Get yourself a custom-made stamp or a self-inking stamp with a ‘Good Job!’ imprinted in it. And give yourself a ‘Good Job’ stamp for every task you did excellently. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better.

Just buy yourself an ‘Achievements Notebook’, and in it, you write tasks you were able to finish excellently and mark them with a ‘Good Job’ mark. So whenever you feel down, just open your Achievements Notebook and look back on the things you did excellently.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your greatest motivator is yourself because no one knows you better than yourself. Do not get drowned in the ocean of tasks, make sure you spend some time for yourself. Remind yourself why you’re doing the things you do in the first place, and most of all never forget to compliment yourself. Rubber stamps are merely tools to help you motivate yourself.

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