Boosting Repeat Sales Through Loyalty Card Stamps

You may be wondering, how a mere stationery tool such as loyalty card stamps is able to generate repeat sales for your business? Stamps may just be a stationary tool that’s used for organising things, or for making an impression on the receipts for your business.

But there are more to the stamps than just this. You can use your rubber stamps for your loyalty program. Loyalty Programs encourages your customer to buy products or avail your services repeatedly, promoting repeat sales towards your customers.


How Loyalty Card and Stamps Can Help Your Business

Through the use of cards, custom made stamps or any rubber stamps, you can start a loyalty program that will surely benefit both you and your customers. An excellent way to get your customer to love your brand.


1. Market Current Customers

Nurturing your relationship with your current customer is essential in running a business. Your customers are the main reason why your brand continues to its operation up until now. The exact reason why you should build your relation up with your customers. Loyalty Schemes such as giving loyalty cards to your customer is one excellent way to nurture your relationship with them.

You can create your own personalised loyalty program that will definitely benefit not only you and your business, it should also be beneficial for your customers.  


2. Appreciate Loyal Customers

Customers love it when their efforts are getting recognised. So whenever you give your customers small rewards, your customers will feel pleased. If your customers are happy with how you treat them, you will gain their trust, and with an increased trust rate from your customers, your sales will also increase. Loyalty schemes give your brand a positive image from the customer’s point of view.

Giving them freebies through loyalty schemes is one way of showing your appreciation for your customer’s continued patronage for your brand.


Is a Loyalty Scheme Expensive?

The good thing about loyalty schemes is that it is inexpensive. You don’t need to spend up thousands of money just to give your loyal customers extravagant rewards. You can do that if your brand can already afford it without having a deficit. If you’re just starting out, your rewards can be your own products. Say, for example, one of your best selling product as a reward, this way you don’t have to think of spending so much money for a loyalty scheme.

Another thing to consider is your card. Yes— you do need to order rubbers stamps, as well as the cards where you’ll be stamping. Now with your card, your rubber stamp, and your rewards ready, it’s time for you to choose what reward system should you use for your loyalty scheme.


What is a reward system?

This is a system you can use to determine how your customer can get their rewards. There are 2 kinds of reward system that can be accomplished through the use of loyalty cards and custom-made rubber stamps.


2 Types of Reward System

1. Punch Card System

A reward system that is similar to that of a scratch card. This is where the customer is given a loyalty card containing empty slots. Everytime your customer purchases your product or avails your services, you will mark the customer’s loyalty card. After your customer is able to fill all of the empty slots with rubber stamps, they will be able to receive the reward.  You will determine as to which services or products are qualified for 1 stamp.

Sample Card Template for a Punch Card System:

sample card system template

As shown in the image above, Brad is giving a free Family Sized Butter Cookies to the customers who are able to buy a total of 9 special breads. You can create your own loyalty program and tailor it according to your business. The punch card system can both be used for businesses that offer products as well as those who are offering services.

2. Point System

This is a reward system in which each product or each total money spent by the customer on your business has an equivalent point. The rewards are then given by the time the customer was able to save enough points. These accumulated points are then exchanged for a reward that you have chosen.

This type of reward system is mostly used by large-scale businesses because it can both be automated, and can be printed out on a card. If you’re printing your card out, you can use your number stamp in inputting the total of points earned by the customer with their purchase.

Sample Card Template for a Point System:

sample card template for a point system

sample card template for a point system (back)

As shown in the image above, the point system is a lot complicated than the punch system. However, this program can run for a long time and still will  not have that much of an effect on your business


Final Thoughts

Repeat customers are the best customers. They spend more than those that are new, plus, if you are able to gain their trust, they will recommend your brand to their family and friends. You don’t have to spend thousands of cash just so you can gain repeat sales, and loyal customers, all you need is a good loyalty program, a card, a rubber stamp, and an ink pad and you can start your loyalty scheme.

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