Six Easy Steps in Creating a Baby Shower Card

Are you planning a baby shower? Your baby shower card is one of the most important detail of this highly anticipated event. These are the invitations you send to your family, relatives, friends, and people whom you are close with; to let them know the addition of a new family member in the near future. You have two options- either you order them, or you make them by yourself.

It can be created in multiple ways. But the simplest way is downloading a copy of a template you found from the internet, then printing it on blank cards. If you’re not the “computer-savvy” type, but you love doing DIY projects, then you can make the invites yourself!

In six easy steps, here’s how you can make your own ‘onesie’ baby shower invitation using your customised rubber stamps!

You can model your card from objects  such as onesies, baby bottles, safety pins, or even baby diapers. But for this guide, we’ll help you create a onesie baby invitation. So, prepare these following materials:

In creating the card, you’ll need:

  • Scrapbooking paper or any cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue or any adhesive you have
  • Hole punch
  • Jute Twine
  • Customised rubber stamps

If you don’t own any,  you can order a rubber stamp online. It’ll be highly convenient for the later part. And don’t worry, it’s okay if you’re not a master at stamping. You’ll do well without breaking a sweat. So, let’s get started!

Step 1:

After you’ve prepared all the materials, the first thing to do is to line your scrapbook paper or cardstock using the pencil and the ruler into sheets of twelve inches (12”) length and a four point five inches (4.5”) width. Then, cut them using the scissors and fold it in half to get a six by four point five inches (6” x 45”) card.

Step 2:

Now, determine the center of the folded line. After you’ve found the center part of the line, use your round hole punch to create a “neck opening” for your onesie.

Step 3:

Since you already have a “neck opening,” it’s time to create the “leg openings” of the onesie. To make the “leg openings,” use the scissors to cut two three-quarters-sized circles for each corner of the bottom part of the card.

Step 4:

It’s time to create the sleeves, so below the folded line, use the ruler to measure about one point five inches (1.5”) distance. Then, using the pencil, draw a one point twenty-five inches (1.25”) straight line long from the outer part to the center of the card. From the inner edge of this line, use your pencil to draw an oblique line up until the upper edge of the leg opening, creating a triangular form. Using the scissors, cut the triangle part to see the complete look of the onesie. You can use this completed onesie as the guide for your other cards.

Step 5:

After finishing the structure of the card, you can start designing. Start with the content of your invitation. You don’t have to get frustrated if you’re not that good at calligraphy or handwriting, you have your trusted rubber stamps to save you! It’s possible to customise the text of your stamp design for your invitation like, “You are invited to the baby shower of…” or “We are delighted to invite you to the baby shower of…” for an easier, faster, and quality emboss on the card. As for the front part, you have to indicate the important information such as, who’s hosting the baby shower (that is you), the date, time and the venue.

Step 6:

The very last thing you can do is to decorate and style the outer part of the card.  Utilise the use of your rubber stamps with different colors of ink. It makes the process easier and you can save both time and effort. You can create a border made out of stamp prints or a cute seamless background. After stamping, let it dry. You can start designing the other cards, while you’re waiting for the finished ones to dry. Use the jute twine to tie around the whole invitation card, and you’re done!

As for other decorations, you can also use stickers, die-cuts, embellishments, glitters, ribbons or jute twine, and buttons. You don’t really have to use all of them, what’s important is you can use your rubber stamps in absence of these decorations. You can use the stamp design of baby bottles, safety pins, flowers, or anything related to infancy. Once you’re done with all of the invitations, you can send them off to your selected guests.

Final Thoughts

In any way, we hope this guide has helped you create one of the most important aspects of celebrating baby showers. The best part is you’ve put your heart and effort in creating a personalised card for your guests.  It lets you to freely express your creativity in the form of being hands-on in creating one of your most special events. Are you thinking of creating more? Free your imagination and get creative!

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