Increasing Productivity On Offices Using Signature Stamps

Increasing Productivity On Offices Using Signature Stamps

Signatures may look simple however they hold so much power. With a single signature, you can officially transfer your properties to someone else or transfer your power to another person. Signatures are also important especially if you own a business. Your signature is needed by almost everyone in your office to be able to move on with their tasks. So what happens when you’re not in your office to sign documents and files? The work is stuck until you come back. Signature stamps can make the flow of yours in your office more fluid.


How? Here are 2 ways you can use your signature stamp:


Mail Campaigns


mail campaigns

Business means you have to make sure the everyone is aware of the services you offer or the products you’re selling. I’m saying you’d have to advertise and spread brand awareness (throughout Australia if possible), and that means you’d have to spend a few dollars with high hopes of a greater Return of Investment. You can easily spread brand awareness using the power of the internet. But what about the customers who come into your business personally? How about those customers who are not aware of your website? How are you able to reach them and maintain a good relationship with them.

This is where your Mail Campaign comes in. I know a Mail Campaign can be quite costly especially when you’d have to order for a personalised envelope as opposed to buying the regular envelopes that you can buy anywhere. You can use a personalised colop self-inking stamp for marking your business address and using your signature stamp, you can make the letter more formal. Sending this kind of letter to your customers for your campaign strengthens your relationship with your customer.

You can also use this for formal party invitations for your business event. You can use the same address stamp on the envelope together with the signature stamp to make the letter official so no one can open it other than the person you chose to invite for your party.


Files and Documents


files and documents

As I have explained on the first point, there may be circumstances that require you to go out of your office to complete some business matters. This is when your trusted someone takes over and reviews some documents. However, there are still documents that you must review and not someone else. In this case, by the time you come back to your office, a tower of paperwork that needs your approval is expected. Yes— even if you left your signature stamp to your trusted person.

This is where your personalised signature stamps from Australia comes in handy since you don’t have to sign on every one of the documents (which is quite a tiring job). Using a stamp with your signature embossed, your signatures are just one stamp away. You don’t have to manually repeat the same pattern over and over again. This can come in handy especially if you’re in a hurry for another upcoming appointment. This does not only speed up the process in your office but also can help save you time.

Think about it, if you’re able to speed up the process of signing documents, which results to a more fluid workflow in your office. You’ll be able to finish work faster. Finishing work faster means you have a lot of time to work on other tasks which implies that you’re being productive in your work.


Final Thoughts

You don’t have to tire yourself out, or split yourself into two just so you can sign papers and documents much faster. You can always opt for a signature stamp. The process is simple. Look for a stamp designer online, send them a sample of your signature, and wait for your order to arrive.  

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Reasons Why Businessmen Should Use Rubber Stamps On Fabrics

Reasons Why Businessmen Should Use Rubber Stamps On Fabrics

If you hear the word rubber stamps, what comes to your mind first? Arts and Crafts? Office Files and Documents? Card Making? Of course, that’s because most stamps are made for cards and papers. Now, how does stamping on fabrics sound to you? Possible— but not really worth trying.

Stamping on fabrics though is possible. All you need to have is a permanent ink or archival ink and a rubber stamp, and you’re good to go. Stamping on fabrics opens the doors for using stamps for mere papers. You can even use your rubber stamps in giving favours from your events as well as spreading brand awareness.


Here are 2 Reasons Why Rubber Stamping is Beneficial for Your Business


Event Favours

event favours

Personalised things are more expensive than its regular counterpart. A plain white canvas coin purse may cost a dollar, however, if it’s personalised, the price may double or even triple. If you’re personalising things for yourself, then this increase may not be a big deal. However, if your intention is to give it as event favour, the total cost may hurt your budget.

Giving event favours to your guests can boost their mood as well as give you and your business a positive impression. Event favours though, even if you’re ordering them in bulks, can be costly, mainly because your brand or your name needs to be imprinted in the event favour you’re giving to your guests.

So, what does this have to do with stamps?

As I have mentioned earlier, if you’re going to buy unprinted tote bags, coin purses, or anything that’s made up of fabric, it will not be as costly as it is personalised. This is where rubber stamps can be of help. With a custom-made rubber stamp and a permanent ink or an archival ink, you can easily put your brand on any fabrics. It will be advantageous if you already had a customised rubber stamp with your brand’s logo, or your name in it, this way you’ll only need to buy the ink.


Brand Awareness

brand awareness

Aside from event favours that you can give to your guests after business events, you can also stamps to spread brand awareness. You can use stamps on flyers and paper bills, but the thing is that almost everyone is doing this. In business, you need to stand out to be noticed. So, instead of handing out flyers, try buying a bulk of plain white canvas coin purse. Then, using your personalised rubber stamp and permanent ink, make an impression on the canvas.

There’s a lot of things you can do with your rubber stamp and your permanent ink. You can even incorporate this on your table napkin. This way, whenever your customers dine, they can see the name of your business.

I remember back then, my aunt used to sell strawberry jams. She and my mom were close so we frequently went to her place, and I would help her pack her jams. She had a lot of people that order from her back then because her jam was really delicious and she had a peculiar way of packing her jams. Yes, she still kept them in a bottle of a jar. However, she places a piece of light pink-coloured square cloth on the lid of the jar before she closes her bottle with the cap. My job was to put the cloth on the lid and then top it with the cap. Her square cloth though we’re not plain, she would write her name ‘Jamie’s Jams’ at the centre in each of the cloth. That was how she kept her business going.

If only back then she had custom made stamps or even a self-inking stamp for the fabrics she would put on top of her jar, she would be able to finish her task faster as well as let people know about her strawberry jams.


Final Thoughts

Rubber Stamps are not only for card making, scrapbooking, and another paper crafting. It can also be used on offices and businesses, not only for the files and documents but on fabrics. Widening the range of things you could do with it for your business.

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Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Arts and crafts never fail to bring a smile on a kid’s face. It’s that time when they get to be messy, play with paints, draw things, use colourful self-inking rubber stamps, and not get scolded. It’s also that time where they can bond with their parents, teachers, or other children their age.

However, there’s more to stamping than colours, and artworks. Rubber stamps help children in developing essential skills such as Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, as well as their Cognitive Ability.

How do self-inking rubber stamps help build up a child’s skills?


Sensory Development


Arts and Crafts, specifically, Stamping can help kids develop their senses. If a baby or a toddler comes in contact with the soft fur of a cat for the first time, the baby’s nervous system has yet to process the foreign feeling and generate a response from it. This response is then remembered by the brain— thus developing the kid’s senses.

Anything that allows a toddler to explore or interact freely with a variety of materials with different texture, colours, shapes, and sizes as well as temperature, can help a child improve their senses.

Whenever a toddler is stamping, the child can feel the stamp, as well as the surface they’re putting stamps on. This is why most preschool teachers have a variety of stamps, alphabet stamps, numbering stamps, rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and all sorts of colourful ink pads. Preschool teachers let the kids stamp on rough walls, cottony fabrics, smooth papers or anything that has textures as it helps them develop their senses.


Fine Motor Skills

fine motor skills

Another thing that your child develops when they’re stamping is the fine motor skills. Whenever a child manipulates small items such as self-inking stamps, paintbrush, or holding a pencil, they’re using small muscles in their body, specifically in their hands, fingers and eyes. This can be a pretty complex thing for toddlers. Notice how most toddlers find it hard to use their little spoon whenever they’re eating? This is because their fine motor skills haven’t fully developed yet.

Stamping helps toddlers and babies develop their fine motor skills. Especially since you need to use your hands and fingers if you’re stamping. One thing you’d have to look out for whenever you’re stamping with babies is to use stamps that are not very small. Toddlers have the possibility to shove all sorts of things to their mouth, and you don’t want your kid to be choked with stamps.


Emotional Development

emotional development

If a child is always given activities that follow a process, the child is not given the freedom to express. Arts though is an excellent way to let the child express what he or she truly feels. Giving a child the liberty to express himself/ herself is a good way of developing their emotions.

Using rubber stamps or self-inking stamp together with other art materials such as crayons and watercolours, and a paper, a kid, can express their emotions. The good thing about this is that you’re teaching a kid to express himself/ herself without using oral communication.

Self-expression is an excellent way to develop their emotion. Which is why teachers in preschool allow their students to express themselves through art. Using colourful stamps, paints, crayons, and watercolour. And the best part in here? The kids are always proud of their finished artwork. So if your kid goes home with a paper in his/ her hand, praise him/ her for expressing themselves.


Cognitive Development

cognitive development

Stamping also allows a child to develop their creativity as well as creative thinking. Think of it like this: whenever a child uses stamps, he/ she thinks of where to place it, and how it can help improve her artwork. Aside from that, they need to think from the variety of self-inking rubber stamps and use it for their artwork. How can a stamp beautify his/ her artwork, what colour will he/ she use?

The Cognitive ability of a child is then developed through using his/ her critical thinking, creativity, as well as his/ her problem-solving skills. And then combining these 3 to come up with an idea.


Final Thoughts

Developing a child’s Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, and Cognitive Skills is crucial as these are the basic skills they need to possess as these are the skills that help them develop their own personality. You don’t need to have expensive art materials for your child to develop these skills. You can buy and order rubber stamps online, and even personalise these rubber stamps for you and your child to use.

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