Different types of Colop Stamp You Can Find Online

Different types of Colop Stamp You Can Find Online


Your Guide to the Different types of Colop Stamp You Can Find Online

Nowadays, you can find many types of Colop stamp sold online. And because they have a lot of stamp types to choose from you end up getting confused. And end up asking questions like “What’s the difference between a Colop Printer stamp and a Colop EOS stamp?” or “Why does Colop make so many designs for stamps?”

We understand the struggle, that’s why we’ve come up with this list to help you understand the difference between each Colop stamp model. And explain the reason why Colop has decided to make so many self-inking stamp models.

printer line Colops self inking stamps

Printer Line

Colop’s Printer Line is designed for the everyday home or office use. It comes in all common sizes that range from the smallest up to the largest rubber stamps. Aside from the different size options that you can choose from, the Printer Line also comes in a wide variety of shapes/formats from rectangular stamps to round stamps. And they also offer personalised stamp designs if you want Colop Printer custom stamps.

Where it’s Usually Used:

Printer Line stamps are created for your everyday use, from stamping memorandums, requests and invoices in your office to stamping your envelope with your address. They are built to be comfortable to use, lightweight and portable. Plus, they’re made from high-quality materials.

Stamp Designs Available

  • Standard – this comes in six stamp designs which are all customisable self-inking text stamps. They also have rubber feet on the bottom of the stamp’s casing which prevents the self-inking stamp from sliding off things.
  • Compact – this is a slimmer version of the standard stamp which makes it a convenient and portable stamp that you can fit in your pocket.
  • Dater – are self-inking date and text that come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from the regular rectangle shaped stamp to the round and even triangle stamps.
  • S 200 – these stamps are generally date stamps with included features of numbers, stock and text design.
  • Mini – as the name states it, these are small/mini stamps. Despite the size, they are very handy stamps that can do the job of regular sized self-inking stamps.

Shapes Available:

  • Rectangle
  • Oblong
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Triangular

heavy duty line dater stamps


Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty stamps are designed for industrial use, like offices where a self-inking stamp will likely be used excessively every day. It comes in three styles: elegant, robust and lightweight. It’s made with 80% pure steel, so you’ll be sure that it’ll withstand heavy-duty use.

Where it’s Usually Used:

You can find Colop’s Heavy Duty stamps are designed for use in factories where they use it for stamping their merchandise for shipment. Another place where it’s commonly used is in busy offices like government agencies where numerous papers require stamping for approval and processing. Since these stamps are built with high-quality materials, they can withstand even the most extreme stamping conditions.

Fully Customisable

Colop’s Heavy Duty stamps are fully customisable; you can create your design and have them create a custom rubber stamps for your company or office. Personalised stamps are also possible if you want to have your own heavy duty stamp that you can use for a long time.

Styles Available

  • Elegant – it’s slim fit, made from a combination casing of metal and plastic.
  • Robust – made of 80% pure steel, strong and made of durable materials. Heavier compared to the elegant version.
  • Lightweight – made from 70% recycled plastic making it extremely light and comfortable to use.

EOS in blue color brand


Colop’s EOS is a pre-inked flash stamp designed to be quickly made and produce clear, sharp imprints. It’s made of 80% recycled plastics and comes in the standard up to XL sizes. Because it’s a pre-inked stamp, it creates a better quality image when compared to self-inking stamps.

EOS Express allows for faster stamp making which means you can buy your rubber stamps after you’ve made your design and they’ll make it for you in less than five minutes. Re-inking the stamp is also made easier, just drop the ink onto the designated openings at the top of the stamp, and you’re good to go.

Where it’s Usually Used:

Since it produces clear, crisp imprints and even up to 20,000 impressions, the EOS Line can be used in factories, offices and even personal use. It’s Express stamp making machine can also print out pictures for your very own stamp with images of your choice on it.

Available Styles:

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Round
  • X-Large
  • Hybrid

The Hybrid is a cross between the self-inking design and the Express style stamp making. It allows the Hybrid stamp to be created in minutes. And combines that quick and easy feature with the self-inking stamp technology.

green variations of colop stamps


Green Line

The Green Line is part of the Standard Line, but what sets it apart is the fact the casing and the inner parts of the stamp are made from 70% recycled plastic. It comes in five styles the Printer Line Standard, the Pocket Stamp Plus, the Printer S 200, the Classic Line and the Office Line.

pocket stamps in black variations

Pocket Stamps

These stamps are mini stamps that you can carry around either by clipping them on your clothes or putting them inside your pocket. It comes in three unique designs:

Pocket Stamp – looks like a flash drive

Stamp Mouse – which looks like a computer mouse

Pen Stamp/ Stamp Writer – which is a pen and stamp combination.


Colop creates innovative stamps that meet the needs of consumers like you.  From the Green Line that gives the environmentally conscious an option to own a stamp that helps reduce plastics via recycling to heavy-duty stamps for extreme stamping conditions. And with their wide range of stamps to choose from you can have personalised self-inking stamps that fit your business, budget and lifestyle.


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