Boosting Repeat Sales Through Loyalty Card Stamps

You may be wondering, how a mere stationery tool such as loyalty card stamps is able to generate repeat sales for your business? Stamps may just be a stationary tool that’s used for organising things, or for making an impression on the receipts for your business.

But there are more to the stamps than just this. You can use your rubber stamps for your loyalty program. Loyalty Programs encourages your customer to buy products or avail your services repeatedly, promoting repeat sales towards your customers.


How Loyalty Card and Stamps Can Help Your Business

Through the use of cards, custom made stamps or any rubber stamps, you can start a loyalty program that will surely benefit both you and your customers. An excellent way to get your customer to love your brand.


1. Market Current Customers

Nurturing your relationship with your current customer is essential in running a business. Your customers are the main reason why your brand continues to its operation up until now. The exact reason why you should build your relation up with your customers. Loyalty Schemes such as giving loyalty cards to your customer is one excellent way to nurture your relationship with them.

You can create your own personalised loyalty program that will definitely benefit not only you and your business, it should also be beneficial for your customers.  


2. Appreciate Loyal Customers

Customers love it when their efforts are getting recognised. So whenever you give your customers small rewards, your customers will feel pleased. If your customers are happy with how you treat them, you will gain their trust, and with an increased trust rate from your customers, your sales will also increase. Loyalty schemes give your brand a positive image from the customer’s point of view.

Giving them freebies through loyalty schemes is one way of showing your appreciation for your customer’s continued patronage for your brand.


Is a Loyalty Scheme Expensive?

The good thing about loyalty schemes is that it is inexpensive. You don’t need to spend up thousands of money just to give your loyal customers extravagant rewards. You can do that if your brand can already afford it without having a deficit. If you’re just starting out, your rewards can be your own products. Say, for example, one of your best selling product as a reward, this way you don’t have to think of spending so much money for a loyalty scheme.

Another thing to consider is your card. Yes— you do need to order rubbers stamps, as well as the cards where you’ll be stamping. Now with your card, your rubber stamp, and your rewards ready, it’s time for you to choose what reward system should you use for your loyalty scheme.


What is a reward system?

This is a system you can use to determine how your customer can get their rewards. There are 2 kinds of reward system that can be accomplished through the use of loyalty cards and custom-made rubber stamps.


2 Types of Reward System

1. Punch Card System

A reward system that is similar to that of a scratch card. This is where the customer is given a loyalty card containing empty slots. Everytime your customer purchases your product or avails your services, you will mark the customer’s loyalty card. After your customer is able to fill all of the empty slots with rubber stamps, they will be able to receive the reward.  You will determine as to which services or products are qualified for 1 stamp.

Sample Card Template for a Punch Card System:

sample card system template

As shown in the image above, Brad is giving a free Family Sized Butter Cookies to the customers who are able to buy a total of 9 special breads. You can create your own loyalty program and tailor it according to your business. The punch card system can both be used for businesses that offer products as well as those who are offering services.

2. Point System

This is a reward system in which each product or each total money spent by the customer on your business has an equivalent point. The rewards are then given by the time the customer was able to save enough points. These accumulated points are then exchanged for a reward that you have chosen.

This type of reward system is mostly used by large-scale businesses because it can both be automated, and can be printed out on a card. If you’re printing your card out, you can use your number stamp in inputting the total of points earned by the customer with their purchase.

Sample Card Template for a Point System:

sample card template for a point system

sample card template for a point system (back)

As shown in the image above, the point system is a lot complicated than the punch system. However, this program can run for a long time and still will  not have that much of an effect on your business


Final Thoughts

Repeat customers are the best customers. They spend more than those that are new, plus, if you are able to gain their trust, they will recommend your brand to their family and friends. You don’t have to spend thousands of cash just so you can gain repeat sales, and loyal customers, all you need is a good loyalty program, a card, a rubber stamp, and an ink pad and you can start your loyalty scheme.

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How To Easily Get Gradient Stamp Colours Using Basic Ink Pads

How To Easily Get Gradient Stamp Colours Using Basic Ink Pads

Most of the time, the stamp colours made by your rubber stamps are only one. If your ink pad is coloured black, then the impressions are also black. If the ink pad you’re using is coloured blue, then the impressions you get are entirely blue coloured. If you wish to have a gradient coloured impression, you’d have to buy an ombre-coloured ink pad which naturally has a lot of colours.

However, these custom-made ink pads that come with a lot of colours, can be quite costly. Now you don’t have to use up a lot of cash for an ink pad. You can actually use the current ink pads you have, but still be able to produce gradient-coloured impressions on your paper/ cardstock.

But before we proceed to learn how to create gradient coloured stamp impressions, let’s first find out the uses of a gradient coloured stamp impressions.


Create Unique Impressions

Traditional Stamps or even Self-Inking Stamps makes an impression on papers with one colour only. So if you see a gradient-coloured stamp impression, you may think the that ink was custom made and not from 2 different ink pads.


Grab Attention

Colours naturally grab our attention— especially the bright ones. Which is why if you want to grab the attention of a passer-by or the paper whom you’re passing your leaflet to, using gradient stamp colours is an excellent way to get their interest.


How To Make Gradient Colours Using 2 Different Ink Pads


make gradient colours using 2 ink pads

Materials You Need:

  • Rubber Stamp
  • 2 ink pads of different colours
  • Card Stock/ Any Paper


The Process:

Step #1: Get Your Materials

You don’t want to start with this project if all your materials are not ready and prepared in front of you. The materials include your rubber stamp, your ink pads (preferably 2 different colours) and Card Stock.

Now you may be wondering why I am limiting the gradient into 2 colours and why not just go with three or more gradient colours.  This is because the ink you’ll be using are from an ink pad, which means we can only divide the stamp colours into two: the right side of the stamp and the left side of the stamp. This way, making an impression with gradient is a lot easier.


Step #2: Lay The Paper

This is an important step especially if you’re using a fast-drying ink. If you don’t act fast enough, the ink may dry up on your custom made stamp. Lay the paper on the table or any surfaces for this stamping project. Make sure you already have planned as to which part of the paper you’ll be making an impression.


Step#3: Ink 1/2 of Your Rubber Stamp

This is where things start to get tricky— well, not really tricky, but you have to make sure you act fast. I recommend that you use a stamp with bold-texts so the colour will get noticed immediately as opposed to the personalised stamp with regular sized text.

Grab the 1st ink pad in which you’re going to use for the first colour of your stamp. Now, start dabbing the ink pad on your rubber stamp, but do not ink the entire rubber stamp. Only cover one half (either the left side or the right side) of your rubber stamp.


Step #4: Ink the Other Half of Your Rubber Stamp

With the ink on the first half of your rubber stamp, you must move right away and proceed to dab the 2nd ink pad with a different colour. You want to make sure to cover the uninked part of the rubber stamp, and not miss a single part or the impression it will make on your paper will look off.


Step #5: Make An Impression On Your Paper

Now that both sides of your stamp are covered with ink, position your rubber stamp right above the part of the paper where you intend to put a mark on. If you’re satisfied with the position of the rubber stamp, press it against the paper or card stock. Once the impression is made, remove the stamp from the paper.


Step #6: Let the Ink Dry

You don’t want your impression on your cardstock or paper to have smudges all over it. Let the ink dry— yes, even if you’re using a quick drying ink, you have to air it for a few seconds before its good to go.


Final Thoughts

You don’t have to order coloured ink pads for your rubber stamps from an online rubber stamp store just so you can create gradient coloured impressions. Use your current resources. Grab 2 of your ink pads, grab a sheet of paper and start experimenting. Bring your ideas into life. Because being creative does not mean you have to spend a lot of cash.

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Stamping on Handkerchief Using Basic Stamp Supplies

Stamping on Handkerchief Using Basic Stamp Supplies

The price for personalised items is always higher than the regular ones. Personalised items are special because 1) it can be used to make presents extra special 2) it can be used for event favours 3) it can be a reward for your customers. However, because personalising items are expensive, it may not be very wise to do it all the time, especially if you’re short on cash. Although, you can personalise your handkerchief using only simple stamp supplies such as rubber stamps and fabric inks.


Why Should I Stamp On Handkerchief?


Event Favours


event favours

You can use your handkerchief as event favours. Either it’s for your newly opened business, birthdays, or any kind of events where you can give away favours. Although you can order personalised handkerchief online. Personalising them your own is a lot better especially because you can cut the total cost to half. You’ll only be needing the ink, and the rubber stamp, then you’re stamping project is good to go.


Gift and Presents


gifts and presents

What’s more special than a personalised present. Giving your friend, family, or special someone you did yourself makes your gift a whole lot better. Yes better than expensive gifts. Getting your own custom-made rubber stamp does not cost that much. So, if you want to write the name of the person you want to give the present to— you can use your personalised rubber stamp for your handkerchief.


A Reward for Loyal Customers


a reward for your loyal customers

You can also use a personalised handkerchief as a reward for your loyal customers, who have been with you for a certain period. Through a stamp creator online you can customise your stamps, with your business’ name. Not only will this be useful for your other parts of your business such as the labelling and the packaging, but it is can also be used for the handkerchief you’re giving away. You can stamp your brand in the middle of the handkerchief or on one of the corners of your handkerchief.


How to Stamp on Handkerchief?

Materials Needed:

  • Rubber Stamp
  • Fabric Ink
  • Felt Cloth
  • A Plate or Any Plastic Container with A Large Opening
  • Clothes Iron


Step #1: Prepare Your Rubber Stamp

You want to make sure your rubber stamp is ready before you start making impressions on the handkerchief. It works very well with rubber stamps with large and straightforward texts on rubber plates. So if your rubber plate as small letters, you may want to use another one with large and bold text for better results.


Step #2: Prepare Your Ink

After you had your rubber stamp prepared, the next thing you’d have to prepare is the ink. The ink you’re going to use plays a huge role in this project. Mainly because not all ink used for stamping papers, sticks to the fabric after washing the fabric. For this one, you must use a fabric ink, any colours will do.

In preparing the ink, you need to have:

  • Fabric Ink
  • A plate or any plastic container that can hold your fabric ink ink
  • Felt Cloth
  1. Lay your container in the surface. You want to make sure that the container’s opening is large enough for the stamp you’re going to use.
  2. Pour in a liberal amount of ink on your container.
  3. Place the felt cloth over the container. Lightly press the felt cloth in a manner that will allow the fabric ink to bleed through the felt cloth.


Step #3: Apply Ink On Your Rubber Stamp

Now that you have prepared your rubber stamp, as well as the ink you will use, it’s time for you to apply ink to your stamp. Press your rubber stamp against the part of the felt cloth where the ink is bleeding through. Apply pressure, enough to fully cover the elevated surface of your rubber plate with fabric ink. You want to make sure that the ink on the rubber stamp is just enough as to avoid the stamp from smudging.


Step #4: Start Stamping

With the fabric ink on your rubber stamp, you can now proceed to stamp your handkerchief. Press your rubber stamp against the handkerchief for a few seconds. You want to make sure that the ink from your rubber stamp is absorbed by the handkerchief.

Tip: Lift the stamp upwards and not diagonally to make sure none of the side of the rubber stamp imprints on your handkerchief.


Step #5: Let It Dry

Once you’re satisfied with the prints on your handkerchief, it’s time that you let it dry.


Step #6: Iron Your Handkerchief

After drying the ink from the fabric, you now must iron your handkerchief, to make sure that the fabric ink sticks on your handkerchief for a long time.


Final Thoughts

Personalising a handkerchief shouldn’t be expensive. You can use your trusty rubber stamp, or you can have one made online through a rubber stamp creator. You can use it for yourself, or you can give to others as an event favour, or as a reward for loyal customers. Start stamping on handkerchief now!

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Reasons Why Date Stamps Are Essential For A Milestone Celebration

Reasons Why Date Stamps Are Essential For A Milestone Celebration

People by nature love festivities, which is why every time people reaches a specific milestone in their lives, they make sure it is celebrated. A celebration cannot happen if the celebrant does not have guests. And for the guests to attend, the celebrant needs to invite them, either through calls or through sending out invitation cards. Date stamps can be your partner in making an invitation card.

Although nowadays invitation cards are commonly skipped over, opting for sending invites through text and phone calls. However, the thing about invitation cards do not only do it make your guest feel special, but it also helps your guests to remember your birthday (aside from the event favours).


What event invitation can your date stamp be used?


Birthday Party

birthday invitation card

Another event that is special for almost everyone are birthdays, especially the milestone events such as a child’s 1st birthday, Sweet 16, 50th birthdays and many more. A birthday is a celebration for being able to reach a specific chapter in their lives. And just the weddings, a birthday is a special occasion that should be celebrated by the special people dear to us.

Although some of these people remember when your birthday is, giving them an invitation card that states, when and where the party is going to happen, is still the best way to encourage them to join you in this special event. You can choose to have your party invitations made for you. However, you can also make them yourself. With the help of cardstock, glue, rubber date stamps, and your creativity, you can make your own cards.

You can even have a made-to-order stamp with your name on the rubber plate. You don’t have to worry if it can just be wasted away after that 1-time use. Rubber stamps and self-inking stamps are heavy duty and can last for a very long time if used properly. You can use it for your next birthday parties. You can even use these stamps for themed parties.



wedding invitation card

Weddings have always been the dream of every woman. Strutting down the aisle towards their future life partner. It’s a very special ceremony that happens only once in your lifetime. It is where two people in love become one, which is why it should be witnessed by everyone dear to both parties.

Wither the couple decides to have a destination wedding, where the couple decides to marry in a place far away from where they currently live, a beach wedding, or a garden wedding. Of course, the special people in the life of both parties should be present. And for these people to be able to make time for the wedding, the couple needs to send out wedding invitation weeks or months before the actual wedding day.

This is where date stamps can come in handy. Date stamps come in handy, where all you need to do is to set the date on your stamp, then press in the stamp towards your card. There are also custom-made stamps that you can order online where the first line is the date stamp and the second line is a ‘Save the Date!’ text. Now you can send out your card to the people who are going to be involved on that very special day.


Gender Reveal

gender reveal card

Gender Reveal parties have become a thing, especially with the videos on the internet showing the anticipating parents for the gender of their child. There are all sorts of gender reveal parties, some of them are touching, some of them are fun. However, every one of them is filled with joy from the expectant, the partner of the expectant, as well as their loved ones.

Gender Reveal happens after the expectant who wants to have a gender reveal party visits the doctor. However, instead of the doctor telling the expectant the gender of the baby/babies, the doctor writes it in the paper, fold its, and encloses it is an envelope. The trusted person of the expectant is then trusted to plan the party.

By using stamps with dates, the person who’s planning the party can make an invitation card, to be sent out to the people who are invited by the expectant. Rubber date stamps are ideal for this one and not the self-inking ones because rubber stamps are much more flexible with inks. You can use any colours of ink/ ink pads on your rubber stamps. You can even create a gradient for your invitation card with half of the text coloured with blue and the other half colour pink, or whatever colour you want on your rubber date stamp.


Final Thoughts

A new chapter in your life should be celebrated with the special people in your life. These are the things that you want to share your memories with. Sending them a simple invitation card with the date of your celebration certainly will make these memories extra special.

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Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

If you own a business, Common Seals must be a familiar word for you. However, if not, you may want to get more acquainted with the word, especially if you intend to make one. Common seals refer to a Company’s official seal or official logo. Most of the time, it is used for legal transactions. However, today, it can also be used for spreading your brand/ business’ name.


2 Types of Common Seals

There are 2 Kinds of Common Seals that most businesses use. The Embossed Seal and the Printed or Inked Logo. Both types of common seals are used to make an impression on your files and documents. However, both the embossed and the stamped kind has its own difference.

Embossed Seals

embossed seals

An embossed seal is very useful for the files and documents that you don’t want to be replicated or be photocopied such as certificates, enrollment forms and other important documents. Embossing your Seal on a piece of means you’re raising certain parts of the paper to create an impression. Which why it cannot be reproduced photographically and is impossible to photocopy.

A note with a ‘Not valid without the Company Seal’ is printed on every document. Which is important in keeping your file authentic. Although, the prints can be photocopied. The embossed seal part of the document cannot be replicated. Without the seal, the document is not valid.

Stamped Seals

stamped seals

A stamped seal is commonly used for papers and documents that can be duplicated or photocopied such as the Company Head’s Signature. Stamping on important files and documents means you’re making an impression on a piece of paper through pressing ink on certain parts of the paper.

Most of the time if custom made stamps were created to be used for signatures, the stamp is still used together with an Embossing Seal to guarantee the document’s authenticity. Stamped Seals can be used aside from stamping signatures. It can be used for certifying documents for its authenticity or can be used for imprinting/ stamping the company/ business logo for spreading brand awareness.

There’s a huge variety of stamped common seals in Australia, such as rubber stamps, personalised rubber stamps, and self-inking stamps. You can order rubber stamp online for your business’ common seal.


What are Logos and Common Seals Used for?

Logo and Seal is the face of your brand/ business. Just like how a blue square with a large small letter f, or how a letter U, overlayed with an inverted ‘U’ is to the shoe brand Under Armour. How your logos look to represent the product of the service you provide.

People by nature tend to forget names. This is why you may not remember some of the names of your classmates back in primary school. This also applies to your brand, especially if your brand has quite a long name, people will most likely forget your brand’s name. Photos and images, however, can easily be remembered than basic words and phrases.

Promoting Brand Awareness

promoting brand awareness

If you want to spread brand awareness, printing or stamping the logo on your each of your products, flyers and posters is an excellent way to start. This is because logos can be of any size, large or small and it can still can recognizable, especially if your logo looks simple. You can stick your logo on your paper advertisements, online advertisements, or brand each of your products with the logo. You can print logos, or stamp them using rubber stamps on any surface you want to see your logo on.

Providing Authenticity with Your Documents

providing authenticity in your docs

Stamping your documents with your brand/ business’ logo validates each of your files and documents. It means you allowed the person to hold the document or an important file. Using a rubber stamp, or any self-inking stamps can help you certify the authenticity of documents and files.

You can use rubber stamps, or and self-inking stamps for marking logos and seals on your documents or any surfaces that you need your logo and seal to be imprinted.


Final Thoughts

The seal for your brand/ business doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if your business is just starting to bloom. Through rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and embossers, you can give your business a face and an identity spread brand awareness, as well as certifying the authenticity of your documents.

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