How To Cut Marketing Cost for A Takeaway Business Using Ink Stamps

Starting a takeaway business may seem like a simple thing. All you need to have is the location, the product, the people to man the business and you’re good to go. Although you can start your business with just these three— you need to make your business stay afloat. How are your going to do that? Simple, all you need is a good paper, a business ink stamp, with a good marketing strategy and your business will stay for a long time.

You may be wondering why a takeaway business owner like you needs to have a stamp. So, we have listed 3 reasons why business ink stamps are essential to take away businesses owners like you.


Cutting Cost Without Ruining the Quality

One of the things you need to prepare when it comes to owning a takeaway business is the packaging. Because take away business is mostly made up of businesses that involve food, it is important that you constantly fill the container of your food wraps or packaging. The packaging is one of the factors that can grab people’s attention, not to mention they base the quality of your product through its packaging. After all, there’s a reason why many people would advise their friends not to judge a book based on the cover— this is because people tend to do just this. People judge the content through how it looks externally. Which is why if you don’t put an effort of putting up a good packaging, there’s a huge chance that your takeaway product will not get sold.

Now, you must know at this point that personalised packaging is never cheap. Especially if you buy in huge bulks. Which is why if you’re someone who’s just got into the business recently, the cost for each custom-made packaging may hurt your budget. But there’s a way for you to be able to put your product in a suitable packaging through papers and custom-made rubber stamps.

You can personalise a stamp with your brand’s logo. Now, order a plain paper packaging. Say, for example, a paper cup sleeve. The cost for the plain one from the personalised one has a huge gap. But if you use your personalised stamp on your plain paper cup, it will look a hundred times better. Especially if the logo of your brand is straightforward and minimalistic, this will go well with a paper cup sleeve very well. Which means you don’t have to call for someone else to do your product’s packaging, with a rubber stamp, an ink pad, and a plain paper packaging, you can create your own packaging.


Loyalty Scheme for Your Takeaway Business

Once your takeaway business is already operating, you may notice some customers come back more often than others. These are your regular customers, and it is essential that you will take care of them, and nurture them. And one way to do this is through a loyalty scheme. The loyalty scheme is when you encourage your customers to buy more through the means of a reward system. Loyalty schemes use a loyalty card and stamps most of the time, especially if you’re using the punch card reward system. This is where you give your customer a card with a number of empty slots that can only be filled through certain conditions. After the customer is able to completely fill the empty slots with your seal stamp, the customers can then get a reward.

This kind of loyalty scheme works best with small businesses as well as small takeaway business that caters only a small scale of customers. Now you don’t have to go big with the reward. You can use your product as a reward for them, people by nature loves freebies, and they won’t think twice to grab the opportunity to get a freebie. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customer. You get the returns (and the customer), and your customer gets the freebie.


Gives Value To Your Customers

One thing that makes your customer return to your takeaway business is their experience they get to have with your business. If your customer had a great customer experience with your business, they wouldn’t think twice in coming back for more. So, how can you provide a great customer experience? The first thing is how your employees deal with your customers. The second is being able to present them their orders.

Say, for example, your customer orders a 100 pieces of your double cheeseburger, 60 pieces of your all meat burger and 50 pieces of your diet burger. With different quantities of different kinds of the burgers being ordered, a mixup could happen, or the customer may have to peek through the packaging of the burger to be able to know what kind of burger is which. So you labelled which kind of burger is contained in what packaging using your rubber ink stamp. You may be wondering why should you use a rubber ink stamp rather than use pens when labelling. The reason for this is, rubber ink stamps impression looks more professional rather than that of an ink pen.

Customers like it when you present them their order in an orderly manner. And you’ll be surprised, the next time that they need a huge amount of takeaways, they will give your business a call.


Final Thoughts

The formula for a successful takeaway business is excellent customer service, good relationship with the customers and of course excellent products. Excellent packaging and loyalty schemes are only a bonus, and if you’re able to give them to your customers, there is no doubt that they will continue to love your brand. A simple stationary tool such as rubber stamps can go a long way for your takeaway business. Which is why if you don’t have a stamp on your business I strongly suggest that you order a rubber stamp online.

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How To Use Cheap Stamps in Wedding Decorations

How To Use Cheap Stamps in Wedding Decorations

Cheap stamps are commonly used in offices or paperworks. For instance, in documents like official invoices, business contracts, signing of purchase orders, rental agreements, and etc. But, did you know that you can use them in wedding decorations and preparations too? Read on and find out how.


Using Stamps in Wedding Preparations

If you’re looking for cost-efficient and innovative decors for wedding receptions, use your self-inking stamps. Save money on wedding decorations by making them yourself. Plus! You won’t have to worry about splurging anymore, because Do-It-Yourself decorations cost less than store bought ones. Take time and use your rubber stamps on your decorations. Or, better yet buy cheap design it yourself stamps or make one yourself using materials you can easily get from craft stores.

Here are seven ways to use your rubber stamps in your DIY decorations. And remember to get creative. What you won’t spend on money, you’ll make up for with time – fun and engaging time. And don’t worry about how your decorations will look, because with stamps you are sure to get clean, sophisticated results. Not, like when you’re using paint brushes and paints.


12  Ways You Can Use Your Stamps


Wedding Invites

wedding invites

First off – invitations. You can’t have a wedding if you don’t send out invitations to family and friends. Don’t agonise about the design. This craft can be done by anyone, even you.

If you’re worried, go for something minimal. Nothing goes wrong with the basic look.  Just get yourself a piece of cardstock and your trusted custom made rubber stamps. Ink the stamp thoroughly, stamp it gently straight down on the paper to see good results, let it dry, and you’re done!


Wedding Envelopes

wedding envelopes

You keep envelopes on your cupboard, right? Get them out of there and use them on your invitations. Begin by printing the important details on the envelope first. It gives more emphasis and priority on what significant information you have to remember, such as: who’s getting married, where it’s gonna be, and when it’s gonna happen and most importantly who are you sending it to.

The bonus of doing this is, you won’t accidentally send you aunt’s invite to a distant relative because you can immediately write their names on the invites after you stamped on them.


Wedding Tablecloth

bunch of stamps on table cloth

Whether you’re doing an outdoor wedding or a grand chapel one, you’re bound to have a reception. And screams your special day more than a tablecloth that specialised for you. It’s another great chance for you to use your stamp and customised you tablecloths

There’s no need for you to spend a fortune, just to buy patterned tablecloths, stamp on them using your custom rubber stamps. Take your fabric and make a style of your own. Design by creating a pattern, repeatedly on the same line, until you start in another line progressively. Whichever angle you prefer the stamp to be facing. Then, let it dry after you’re finished stamping.


Festive Buntings

Buntings are also a good choice for decorations. You ca drape it on the ceremonial wall or all over your reception area. Print letters on each triangle, so when you put it together, it forms a word or a phrase for the audience to see. Designs that correlates to the occasion like: rings, cake, an outline of a couple kissing, etc. Also, grain sack is a good alternative if you don’t have any cardstock available as your bunting.


Event Balloons

event balloons

Balloons, for wedding can come in a variety of styles and shapes. And depending on what you want you can go crazy stamping them.  And they are frequently used in different occasions, whether it’s celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and or parties. So, no fuss you can play around with them.  It gives highlight on the event, especially if the print is pleasing to the eye. Just blow at least ¾ air into the deflated balloon, keep the air inside and ink your approved rubber stamp thoroughly. Then press it down accurately as possible to have clean results.


Chair Covers

chair covers

Another cool thing to do with stamps is decorating chair covers with prints. You can go all out crazy with stamping on them or you can take the modest approach of decorating only the chair tie. It can give a very endearing feel to any wedding decoration, since you stamp the names of the people sitting on the seats.

Do note that, it’s preferable to use fabric and have your way in designing using your personalised stamps. Use the ink color that fits the motif of the event, of course. Minimal designs are actually good for these kind of decorations


Napkins and Tissues

napkins and tissues

If you can make DIY prints on chair covers and balloons why not on napkins and tissues right? Blend it to the motif of the wedding. Use your traditional rubber stamps that you either buy on craft stores or old ones you get at thrift shops! Let’s combine creativity and convenience together. Stamp down designs on your napkins and tissues carefully in coordinated lines. Whether you want them in the left or right angle, whichever you prefer.


Cookie Giveaways

cookie giveaways

People are getting more and more innovative. Eating food embossed with custom made rubber stamps using food coloring as ink is a new feat. Pressing your stamp down carefully on unbaked dough takes a good reflection of the exact form of the self-inking stamp. You can do it on cookie treats too!

Take for example, a cookie is covered in royal frosting. It’s good to press down the stamp gently, (because we don’t want the cookie to break) on the frost that’s beginning to harden to create a perfect image. Just remember to use stamps that are new and have never touched ink that’s not edible.


Wedding Cake

wedding cakes

What’s a wedding without a cake, right? Honestly, the highlight after the bride and groom is the wedding cake! One of the things that makes a bride stressed during the organising of the event. Use the same approach that you did with your cookies on to your cake.

Transform your simple and a boring cake into one that you’ll remember. Make this event even more romantic, cover the body of the cake with portions of your vows.


Deco Ribbons

deco ribbons

Have no idea for your souvenirs? Personalise using your traditional rubber stamps on ribbons, grain sack pouches, cards, and etc.

Try using your ribbons or washi tapes in wrapping gifts! It’s a good alternative if you don’t have any wrapping papers available. Just tie the gifts with your stamped ribbons.

Stamp your rubber stamps in a straight line with one after another.  Whichever angle you want to imprint the stamp several times. It’s okay if it’s repetitive, that’s the purpose, so when you tie it around, you can see the stamp design. Make sure that your stamp is inked thoroughly to avoid mistakes.


Wedding Pouches

wedding pouches

Pouches are also good gifts to give. Make it even more unique by printing stamp designs on them. Add your personal touch on your pouches. Space is limited, so you can just stamp one or two designs. Embellish the pouch with the wedding couple’s name, the date, or a short message you want to say.

Prepare your custom made rubber stamps that’s already inked thoroughly. Align the area where you want the print to be. Gently stamp down the stamp design on the pouch to avoid outlines, then let it dry.


Wedding Cards

wedding card

Or if you are on a tight budget, give out wedding cards. It is a lot smaller compared to invitations. These cards are basically styled only with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding. Anything else is just left simple and sophisticated.

Use your available craft papers where you will be stamping your personalised stamps. Ready your approved rubber stamp and ink the color of your choice unto the stamp completely. Next, position the stamp on the craft paper directly. Hold the stamp in precision to avoid outline marks on the sides of the result. Then, smoothly remove the stamp to let the card dry.

Now you can enjoy your special event  with your self-designed wedding decorations!


Final Thoughts

Personalised stamps are not just for authorisation purposes. You can use it in a lot more ways than you can imagine. Even on such a special occasion, make do of your custom made rubber stamps. It’s not just limited for business relations. In this case, a wedding is a special occasion that only happens once in your life, might as well make it even more special and style it yourself, right? So don’t wait and start designing your own now!  

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