How To Easily Get Gradient Stamp Colours Using Basic Ink Pads

How To Easily Get Gradient Stamp Colours Using Basic Ink Pads

Most of the time, the stamp colours made by your rubber stamps are only one. If your ink pad is coloured black, then the impressions are also black. If the ink pad you’re using is coloured blue, then the impressions you get are entirely blue coloured. If you wish to have a gradient coloured impression, you’d have to buy an ombre-coloured ink pad which naturally has a lot of colours.

However, these custom-made ink pads that come with a lot of colours, can be quite costly. Now you don’t have to use up a lot of cash for an ink pad. You can actually use the current ink pads you have, but still be able to produce gradient-coloured impressions on your paper/ cardstock.

But before we proceed to learn how to create gradient coloured stamp impressions, let’s first find out the uses of a gradient coloured stamp impressions.


Create Unique Impressions

Traditional Stamps or even Self-Inking Stamps makes an impression on papers with one colour only. So if you see a gradient-coloured stamp impression, you may think the that ink was custom made and not from 2 different ink pads.


Grab Attention

Colours naturally grab our attention— especially the bright ones. Which is why if you want to grab the attention of a passer-by or the paper whom you’re passing your leaflet to, using gradient stamp colours is an excellent way to get their interest.


How To Make Gradient Colours Using 2 Different Ink Pads


make gradient colours using 2 ink pads

Materials You Need:

  • Rubber Stamp
  • 2 ink pads of different colours
  • Card Stock/ Any Paper


The Process:

Step #1: Get Your Materials

You don’t want to start with this project if all your materials are not ready and prepared in front of you. The materials include your rubber stamp, your ink pads (preferably 2 different colours) and Card Stock.

Now you may be wondering why I am limiting the gradient into 2 colours and why not just go with three or more gradient colours.  This is because the ink you’ll be using are from an ink pad, which means we can only divide the stamp colours into two: the right side of the stamp and the left side of the stamp. This way, making an impression with gradient is a lot easier.


Step #2: Lay The Paper

This is an important step especially if you’re using a fast-drying ink. If you don’t act fast enough, the ink may dry up on your custom made stamp. Lay the paper on the table or any surfaces for this stamping project. Make sure you already have planned as to which part of the paper you’ll be making an impression.


Step#3: Ink 1/2 of Your Rubber Stamp

This is where things start to get tricky— well, not really tricky, but you have to make sure you act fast. I recommend that you use a stamp with bold-texts so the colour will get noticed immediately as opposed to the personalised stamp with regular sized text.

Grab the 1st ink pad in which you’re going to use for the first colour of your stamp. Now, start dabbing the ink pad on your rubber stamp, but do not ink the entire rubber stamp. Only cover one half (either the left side or the right side) of your rubber stamp.


Step #4: Ink the Other Half of Your Rubber Stamp

With the ink on the first half of your rubber stamp, you must move right away and proceed to dab the 2nd ink pad with a different colour. You want to make sure to cover the uninked part of the rubber stamp, and not miss a single part or the impression it will make on your paper will look off.


Step #5: Make An Impression On Your Paper

Now that both sides of your stamp are covered with ink, position your rubber stamp right above the part of the paper where you intend to put a mark on. If you’re satisfied with the position of the rubber stamp, press it against the paper or card stock. Once the impression is made, remove the stamp from the paper.


Step #6: Let the Ink Dry

You don’t want your impression on your cardstock or paper to have smudges all over it. Let the ink dry— yes, even if you’re using a quick drying ink, you have to air it for a few seconds before its good to go.


Final Thoughts

You don’t have to order coloured ink pads for your rubber stamps from an online rubber stamp store just so you can create gradient coloured impressions. Use your current resources. Grab 2 of your ink pads, grab a sheet of paper and start experimenting. Bring your ideas into life. Because being creative does not mean you have to spend a lot of cash.

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