Use Ink Stamps to Increase Office Productivity

Use Ink Stamps to Increase Office Productivity

Offices, no matter how much enforcing and implementation of a ‘paperless office’ is done, a paper will always be a part of an office. Although some processes can be digitised, through the use of internet and computer tools, offices can lessen the number of papers it uses. Papers are used for the contract signing, creating business relations, and even nurturing relationships with the customers; and these three are only a few of the things your office cannot be digitised. Now, with these files and documents in papers still in your office, it means ink stamps, rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, or any kinds of stamps, are always going to be used.

So, what kind of stamps provide support for general offices? Here are 5 Kinds of Stamps that can improve how things work in your office:


Stamps for Security


stamps for security

These are the stamps that contain the texts ‘Secure’ ‘Confidential’ and are used in marking files and documents that need to be safely kept and secured at all times. Examples of files and documents that can be marked using these stamps are the documents containing your client/ customer’s personal information. This way, you can guarantee that your customer/ client’s files are being kept safe.

These can also be those stamps that hide important information behind the large block of ink. And also goes by the name Redacting Stamps. Which covers confidential information in a document with a random curl of lines/


Stamps with  Return Address


stamps with return address

Keeping in touch with your clients and customer is essential. If you are able to build a good relationship with your customer, this customer is going to become a loyal customer. So, when it comes to giving your customer a mail, putting in your address on the envelope totally helps a lot. Return Address stamps are stamps that contains your business address, as well as your business’ contact numbers. This way your customer will be able to contact you in case they want to inquire about your product or avail service. You can buy personalised rubber stamps, and colop self-inking stamps at an affordable price.


Initial Stamps


initial stamps

These are the stamps that most department head, managers, and supervisors must possess. Initial stamps work like permission or authorisation stamp, allowing a document or file to be submitted to the client. Think of it as a go signal from the department head, manager, or supervisor that an employee’s work is good to go. Although department heads, managers, and supervisors can just go and sign a specific document, initial stamps make the job faster. But, there are limitations with what an initial stamp can do. Initial Stamps cannot be used for legal documents. It is only useful for transactions inside the four walls of your office, to make the flow of tasks more fluid.


Signature Stamps


signature stamps

These are custom made rubber stamps, designed to copy a person’s signature. Most of the time, these are used by business owners that cannot be in the office all the time. Certain documents need to be signed by the business owner or the director, however, because they’re not in their office most of the time, the flow of work gets stuck. And until the director or business owner comes back, the work is stuck on the desk. This blocks the entire flow of a process, and with this blockage, the completion of the task will be delayed— that is until the man that needs to sign the documents comes back. Signature Stamps, because they hold so much power, it needs to be entrusted to a person you really trust. Now, don’t be confused, you cannot use signature stamps with legal documents, and just like the initial stamps, it can only be used for business transactions.


Number Stamps


number stamps

Number Stamps are stamps with a number in it. It can come in a form an adjustable stamp where you can change the sequence of the number. These stamps come in very handy when it comes to making sequential information or numbers on our documents. Office documents can be very confusing, especially if you’re not the one who organised the documents in the first place. Putting numbers using rubber makes the tracking of the document. You’ll easily find out which file is missing and which file needs to be updated. This is very handy for offices that handle a massive amount of files.

These stamps also come in the form of date stamps. Date stamps are also adjustable and can be utilised for marking the dates on any materials available.


Final Thoughts

Stamps used for offices offer relief from all the organising and managing to happen in an office. From keeping a file safe and secured to working on making the flow of work fluid, and even through compartmentalising documents and files for easy tracking stamps are very much needed. Who knew a tool as small as a stamp could do so much for an office? So, if you don’t own one for your office, it’s time for you to order one.

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Increasing Productivity On Offices Using Signature Stamps

Increasing Productivity On Offices Using Signature Stamps

Signatures may look simple however they hold so much power. With a single signature, you can officially transfer your properties to someone else or transfer your power to another person. Signatures are also important especially if you own a business. Your signature is needed by almost everyone in your office to be able to move on with their tasks. So what happens when you’re not in your office to sign documents and files? The work is stuck until you come back. Signature stamps can make the flow of yours in your office more fluid.


How? Here are 2 ways you can use your signature stamp:


Mail Campaigns


mail campaigns

Business means you have to make sure the everyone is aware of the services you offer or the products you’re selling. I’m saying you’d have to advertise and spread brand awareness (throughout Australia if possible), and that means you’d have to spend a few dollars with high hopes of a greater Return of Investment. You can easily spread brand awareness using the power of the internet. But what about the customers who come into your business personally? How about those customers who are not aware of your website? How are you able to reach them and maintain a good relationship with them.

This is where your Mail Campaign comes in. I know a Mail Campaign can be quite costly especially when you’d have to order for a personalised envelope as opposed to buying the regular envelopes that you can buy anywhere. You can use a personalised colop self-inking stamp for marking your business address and using your signature stamp, you can make the letter more formal. Sending this kind of letter to your customers for your campaign strengthens your relationship with your customer.

You can also use this for formal party invitations for your business event. You can use the same address stamp on the envelope together with the signature stamp to make the letter official so no one can open it other than the person you chose to invite for your party.


Files and Documents


files and documents

As I have explained on the first point, there may be circumstances that require you to go out of your office to complete some business matters. This is when your trusted someone takes over and reviews some documents. However, there are still documents that you must review and not someone else. In this case, by the time you come back to your office, a tower of paperwork that needs your approval is expected. Yes— even if you left your signature stamp to your trusted person.

This is where your personalised signature stamps from Australia comes in handy since you don’t have to sign on every one of the documents (which is quite a tiring job). Using a stamp with your signature embossed, your signatures are just one stamp away. You don’t have to manually repeat the same pattern over and over again. This can come in handy especially if you’re in a hurry for another upcoming appointment. This does not only speed up the process in your office but also can help save you time.

Think about it, if you’re able to speed up the process of signing documents, which results to a more fluid workflow in your office. You’ll be able to finish work faster. Finishing work faster means you have a lot of time to work on other tasks which implies that you’re being productive in your work.


Final Thoughts

You don’t have to tire yourself out, or split yourself into two just so you can sign papers and documents much faster. You can always opt for a signature stamp. The process is simple. Look for a stamp designer online, send them a sample of your signature, and wait for your order to arrive.  

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How To Make Your Own Jewelry Using Custom Rubber Stamps

How To Make Your Own Jewelry Using Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom Rubber stamps are commonly used as office stationery and/or in a craft whether it’s for organising documents, greeting cards, gift wrappers, embossing on fabric, or any other possibilities where self-inking date stamps are imprinted.

But, have you ever used your customised rubber stamps in making a pendant for your jewellery? Don’t miss out on the fun you can get from playing around with your rubber stamps. Plus, you can also save cash by making your own accessories instead of buying them.

It’s an easy activity, where you can unleash your creativity and resourcefulness by just using custom stamps. It’s that easy! Thinking about the cost of the materials? Don’t sweat it because this is a very cost-effective activity.


Making Your Own Jewelry

Oven-baked clay jewellery-making is a do-it-yourself activity, where clay is moulded into shapes and sizes, baked in an oven to harden, and is attached to a chain for a necklace, earrings or, for bracelets. But let’s not focus on the clay; the highlight is on what tool is used for designing the pendant. This is where you capitalise the use of your rubber stamps for this activity.

It’s okay if you have no experience in jewellery-making. No sweat, because anyone can do this activity. Moving on, here’s how you can use your seal stamp in making customised jewellery.


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

gather your materials

The very first thing you have to do is to gather all your materials together. Materials including polymer clay, blocks, your rubber stamps, cookie cutters, pick, jump rings, pearl powder, and thread or chain. You don’t have to specifically choose polymer clay, because any type of clay is applicable for baking. As for the blocks, it’s used to flatten the clay. Cookie cutters have different shapes and sizes; it’s used after the stamp is imprinted on the flattened clay. The pick’s utilised for the hole on the formed pendant, where the jump rings are connected.


Step 2: Prep the Clay

prep the clay

After you’ve gathered your materials together, start by loosening up the polymer clay. It depends on the size of what you’re gonna make. In this case, creating a pendant that’s the same size as a coin is a good start.

Take a little piece of the clay, about the size of a marble, and roll it around your hands. It’s quite hard as it needs to be worked and warmed up. But by continuously rotating it in your hands, it then starts loosening up as heat from your body will transfer on the clay. As we’re making a coin-shaped pendant, the next move is to flatten the clay.

Blocks or any hard surface is a good place to even out the clay. This is to compress its dimensions evenly and to avoid lumps in certain areas. So, when it comes out of the oven, there are no signs of unevenness.


Step 3: Stamping the Design

stamping the design

Now comes the greatest part! The stamping part! Place the evened-out clay on your front. Prepare the rubber stamp and position it facing downwards on the clay. Then, gently stamp it in position and press hard. You can also do it while standing up. It gives more pressure because you’re putting your body weight on it. Then, slowly pull up. And viola! You now have a hand-stamped clay pendant.

But, if you find the pendant too big or you suddenly want a new shape, manipulate the clay using the cookie cutter. It depends on the shape that you want, or where you want the centre of your pendant to be placed on the newly designed clay.


Step 4: Assembling the Jewelry

assembling the jewelry

Pierce a hole on the upper part of the clay using a pick. This is where the jump rings are placed to connect the pendant to the chain. Though, make it bigger than what you’re imagining. Bead holes tend to shrink; if you’re not careful enough, the rings might not go through. To make the intricate design stand out, brush it with the perfect pearls powder; these are pigmented powders that are easy to use. But if you don’t have one, use pulverised makeups, especially eyeshadow ones. It gives the pendant shimmer.


Step 5: Baking the Product

baking the product

For the final step, place the pendant on a pan and bake it for about 30 minutes at 275 degrees. Let it cool. Connect it to the chain, and you’re done! Your polymer clay jewellery is now ready for use.

There are a lot of designs you can find to incorporate for your pendant. Look for rubber stamps online, if you don’t own one yet. Or if you want something that has more of your personal touch, there are custom stamps online, where there’s a stamp designer to decorate your own.


Final Thoughts

Rubber stamps aren’t just made for stamping documents. You’ll be amazed at the numerous ways these stamps can be used. Mostly, rubber stamps in Auckland are used for decorating pages of scrapbooks, documents, or for postage. Though there are other surfaces, you can stamp on besides paper like wood, metal, fabric, and especially on clay – just like this activity. You’re collecting accessories but have no budget to buy new ones? Less splurging on expensive ones and make your very own personalised accessories now!

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4 Ways to Personalise Your Child’s Party Using Traditional Rubber Stamps

4 Ways to Personalise Your Child’s Party Using Traditional Rubber Stamps

When it comes to your child’s birthday, you want to make sure it’s not like any other kids birthday party. However, making it a one-of-a-kind children’s party sounds quite costly. You’d have to prepare your money for the cake, the food for your guests, the balloons, the party favors and many more. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can have a clown or a mascot of your child’s favorite character, just to have that unique party for your little one. But—not all parties need to be expensive. With just papers, traditional rubber stamps, and glue, you can turn a typical children’s party into something better.




Party Invitations may be the last thing on your mind if you’re planning on throwing a children’s party for your kid, but trust me, Invitations Cards are crucial when it comes to having a birthday party. Without the card, your party won’t have guests. Yes— you can just give the parent or guardian of your child’s friend a call, or contact them through social media, however sending out invitation cards is more formal. Plus, parents and guardians who receive invitation cards for their kids feel reassured in allowing their kids to attend the children’s party.

Which is why it is important that you make the invitation presentable. You cannot just print a plain ‘You are Invited’ on a piece of paper and give them to the parents of your kid’s friend.

You can use rubber stamps and colop self-inking stamps to make your plain invitation card into something better. All you need is a card preferably 210-240 gsm or 280-300 microns and a rubber stamp. You can order a custom-made stamp online for free and have it delivered immediately to your home.

With your card and your personalised stamp, you can easily create neat Invitation Cards for your child’s party. Or if you want you can get creative with your child’s invitation card, put up decor or any stickers of your choice to make it more pleasing to the eyes.


Party Hats

party hats

If there’s one thing that excited kids it’s the balloons and the party hats. Trust me, kids go crazy over party hats especially if party hat has a cartoon character that they like, or is colourful. And without a party hat, your child’s party may feel somewhat lacking. You can buy party hats from shops that sell party supplies near your area and be content with just that. However, putting a personal touch in your party hats makes your child’s party a lot special.

With a premade party hats, art supplies, and rubber stamps of your choice you turn a regular party hat into something spectacular.


Cake Toppers

cake toppers

Cake Toppers bring take your regular cupcake into a whole new level. Think of a chocolate-flavoured cupcake topped with an icing. Looks delicious right? How about topping that plain cupcake with pink crown-shaped cake toppers in it? How does it look now? It now seems quite grand.

Although cake toppers are merely accessories, it makes your party look more colourful. Again, cake toppers can be found from anywhere in your area, but a cake topper with your kid’s name is something you cannot buy from party supplies shop in your area.

You can cut out cards, buy toothpicks, order rubber stamps online with your kid’s name in it and turn it into a cake topper. One great thing about stamps is that it creates a neat and uniformed look in every project you’re using it on.


‘Thank You’ Card

thank you card

What is a Children’s Party without Party Favors? Party favours make your kid and your child’s guest happy as they head home. Which is why adding a personal touch makes your party favour a lot better. The party favour marks as a special memory for your kid and his/ her guests. For a children’s party, party favours may come in the form of loot bags.

Fill the loot bags up with sweets and slip in a ‘thank you’ card inside the loot bag. Not only will it make your child’s guest special for taking part in your child’s special day. And a thank you card is the best thing to be personalised.

You can make thank you cards for your guests using self-inking stamps, traditional stamps, rubber stamps, or any stamps.


Final Thoughts

Your child’s birthday comes only once every year which is why want to make sure each birthday is celebrated with your own personal touch. Using rubber stamps and personalised stamps, you can easily add your personalised finishing touches in your child’s invitation card, party hats, cake toppers, and thank you cards.

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