The Ultimate Rubber Stamp Set Checklist: 5 Things To Consider

The Ultimate Rubber Stamp Set Checklist: 5 Things To Consider

What do you usually look for when you’re buying a rubber stamp sets? Do you look at the price first? Or, do you check out the brand?

Do you go on Google and ask for the review about the product from the stamp size all the way up to how long does it last?

Stamp sets make a good investment if you buy the right one. And will the endless choices of rubber stamps present in your local stores or even on the internet, you may find yourself ogling at too many choices and too many brands. That’s why we came up with a 5 point checklist to help you decide on which stamp set to buy.

a variety of colop brand self inking stamps in blue black yellow and green and light blue colored stamps

1) Brand

Brand. Why brand? There are a lot of rubber stamps for sale out in the market. And with the endless array of products to choose from, how would you know which one to buy? Looking at the brand of the stamp sets available minimises your long list, by seeing which brands have made a name for themselves in the market you know which ones make quality stamps.

Customer and market review shouldn’t be taken lightly. Top brands are TOP brands because they receive high praise and good reviews from stamp buyers and product critics.  It means that they make stamps that are of good quality, from good quality rubber to crisp, clean prints on paper. Ever experienced buying a stamp that looks ok but when you used it, it ended up leaving a messy mark on your precious document?

Without being selective about your choices of stamp sellers, you will end up buying a faulty product like the one mentioned in the scenario above. By choosing only from the best brands, you’ll be able to buy a product that worth every dime you pay.

a brown wallet with a subtle amount of paper bills

2) Cost

Most people put budget first above quality, but seeing as you’re reading this article means that you care about the rubber stamp you buy. Cost is secondary to product quality. Once, you’ve determined which brands are worth choosing from, you then have to set up criteria for each stamp. Cost or how much the product is worth tops that criteria.

For example you have four brands to choose from, and you find that even though they all produce high-grade stamps, Brand A sells its stamp at a much lower price than Brand B, C and D. The cost alone gives you a winning factor and you can decide whether to buy the stamp from Brand A or not.

By comparing the cost of the brands, you can also compare which brands offer a better deal, for example, Brand B sells their stamps at ₤50, but Brand C sells theirs at just ₤45. You do more research, and you find out that both brands produce stamps that are similar in quality to each other. You’ll end up saving ₤5 more by choosing Brand C than Brand B.

new modern black colop brand stamps

3) Portability

The third detail that you should look into is the portability of the stamp. And portability goes beyond the stamp being lightweight and easy to carry. Since stamps, rubber or not, use ink, you have to make sure if you can carry and place your stamp anywhere.

You wouldn’t want to buy a product that leaves ink stains all over your work area, from your folders to your record books and even on your table, right? Can you carry your stamp with you when you travel or will it stain your bag, clothes and other important personal belongings? You want a product that does the job of stamping and not staining your belongings.

And obviously, since you’re looking for a portable product, you have to check the size and weight of the stamp set that you’ll be buying. Bulky stamps make it hard for you to use them or carry them wherever you go, even though they make good paperweights, you should go for easy to carry, right-sized stamps.

a self inking colop stamp ejected its back portion

4) Ease of Use

Even the best and highest quality stamp can be pretty useless when it requires complicated to use. Using the stamp you bought shouldn’t be rocket science, it ought to be straightforward and uses simple common sense. Not require you to learn complicated features that need a manual before you can master it.

Aside from how to use the stamp, replacing the ink shouldn’t be hard as well. Rubber stamps are straightforward when it comes to applying ink; you just use a stamp pad loaded with ink. But, as for self-inking stamps and those that use cartridge this can get a little tricky.

Look for and buy a product that won’t give you and the other people who will use it a headache when it’s time for you to use it.

a colop brand stamps in two options seal and rectangle stamp

5) Durability

Lastly, on your checklist for buying stamps sets is durability. A product that lasts you a few months looks like throwaway money compared to a product that can last you for years. Have you ever owned a stamp that only lasted a month or more? You know that low-quality ones that seem to disintegrate like wax with each use.

Or how about those stamps that look like incredible hulk but gets damage after the first fifty use. Who doesn’t want a durable product? You’d want a product that lasts, right? And when it comes to a stamp that will probably be used for hundreds of times by you or by people you work with.



These five criteria for buying a rubber stamp can help you buy a product that’s usable, durable and cost-effective. Looking at top brands for stamps rubber or not, wouldn’t hurt but actually, help you make better decisions. And looking for products based on ease of use, portability, cost, and durability will result in finding a product that becomes a staple in your work area. So, don’t settle for the mediocre when buying for stamp sets, instead be selective and buy only the best.

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How To Make Elegant Handmade Cards Using Cheap Rubber Stamps

How To Make Elegant Handmade Cards Using Cheap Rubber Stamps

When it comes to making cheap handmade cards, you only need to have three core components with you: a plain card, an ink pad, and of course your rubber stamp.


Hand-making cards is a fun and productive activity. Not only does it give you the enjoyment of having to design your own card, but it also helps you create different types of cards for different occasions. It’s a popular hobby that can also become a business. You can either buy expensive material to add some luxury to your cards or go for cheap-yet-effective handmade ones. We recommend you do the latter since it’s more cost effective and doesn’t compel you to spend too much on the needed materials. When it comes to making cheap handmade cards, you only need to have three core components with you: a plain card, an ink pad, and of course your rubber stamp.


Rubber stamps are perfect for making cheap handmade cards as it can help produce uniquely designed handmade cards without the worry that you might break the bank.


Rubber stamps come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Because of that, whatever design or style you might think of, you can guarantee that there will be a custom rubber stamp available for your card making tasks. Rubber stamps are a cheap way to create impressions or prints to complement and add style to your handmade cards. Whether you’re looking for something fun or funky, or elegantly classical, rubber stamps are available to help you with your cardmaking project.


With a wide range of available stamps, there’s bound to be something for you, your project, and whatever purpose you have for creating handmade cards. While you can buy themed stamps that are specific to an occasion, it isn’t really as aesthetically appealing as your cards can potentially come off as bland and generic.  What you should do instead is opt for all-purpose stamps that can be used in a variety of different occasions throughout the year will not only get you the unique design that you’re looking for but will also get you the most out of your stamping budget. Having general stamps mean you’re not only limiting yourself to a single occasion, but your stamps also are flexible and can get you the impression on any type of event your preparing for – even if you’re creating handmade cards for fun.


Pro Tip: There’s a multitude of ways you can use a single rubber stamp. For instance, a custom snowflake-themed rubber stamp can have a lot of applications if you look outside the box. Try taking it out of its snowy environment, and it instantly turns into a stylish geometric shape that features a lot of uses all year round.


Buying cost-effective Rubber Stamps



Rubber stamps used to create interesting handmade cards can be very expensive. However, you can compensate the cost by being creative and using cheap rubber stamps instead. Here are some of the most common options where you can purchase cheap yet super effective rubber stamps:


Online Shopping Sites

Laptop and phone singlehandedly operated by a man


There’s a wide selection of cheap custom rubber stamps that can be found in online shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay. Varieties would include second-hand stamps, retired stamps, as well as new ones that are offered at substantial discount prices. So if you’re still looking for places to buy some great yet cheap rubber stamps, pay a visit to eBay or Amazon. You’ll be amazed at just how many cheap stamps you can buy from there.


Timely Sales

front side of the store with a bicycle on its front


If you really want to purchase your rubber stamps for cheap, you should get updates on when a store will offer discount sales on their rubber stamps. There are a lot of stores that feature regular sales, which is always an excellent opportunity to purchase your stamps and several other materials at a discount price. For instance, seasonal stamps and its associated materials commonly drop in price at the end of every season to make way for new stocks to come in. While having the latest and trendiest designs are nice, we should also keep in mind that it isn’t always the case. In reality, a great stamp design is timeless and will never falter.


Bargain Bins

Rocking chair outside the balcony


Also be mindful of those stores that have bargain bins. It is where items like rubber stamps are sold for cheap. These deals can be for a number of different reasons and can definitely give you the most value for your money.


Text & Sentiment Stamps

Your roster of all-purpose stamps is not complete without the inclusion of text and sentiment stamps. There are currently a wide variety of text and sentiment stamps available in various stores. These types of stamps would include stamps of appropriate words for different occasions. These types of stamps are what will transform an ordinary stamped image into a special handmade greeting card. Buying stamps for different occasions can soon add up. There are a number of different solutions that can help save money and still produce amazing handmade cards that you can use for any occasion. The variety of handmade stamps would include the following:


Letter Stamps

Blocks put together to make a word called LOVE


Letter stamps are a great way to allow users to create their own greetings and sentiments. Keep in mind, however, that using letter stamps and creating your message can be a bit time-consuming. So make sure you choose a short sentiment to make things a lot more convenient for you. Fortunately, There are different styles and designs of alphabet stamps. That means creating personal prints using different styles of letter stamps can give it a fun and inviting look and feel.


Foam Stamps

heart shaped stamp


If buying new rubber stamps seems too costly for you, then opting for alternatives is also a viable choice. One such option is foam stamps, which are available at a low cost. Similar to rubber stamps, it also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. While they are cheap, foam stamps are quite versatile and can be used for a variety of different handmade cards for various occasions. What’s best is that you can also create your very own foam stamp out of a sheet of craft foam. Just cut into your desired shapes using a cutter, dip it in paint or ink, and voila! Easy as pie. As the sound goes into the wind.


Handwriting Messages & Sentiments

stamp bond paper with stamp on its side


As said earlier, sentiment stamps is a perfect way to add to your handmade cards. You can then finish it off with a good quality pen. Make sure you use only good quality pens to get the best results.


Printed Text

paper with written words stamp


If you’re not someone who has excellent handwriting, then you might want to opt for printed sentiments to complement your greeting cards. Printed sentiments can be a good alternative to handwritten messages.


Quick Shopping Tips:

  • When buying online, make sure you use comparison sites to find the best prices for rubber stamps.  
  • Don’t go for the cheapest one. Go for the one that gives the most value. Your money will still go to waste if you purchase rubber stamps that are brittle and breaks quickly.
  • If your budget is tight, you don’t have to hoard every type of rubber stamp all at once. You can choose to purchase the ones that you need as of the moment to make the most of your budget.



The materials for making handmade greeting cards shouldn’t be too sophisticated. Most of the time, all you really need is a set of stamps to get you going. You don’t need those fancy crepe paper or a complete set of colouring pens. All you need is a stamp, and it would immediately make a world of difference.

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