Here are 6 Cheap Wedding Favors You Can Do Using Your Stamps

Planning of being creative on your wedding? Ever done cheap wedding favors? You should! Weddings, especially if you’re the one planning, is pretty much stressful. Of course, you want to go all out for this special event.

But couples nowadays, however, are more hands-on in planning their wedding. Although it’s fun and enjoyable to choose the flowers, the clothes, the food, or the decoration of the place for your entourage, you can’t deny that it still pretty much gives you a headache.

There’s so much to do before the big day! Plus, the wedding favors!

Most couples love to create something with a personal touch for their wedding favors. If you’re looking for a creative and a less expensive wedding favor, then try incorporating it with your personalised stamps.

It’s simple, and it doesn’t take forever to make! And the personalised touch gives symbolism of the couple’s celebration of love.


Here are the best ways to save your money from spending too much on wedding favors using your personalised stamps


1. Drawstring bags

These make good favor bags. You can fill the drawstrings with treats as much as your heart desires and it’s convenient enough for you and your guests. Instead of spending more on meters of expensive cloth, try to utilise flour sacks as an alternative. Decide on a size to have uniformity on your favor bags.

After the bags are put together, here comes the best part – stamping! You don’t have to worry about your drawstrings looking too ordinary; your personalised stamps got your back. Take your rubber stamps and design the middle part of your bag. Or, if you want a more meaningful print, use your self-inking date stamps to emboss the date of your special day. Makes it more memorable for the people attending your wedding.


2. Bottles filled with sand

An exceptional souvenir, particularly on weddings with a beach wedding theme, are bottles filled to the brim with sand.  You can use any bottles you have, even the used ones, make sure they’re clean once you put the sand in. If you want to see the sand inside, use clear bottles. Then, take your trusted rubber stamps, and around the body of the container, you can stamp the design — an excellent way to treat and gift your guests a touch of the sea you had exchanged your vows with your partner.


3. Handkerchief

During the reading of the vows, it’s expected and anticipated that the audience will be weeping tears of joy during the ceremony. Embossed with the print of the date of your wedding using your self-inking date stamps, or, minimalistic design with your personalised stamps. It transcends the feeling of sentimentality. Plus, it’s kind of a sweet keepsake as a remembrance of the holy matrimony.


4. Soaps

It’s not just your typical soap! These are handmade soaps. If you want to save time and effort, you can buy them from your local small businesses. But, if you’re going to be more involved in creating your favors; then, you can make your own using scented wax and oils. For the safest and allergy-free soaps, stick with organic and natural ingredients.

But that’s not the best part! Make use of your personalised stamps to get a good stamp design. Although make sure that you’re gently and only mildly pressing on the soap to get the best result, you wouldn’t want to break and waste even just one.


5. Cookies

It’s no surprise that stamping on cookies has long been a thing. The trick here is how creative you can get with it. After you’ve made the dough, or if you just bought the batter, you then choose the cookie shape you’re going to do. For instance, you’re doing hearts, make sure that you’ve picked the right size for your cookies to avoid baking too many or too few. Then, bake the dough.

After you let the baked cookies cool, you can cover it with fondant. You don’t have to buy rubber stamps, if you don’t have one, make use of your self-inking stamps. Stamping on fondant is as good as stamping on clay. You can even paint on the embossed words. You can also make use of the drawstrings. And voila, you’ve got yourself a food wedding favor!


6. Cardstock

Cardstocks are the most common and cheapest way to do your wedding favors. Nothing will ever top the use of letter and postcard types of wedding favor. But! It’s no longer limited to being a postcard, and you can also use your cardstock as tags for other wedding favors — tying cards around the other wedding favor with the stamp of your personalised stamps, where you can utilise both your personalised stamps and self-inking date stamps when you emboss it on the paper.


Final Thoughts

These wedding favors serve as a mark of the special day you’re celebrating with your special someone. All your guests will remember your special event because of these favors. And you don’t have to be a stamp expert to do this activity for your wedding favors. You’ll get it done in one minute only! What are you waiting for? Save your money with creativity and get stamping!

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Use Ink Stamps to Increase Office Productivity

Use Ink Stamps to Increase Office Productivity

Offices, no matter how much enforcing and implementation of a ‘paperless office’ is done, a paper will always be a part of an office. Although some processes can be digitised, through the use of internet and computer tools, offices can lessen the number of papers it uses. Papers are used for the contract signing, creating business relations, and even nurturing relationships with the customers; and these three are only a few of the things your office cannot be digitised. Now, with these files and documents in papers still in your office, it means ink stamps, rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, or any kinds of stamps, are always going to be used.

So, what kind of stamps provide support for general offices? Here are 5 Kinds of Stamps that can improve how things work in your office:


Stamps for Security


stamps for security

These are the stamps that contain the texts ‘Secure’ ‘Confidential’ and are used in marking files and documents that need to be safely kept and secured at all times. Examples of files and documents that can be marked using these stamps are the documents containing your client/ customer’s personal information. This way, you can guarantee that your customer/ client’s files are being kept safe.

These can also be those stamps that hide important information behind the large block of ink. And also goes by the name Redacting Stamps. Which covers confidential information in a document with a random curl of lines/


Stamps with  Return Address


stamps with return address

Keeping in touch with your clients and customer is essential. If you are able to build a good relationship with your customer, this customer is going to become a loyal customer. So, when it comes to giving your customer a mail, putting in your address on the envelope totally helps a lot. Return Address stamps are stamps that contains your business address, as well as your business’ contact numbers. This way your customer will be able to contact you in case they want to inquire about your product or avail service. You can buy personalised rubber stamps, and colop self-inking stamps at an affordable price.


Initial Stamps


initial stamps

These are the stamps that most department head, managers, and supervisors must possess. Initial stamps work like permission or authorisation stamp, allowing a document or file to be submitted to the client. Think of it as a go signal from the department head, manager, or supervisor that an employee’s work is good to go. Although department heads, managers, and supervisors can just go and sign a specific document, initial stamps make the job faster. But, there are limitations with what an initial stamp can do. Initial Stamps cannot be used for legal documents. It is only useful for transactions inside the four walls of your office, to make the flow of tasks more fluid.


Signature Stamps


signature stamps

These are custom made rubber stamps, designed to copy a person’s signature. Most of the time, these are used by business owners that cannot be in the office all the time. Certain documents need to be signed by the business owner or the director, however, because they’re not in their office most of the time, the flow of work gets stuck. And until the director or business owner comes back, the work is stuck on the desk. This blocks the entire flow of a process, and with this blockage, the completion of the task will be delayed— that is until the man that needs to sign the documents comes back. Signature Stamps, because they hold so much power, it needs to be entrusted to a person you really trust. Now, don’t be confused, you cannot use signature stamps with legal documents, and just like the initial stamps, it can only be used for business transactions.


Number Stamps


number stamps

Number Stamps are stamps with a number in it. It can come in a form an adjustable stamp where you can change the sequence of the number. These stamps come in very handy when it comes to making sequential information or numbers on our documents. Office documents can be very confusing, especially if you’re not the one who organised the documents in the first place. Putting numbers using rubber makes the tracking of the document. You’ll easily find out which file is missing and which file needs to be updated. This is very handy for offices that handle a massive amount of files.

These stamps also come in the form of date stamps. Date stamps are also adjustable and can be utilised for marking the dates on any materials available.


Final Thoughts

Stamps used for offices offer relief from all the organising and managing to happen in an office. From keeping a file safe and secured to working on making the flow of work fluid, and even through compartmentalising documents and files for easy tracking stamps are very much needed. Who knew a tool as small as a stamp could do so much for an office? So, if you don’t own one for your office, it’s time for you to order one.

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How To Use Cheap Stamps in Wedding Decorations

How To Use Cheap Stamps in Wedding Decorations

Cheap stamps are commonly used in offices or paperworks. For instance, in documents like official invoices, business contracts, signing of purchase orders, rental agreements, and etc. But, did you know that you can use them in wedding decorations and preparations too? Read on and find out how.


Using Stamps in Wedding Preparations

If you’re looking for cost-efficient and innovative decors for wedding receptions, use your self-inking stamps. Save money on wedding decorations by making them yourself. Plus! You won’t have to worry about splurging anymore, because Do-It-Yourself decorations cost less than store bought ones. Take time and use your rubber stamps on your decorations. Or, better yet buy cheap design it yourself stamps or make one yourself using materials you can easily get from craft stores.

Here are seven ways to use your rubber stamps in your DIY decorations. And remember to get creative. What you won’t spend on money, you’ll make up for with time – fun and engaging time. And don’t worry about how your decorations will look, because with stamps you are sure to get clean, sophisticated results. Not, like when you’re using paint brushes and paints.


12  Ways You Can Use Your Stamps


Wedding Invites

wedding invites

First off – invitations. You can’t have a wedding if you don’t send out invitations to family and friends. Don’t agonise about the design. This craft can be done by anyone, even you.

If you’re worried, go for something minimal. Nothing goes wrong with the basic look.  Just get yourself a piece of cardstock and your trusted custom made rubber stamps. Ink the stamp thoroughly, stamp it gently straight down on the paper to see good results, let it dry, and you’re done!


Wedding Envelopes

wedding envelopes

You keep envelopes on your cupboard, right? Get them out of there and use them on your invitations. Begin by printing the important details on the envelope first. It gives more emphasis and priority on what significant information you have to remember, such as: who’s getting married, where it’s gonna be, and when it’s gonna happen and most importantly who are you sending it to.

The bonus of doing this is, you won’t accidentally send you aunt’s invite to a distant relative because you can immediately write their names on the invites after you stamped on them.


Wedding Tablecloth

bunch of stamps on table cloth

Whether you’re doing an outdoor wedding or a grand chapel one, you’re bound to have a reception. And screams your special day more than a tablecloth that specialised for you. It’s another great chance for you to use your stamp and customised you tablecloths

There’s no need for you to spend a fortune, just to buy patterned tablecloths, stamp on them using your custom rubber stamps. Take your fabric and make a style of your own. Design by creating a pattern, repeatedly on the same line, until you start in another line progressively. Whichever angle you prefer the stamp to be facing. Then, let it dry after you’re finished stamping.


Festive Buntings

Buntings are also a good choice for decorations. You ca drape it on the ceremonial wall or all over your reception area. Print letters on each triangle, so when you put it together, it forms a word or a phrase for the audience to see. Designs that correlates to the occasion like: rings, cake, an outline of a couple kissing, etc. Also, grain sack is a good alternative if you don’t have any cardstock available as your bunting.


Event Balloons

event balloons

Balloons, for wedding can come in a variety of styles and shapes. And depending on what you want you can go crazy stamping them.  And they are frequently used in different occasions, whether it’s celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and or parties. So, no fuss you can play around with them.  It gives highlight on the event, especially if the print is pleasing to the eye. Just blow at least ¾ air into the deflated balloon, keep the air inside and ink your approved rubber stamp thoroughly. Then press it down accurately as possible to have clean results.


Chair Covers

chair covers

Another cool thing to do with stamps is decorating chair covers with prints. You can go all out crazy with stamping on them or you can take the modest approach of decorating only the chair tie. It can give a very endearing feel to any wedding decoration, since you stamp the names of the people sitting on the seats.

Do note that, it’s preferable to use fabric and have your way in designing using your personalised stamps. Use the ink color that fits the motif of the event, of course. Minimal designs are actually good for these kind of decorations


Napkins and Tissues

napkins and tissues

If you can make DIY prints on chair covers and balloons why not on napkins and tissues right? Blend it to the motif of the wedding. Use your traditional rubber stamps that you either buy on craft stores or old ones you get at thrift shops! Let’s combine creativity and convenience together. Stamp down designs on your napkins and tissues carefully in coordinated lines. Whether you want them in the left or right angle, whichever you prefer.


Cookie Giveaways

cookie giveaways

People are getting more and more innovative. Eating food embossed with custom made rubber stamps using food coloring as ink is a new feat. Pressing your stamp down carefully on unbaked dough takes a good reflection of the exact form of the self-inking stamp. You can do it on cookie treats too!

Take for example, a cookie is covered in royal frosting. It’s good to press down the stamp gently, (because we don’t want the cookie to break) on the frost that’s beginning to harden to create a perfect image. Just remember to use stamps that are new and have never touched ink that’s not edible.


Wedding Cake

wedding cakes

What’s a wedding without a cake, right? Honestly, the highlight after the bride and groom is the wedding cake! One of the things that makes a bride stressed during the organising of the event. Use the same approach that you did with your cookies on to your cake.

Transform your simple and a boring cake into one that you’ll remember. Make this event even more romantic, cover the body of the cake with portions of your vows.


Deco Ribbons

deco ribbons

Have no idea for your souvenirs? Personalise using your traditional rubber stamps on ribbons, grain sack pouches, cards, and etc.

Try using your ribbons or washi tapes in wrapping gifts! It’s a good alternative if you don’t have any wrapping papers available. Just tie the gifts with your stamped ribbons.

Stamp your rubber stamps in a straight line with one after another.  Whichever angle you want to imprint the stamp several times. It’s okay if it’s repetitive, that’s the purpose, so when you tie it around, you can see the stamp design. Make sure that your stamp is inked thoroughly to avoid mistakes.


Wedding Pouches

wedding pouches

Pouches are also good gifts to give. Make it even more unique by printing stamp designs on them. Add your personal touch on your pouches. Space is limited, so you can just stamp one or two designs. Embellish the pouch with the wedding couple’s name, the date, or a short message you want to say.

Prepare your custom made rubber stamps that’s already inked thoroughly. Align the area where you want the print to be. Gently stamp down the stamp design on the pouch to avoid outlines, then let it dry.


Wedding Cards

wedding card

Or if you are on a tight budget, give out wedding cards. It is a lot smaller compared to invitations. These cards are basically styled only with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding. Anything else is just left simple and sophisticated.

Use your available craft papers where you will be stamping your personalised stamps. Ready your approved rubber stamp and ink the color of your choice unto the stamp completely. Next, position the stamp on the craft paper directly. Hold the stamp in precision to avoid outline marks on the sides of the result. Then, smoothly remove the stamp to let the card dry.

Now you can enjoy your special event  with your self-designed wedding decorations!


Final Thoughts

Personalised stamps are not just for authorisation purposes. You can use it in a lot more ways than you can imagine. Even on such a special occasion, make do of your custom made rubber stamps. It’s not just limited for business relations. In this case, a wedding is a special occasion that only happens once in your life, might as well make it even more special and style it yourself, right? So don’t wait and start designing your own now!  

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Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Arts and crafts never fail to bring a smile on a kid’s face. It’s that time when they get to be messy, play with paints, draw things, use colourful self-inking rubber stamps, and not get scolded. It’s also that time where they can bond with their parents, teachers, or other children their age.

However, there’s more to stamping than colours, and artworks. Rubber stamps help children in developing essential skills such as Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, as well as their Cognitive Ability.

How do self-inking rubber stamps help build up a child’s skills?


Sensory Development


Arts and Crafts, specifically, Stamping can help kids develop their senses. If a baby or a toddler comes in contact with the soft fur of a cat for the first time, the baby’s nervous system has yet to process the foreign feeling and generate a response from it. This response is then remembered by the brain— thus developing the kid’s senses.

Anything that allows a toddler to explore or interact freely with a variety of materials with different texture, colours, shapes, and sizes as well as temperature, can help a child improve their senses.

Whenever a toddler is stamping, the child can feel the stamp, as well as the surface they’re putting stamps on. This is why most preschool teachers have a variety of stamps, alphabet stamps, numbering stamps, rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and all sorts of colourful ink pads. Preschool teachers let the kids stamp on rough walls, cottony fabrics, smooth papers or anything that has textures as it helps them develop their senses.


Fine Motor Skills

fine motor skills

Another thing that your child develops when they’re stamping is the fine motor skills. Whenever a child manipulates small items such as self-inking stamps, paintbrush, or holding a pencil, they’re using small muscles in their body, specifically in their hands, fingers and eyes. This can be a pretty complex thing for toddlers. Notice how most toddlers find it hard to use their little spoon whenever they’re eating? This is because their fine motor skills haven’t fully developed yet.

Stamping helps toddlers and babies develop their fine motor skills. Especially since you need to use your hands and fingers if you’re stamping. One thing you’d have to look out for whenever you’re stamping with babies is to use stamps that are not very small. Toddlers have the possibility to shove all sorts of things to their mouth, and you don’t want your kid to be choked with stamps.


Emotional Development

emotional development

If a child is always given activities that follow a process, the child is not given the freedom to express. Arts though is an excellent way to let the child express what he or she truly feels. Giving a child the liberty to express himself/ herself is a good way of developing their emotions.

Using rubber stamps or self-inking stamp together with other art materials such as crayons and watercolours, and a paper, a kid, can express their emotions. The good thing about this is that you’re teaching a kid to express himself/ herself without using oral communication.

Self-expression is an excellent way to develop their emotion. Which is why teachers in preschool allow their students to express themselves through art. Using colourful stamps, paints, crayons, and watercolour. And the best part in here? The kids are always proud of their finished artwork. So if your kid goes home with a paper in his/ her hand, praise him/ her for expressing themselves.


Cognitive Development

cognitive development

Stamping also allows a child to develop their creativity as well as creative thinking. Think of it like this: whenever a child uses stamps, he/ she thinks of where to place it, and how it can help improve her artwork. Aside from that, they need to think from the variety of self-inking rubber stamps and use it for their artwork. How can a stamp beautify his/ her artwork, what colour will he/ she use?

The Cognitive ability of a child is then developed through using his/ her critical thinking, creativity, as well as his/ her problem-solving skills. And then combining these 3 to come up with an idea.


Final Thoughts

Developing a child’s Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, and Cognitive Skills is crucial as these are the basic skills they need to possess as these are the skills that help them develop their own personality. You don’t need to have expensive art materials for your child to develop these skills. You can buy and order rubber stamps online, and even personalise these rubber stamps for you and your child to use.

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4 Convenient Uses of Personalised Name Stamps

4 Convenient Uses of Personalised Name Stamps

Whether it is for personal use or for your business, rubber stamps can and will be your best friend. There are a lot of ways you can use personalised name stamps and custom rubber stamps for you or your business and here are some.


Of course, you own rubber stamps or a self-inking stamp, why not use it to your own personal advantage. You can order a rubber stamp or a self-inking stamp with your name and address on it. And from there, you can use it almost everywhere, as long as the things are yours of course. You can name your personal belongings like clothes, letters, receipts, folders or other personal paperwork. If you are a person who constantly loses something and then finds it and doubts if it’s yours, stamps are your saving grace.

You can also use stamps for your invitations. Planning on having a housewarming party or a party for your kid? Grab your rubber stamp and stamp your invites away. If you need a rubber stamp for invitations, there are a lot of supplier of custom rubber and self-inking stamps.


The classic use for self-inking and custom rubber stamps are in schools, especially preschool. Children seem and will love those cute figures in the custom-made stamps and other stampings that may say Great Job! with a little star or a smiling dinosaur on the side. Given this, stamps can help you save a great amount of time from marking and checking all those cute paintings and drawings.

Hospitals and Clinics

Even with the most organised medical records, mistakes are inevitable. One great way to ensure records are accurate and properly marked are custom rubber stamps. Save time writing repetitious details with self-inking rubber stamps. Rubber stamps have been used to help doctors and nurses with marking tasks as they provide a great and clear impression. There are also rubber and self-inking stamps available for nurses in clinics and hospitals, good to carry around. It is a convenient and time-saving way to put important particulars to papers or medical records.


Custom self-inking and rubber stamps can help your business in hundreds to ways, to say the least. From promotion to branding, stamps can be used almost in every aspect of your business. Yes, you can buy a rubber stamp for your business logo, information and address and use this to mark your business’ apparel or packaging for takeaways such as bags and coffee cups. Aside from its convenience, rubber stamps are unbelievably cost-effective and easy to use. QR codes linked to your business website or social media accounts can also be manufactured to be put on rubber stamps. This will give people or potential customers an easy way to reach you and your business. Aside from rubber stamps being less costly than printing, they can be used again and again before needing any replacement. Custom rubber and inking stamps are also simple to refill and re-ink and you can do it yourself within a breeze. Good business at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

Custom and a self-inking personal name and address stamps are truly convenient rubber stamping solutions for your marking and branding needs.

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