The price for personalised items is always higher than the regular ones. Personalised items are special because 1) it can be used to make presents extra special 2) it can be used for event favours 3) it can be a reward for your customers. However, because personalising items are expensive, it may not be very wise to do it all the time, especially if you’re short on cash. Although, you can personalise your handkerchief using only simple stamp supplies such as rubber stamps and fabric inks.


Why Should I Stamp On Handkerchief?


Event Favours


event favours

You can use your handkerchief as event favours. Either it’s for your newly opened business, birthdays, or any kind of events where you can give away favours. Although you can order personalised handkerchief online. Personalising them your own is a lot better especially because you can cut the total cost to half. You’ll only be needing the ink, and the rubber stamp, then you’re stamping project is good to go.


Gift and Presents


gifts and presents

What’s more special than a personalised present. Giving your friend, family, or special someone you did yourself makes your gift a whole lot better. Yes better than expensive gifts. Getting your own custom-made rubber stamp does not cost that much. So, if you want to write the name of the person you want to give the present to— you can use your personalised rubber stamp for your handkerchief.


A Reward for Loyal Customers


a reward for your loyal customers

You can also use a personalised handkerchief as a reward for your loyal customers, who have been with you for a certain period. Through a stamp creator online you can customise your stamps, with your business’ name. Not only will this be useful for your other parts of your business such as the labelling and the packaging, but it is can also be used for the handkerchief you’re giving away. You can stamp your brand in the middle of the handkerchief or on one of the corners of your handkerchief.


How to Stamp on Handkerchief?

Materials Needed:

  • Rubber Stamp
  • Fabric Ink
  • Felt Cloth
  • A Plate or Any Plastic Container with A Large Opening
  • Clothes Iron


Step #1: Prepare Your Rubber Stamp

You want to make sure your rubber stamp is ready before you start making impressions on the handkerchief. It works very well with rubber stamps with large and straightforward texts on rubber plates. So if your rubber plate as small letters, you may want to use another one with large and bold text for better results.


Step #2: Prepare Your Ink

After you had your rubber stamp prepared, the next thing you’d have to prepare is the ink. The ink you’re going to use plays a huge role in this project. Mainly because not all ink used for stamping papers, sticks to the fabric after washing the fabric. For this one, you must use a fabric ink, any colours will do.

In preparing the ink, you need to have:

  • Fabric Ink
  • A plate or any plastic container that can hold your fabric ink ink
  • Felt Cloth
  1. Lay your container in the surface. You want to make sure that the container’s opening is large enough for the stamp you’re going to use.
  2. Pour in a liberal amount of ink on your container.
  3. Place the felt cloth over the container. Lightly press the felt cloth in a manner that will allow the fabric ink to bleed through the felt cloth.


Step #3: Apply Ink On Your Rubber Stamp

Now that you have prepared your rubber stamp, as well as the ink you will use, it’s time for you to apply ink to your stamp. Press your rubber stamp against the part of the felt cloth where the ink is bleeding through. Apply pressure, enough to fully cover the elevated surface of your rubber plate with fabric ink. You want to make sure that the ink on the rubber stamp is just enough as to avoid the stamp from smudging.


Step #4: Start Stamping

With the fabric ink on your rubber stamp, you can now proceed to stamp your handkerchief. Press your rubber stamp against the handkerchief for a few seconds. You want to make sure that the ink from your rubber stamp is absorbed by the handkerchief.

Tip: Lift the stamp upwards and not diagonally to make sure none of the side of the rubber stamp imprints on your handkerchief.


Step #5: Let It Dry

Once you’re satisfied with the prints on your handkerchief, it’s time that you let it dry.


Step #6: Iron Your Handkerchief

After drying the ink from the fabric, you now must iron your handkerchief, to make sure that the fabric ink sticks on your handkerchief for a long time.


Final Thoughts

Personalising a handkerchief shouldn’t be expensive. You can use your trusty rubber stamp, or you can have one made online through a rubber stamp creator. You can use it for yourself, or you can give to others as an event favour, or as a reward for loyal customers. Start stamping on handkerchief now!

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