Rubber stamps are helpful, in many different ways – from creating original crafts, unique greeting and invitation cards to professional uses like marking documents and many others. And it is inevitable to get your rubber stamps dirty after and between applications. Dirty rubber stamps can affect its performance and the quality of your stamps.

There are easy methods you can use to clean your rubber stamps before storing them and between changing different kinds and colours of inks. These methods will keep your stamps clean and avoid contamination of colours between your ink pads. You don’t want your stamps ruining your beautiful work of art. With proper care and cleaning techniques, your rubber stamps can last a long time.

Method 1: Using Alcohol-Free Wipes


1. Blot the remaining ink from your rubber stamps in a piece of scratch paper.

  1. Use and alcohol-free cleaning or baby wipes to clean the surface of your rubber stamps. Do not use wet wipes or wet tissues with alcohol because it can cause damage over time

Brown Red Small Stamp Cleaned With Damp Cloth

  1. After Step 2, You may now pat dry the rubber stamp with a  dry paper towel or a cloth. Now there you have your newly cleaned Rubber Stamp 

Black Flower Shaped Stamp

Method 2: Water and Cleaning Cloth

1. Blot the remaining ink from rubber stamp in a scratch paper. From this, You can assure that there was no ink left on the rubber stamp.
White Paper stained with ink of rubber stamp
2. Secure a cleaning cloth inside a container so you can use it several times for cleaning your rubber stamps. Cleaning cloths can be found in cleaning and garage supplies sections in the department or convenience stores.
Clear Glass Jar containing cleaning cloth
  1. Dampen the cleaning cloth with tap water.

Blue Cloth Dip unto Glass of Water

  1.  Rub your stamps gently on the cleaning cloth until the ink that is left on the stamp has been removed.

Two Hands Holding the stamp the other holding the cleaning cloth

5. After that, you should pat dry the rubber stamp with a paper towel and store in a dry place. White Paper Towel Covering the Bright Red Rubber Stamp

Method 3: Using Stamp Scrub and Stamp Cleaning Solution

Steps: 1. With a use of a scratch paper get the remaining ink and get your stamp scrub. Stamp scrubs and stamp cleaning solutions can be purchase online or on your craft stores. White Paper stained with ink of rubber stamp

2. Stamp scrubs usually have two parts, the side where you spray on the stamp cleaning solution and the other part where you rub your rubber stamp to dry. Sides are indicated through labels. Spray on the stamp cleaning solution and gently rub your rubber stamp in a circular motion to get all the parts of your stamps clean. Dry it on the other side of the stamp scrub.

Black Stamp Scrub above the Black Cloth

3. If stubborn inks remain in the stamp, spray the stamp cleaning solution directly into the stamp. Yellow Spray pointing to the red stamp

 4. Wipe it with a cleaning cloth to dry.
Red Stamp wiped with dirty cloth


BONUS D.I.Y: Do-It-Yourself Rubber Stamp Scrubber and Cleaning Solution

While rubber stamp scrubbers and cleaning solutions are available online, you can also make it at home. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and, believe it or not, you only need common household items and other things you can easily buy in grocery stores – and it should be a piece of cake.

Things You Will Need

  • Glycerin (can be bought in pharmacies)
    • Distilled Water
    • Baby Shampoo
    • Empty Spray Bottle
    • 8 Ounce Empty Bottle (will be used for storing your solution)
    • Small funnel
  • For the rubber stamp DIY scrubber: Rectangular baby wipes travel case
    • 2 Paint Pad Edger
    • Foam double-sided tape
    • Sharpie or any marking pen

For the stamp cleaning DIY solution:

Steps for making your DIY Cleaning Solution:

  1. To the clean and empty 8 oz. bottle, pour two tablespoons of glycerin. Use the funnel to avoid spilling the glycerin while pouring it. Glycerin is a compound that is a byproduct of soap-making, commonly used in many cleaning solutions, beauty and skin care products and many other applications.

Bottle with funnel poured with water

2. Pour distilled water to make the solution. Distilled water is used because it contains no other contaminants that can affect the quality of your solution. Do not fill the bottle all the way up, leave a little room for your remaining ingredients.

Glass Poured With Bottled Water

3. Then, add a ¼ tablespoon of baby shampoo to complete your cleaning solution.

Bottled Shampoo poured on a small cup

4. When you are ready to use your solution, pour an amount into your spray bottle and it is good to go. Store the remaining solution in a cool and dry place.

Sprayer Sprinkling water

Steps for making your DIY Rubber Stamp Scrubber

  1. Remove or trim the hooks at the back of the paint pad edger so it can lay flat on the container.Green Paint Pad Edger

2.Open the baby wipe travel case. Using foam tape, tape the two paint pad edger to the insides of the baby wipes travel case, one on each side. Make sure you tape it securely, so you avoid it from moving during usage

Black and transparent Baby wipe travel case

3. Label each side of the case using a Sharpie, one for the wet and the other for dry or any label that you like, for that case. The labels will allow you to easily identify which side to spray your cleaning solution (wet) and which side to dry your stamp (dry).

Pen-Style Permanent Marker

4. Now you have a DIY rubber stamp scrub you can use as instructed above. If the stamp scrub becomes filthy, you can quickly remove it and wash it under running water, let it dry and tape it back to the baby wipe travel case.

Baby wipe travel case for rubber stamps

Other cleaning tips for your rubber stamps:

First of all, you have to remember that there is a difference between a stained stamp and a clean stamp. Stamps stains over time but can still be perfectly clean.

Also when stamps receive dirt with dust or lint, you can use the sticky side of a Scotch tape and press your rubber stamps gently to remove dust and lint. Another one is to not use products that contain alcohol on your rubber stamps because it can dry up the rubber and can damage your rubber stamps.

Furthermore, Do not soak the wood part of your rubber stamps in water because it can weaken the wood and deteriorate the quality of your stamp.

Finally, Store your rubber stamps where they do not press each other and remember to keep your stamps in a cool and dry area.

Above all these Super Easy Ways to Clean Rubber Stamps are for free you don’t have to waste money to buy a new one just better clean it off! and there you have it! now you know how to clean rubber stamps you can share it with your friends and colleagues stop wasting money to cleaning products tell them how to clean rubber stamps efficiently and easily with this methods!.

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