Offices, no matter how much enforcing and implementation of a ‘paperless office’ is done, a paper will always be a part of an office. Although some processes can be digitised, through the use of internet and computer tools, offices can lessen the number of papers it uses. Papers are used for the contract signing, creating business relations, and even nurturing relationships with the customers; and these three are only a few of the things your office cannot be digitised. Now, with these files and documents in papers still in your office, it means ink stamps, rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, or any kinds of stamps, are always going to be used.

So, what kind of stamps provide support for general offices? Here are 5 Kinds of Stamps that can improve how things work in your office:


Stamps for Security


stamps for security

These are the stamps that contain the texts ‘Secure’ ‘Confidential’ and are used in marking files and documents that need to be safely kept and secured at all times. Examples of files and documents that can be marked using these stamps are the documents containing your client/ customer’s personal information. This way, you can guarantee that your customer/ client’s files are being kept safe.

These can also be those stamps that hide important information behind the large block of ink. And also goes by the name Redacting Stamps. Which covers confidential information in a document with a random curl of lines/


Stamps with  Return Address


stamps with return address

Keeping in touch with your clients and customer is essential. If you are able to build a good relationship with your customer, this customer is going to become a loyal customer. So, when it comes to giving your customer a mail, putting in your address on the envelope totally helps a lot. Return Address stamps are stamps that contains your business address, as well as your business’ contact numbers. This way your customer will be able to contact you in case they want to inquire about your product or avail service. You can buy personalised rubber stamps, and colop self-inking stamps at an affordable price.


Initial Stamps


initial stamps

These are the stamps that most department head, managers, and supervisors must possess. Initial stamps work like permission or authorisation stamp, allowing a document or file to be submitted to the client. Think of it as a go signal from the department head, manager, or supervisor that an employee’s work is good to go. Although department heads, managers, and supervisors can just go and sign a specific document, initial stamps make the job faster. But, there are limitations with what an initial stamp can do. Initial Stamps cannot be used for legal documents. It is only useful for transactions inside the four walls of your office, to make the flow of tasks more fluid.


Signature Stamps


signature stamps

These are custom made rubber stamps, designed to copy a person’s signature. Most of the time, these are used by business owners that cannot be in the office all the time. Certain documents need to be signed by the business owner or the director, however, because they’re not in their office most of the time, the flow of work gets stuck. And until the director or business owner comes back, the work is stuck on the desk. This blocks the entire flow of a process, and with this blockage, the completion of the task will be delayed— that is until the man that needs to sign the documents comes back. Signature Stamps, because they hold so much power, it needs to be entrusted to a person you really trust. Now, don’t be confused, you cannot use signature stamps with legal documents, and just like the initial stamps, it can only be used for business transactions.


Number Stamps


number stamps

Number Stamps are stamps with a number in it. It can come in a form an adjustable stamp where you can change the sequence of the number. These stamps come in very handy when it comes to making sequential information or numbers on our documents. Office documents can be very confusing, especially if you’re not the one who organised the documents in the first place. Putting numbers using rubber makes the tracking of the document. You’ll easily find out which file is missing and which file needs to be updated. This is very handy for offices that handle a massive amount of files.

These stamps also come in the form of date stamps. Date stamps are also adjustable and can be utilised for marking the dates on any materials available.


Final Thoughts

Stamps used for offices offer relief from all the organising and managing to happen in an office. From keeping a file safe and secured to working on making the flow of work fluid, and even through compartmentalising documents and files for easy tracking stamps are very much needed. Who knew a tool as small as a stamp could do so much for an office? So, if you don’t own one for your office, it’s time for you to order one.

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