Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

If you own a business, Common Seals must be a familiar word for you. However, if not, you may want to get more acquainted with the word, especially if you intend to make one. Common seals refer to a Company’s official seal or official logo. Most of the time, it is used for legal transactions. However, today, it can also be used for spreading your brand/ business’ name.


2 Types of Common Seals

There are 2 Kinds of Common Seals that most businesses use. The Embossed Seal and the Printed or Inked Logo. Both types of common seals are used to make an impression on your files and documents. However, both the embossed and the stamped kind has its own difference.

Embossed Seals

embossed seals

An embossed seal is very useful for the files and documents that you don’t want to be replicated or be photocopied such as certificates, enrollment forms and other important documents. Embossing your Seal on a piece of means you’re raising certain parts of the paper to create an impression. Which why it cannot be reproduced photographically and is impossible to photocopy.

A note with a ‘Not valid without the Company Seal’ is printed on every document. Which is important in keeping your file authentic. Although, the prints can be photocopied. The embossed seal part of the document cannot be replicated. Without the seal, the document is not valid.

Stamped Seals

stamped seals

A stamped seal is commonly used for papers and documents that can be duplicated or photocopied such as the Company Head’s Signature. Stamping on important files and documents means you’re making an impression on a piece of paper through pressing ink on certain parts of the paper.

Most of the time if custom made stamps were created to be used for signatures, the stamp is still used together with an Embossing Seal to guarantee the document’s authenticity. Stamped Seals can be used aside from stamping signatures. It can be used for certifying documents for its authenticity or can be used for imprinting/ stamping the company/ business logo for spreading brand awareness.

There’s a huge variety of stamped common seals in Australia, such as rubber stamps, personalised rubber stamps, and self-inking stamps. You can order rubber stamp online for your business’ common seal.


What are Logos and Common Seals Used for?

Logo and Seal is the face of your brand/ business. Just like how a blue square with a large small letter f, or how a letter U, overlayed with an inverted ‘U’ is to the shoe brand Under Armour. How your logos look to represent the product of the service you provide.

People by nature tend to forget names. This is why you may not remember some of the names of your classmates back in primary school. This also applies to your brand, especially if your brand has quite a long name, people will most likely forget your brand’s name. Photos and images, however, can easily be remembered than basic words and phrases.

Promoting Brand Awareness

promoting brand awareness

If you want to spread brand awareness, printing or stamping the logo on your each of your products, flyers and posters is an excellent way to start. This is because logos can be of any size, large or small and it can still can recognizable, especially if your logo looks simple. You can stick your logo on your paper advertisements, online advertisements, or brand each of your products with the logo. You can print logos, or stamp them using rubber stamps on any surface you want to see your logo on.

Providing Authenticity with Your Documents

providing authenticity in your docs

Stamping your documents with your brand/ business’ logo validates each of your files and documents. It means you allowed the person to hold the document or an important file. Using a rubber stamp, or any self-inking stamps can help you certify the authenticity of documents and files.

You can use rubber stamps, or and self-inking stamps for marking logos and seals on your documents or any surfaces that you need your logo and seal to be imprinted.


Final Thoughts

The seal for your brand/ business doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if your business is just starting to bloom. Through rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and embossers, you can give your business a face and an identity spread brand awareness, as well as certifying the authenticity of your documents.

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Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Developing Essential Skills Using Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Arts and crafts never fail to bring a smile on a kid’s face. It’s that time when they get to be messy, play with paints, draw things, use colourful self-inking rubber stamps, and not get scolded. It’s also that time where they can bond with their parents, teachers, or other children their age.

However, there’s more to stamping than colours, and artworks. Rubber stamps help children in developing essential skills such as Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, as well as their Cognitive Ability.

How do self-inking rubber stamps help build up a child’s skills?


Sensory Development


Arts and Crafts, specifically, Stamping can help kids develop their senses. If a baby or a toddler comes in contact with the soft fur of a cat for the first time, the baby’s nervous system has yet to process the foreign feeling and generate a response from it. This response is then remembered by the brain— thus developing the kid’s senses.

Anything that allows a toddler to explore or interact freely with a variety of materials with different texture, colours, shapes, and sizes as well as temperature, can help a child improve their senses.

Whenever a toddler is stamping, the child can feel the stamp, as well as the surface they’re putting stamps on. This is why most preschool teachers have a variety of stamps, alphabet stamps, numbering stamps, rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and all sorts of colourful ink pads. Preschool teachers let the kids stamp on rough walls, cottony fabrics, smooth papers or anything that has textures as it helps them develop their senses.


Fine Motor Skills

fine motor skills

Another thing that your child develops when they’re stamping is the fine motor skills. Whenever a child manipulates small items such as self-inking stamps, paintbrush, or holding a pencil, they’re using small muscles in their body, specifically in their hands, fingers and eyes. This can be a pretty complex thing for toddlers. Notice how most toddlers find it hard to use their little spoon whenever they’re eating? This is because their fine motor skills haven’t fully developed yet.

Stamping helps toddlers and babies develop their fine motor skills. Especially since you need to use your hands and fingers if you’re stamping. One thing you’d have to look out for whenever you’re stamping with babies is to use stamps that are not very small. Toddlers have the possibility to shove all sorts of things to their mouth, and you don’t want your kid to be choked with stamps.


Emotional Development

emotional development

If a child is always given activities that follow a process, the child is not given the freedom to express. Arts though is an excellent way to let the child express what he or she truly feels. Giving a child the liberty to express himself/ herself is a good way of developing their emotions.

Using rubber stamps or self-inking stamp together with other art materials such as crayons and watercolours, and a paper, a kid, can express their emotions. The good thing about this is that you’re teaching a kid to express himself/ herself without using oral communication.

Self-expression is an excellent way to develop their emotion. Which is why teachers in preschool allow their students to express themselves through art. Using colourful stamps, paints, crayons, and watercolour. And the best part in here? The kids are always proud of their finished artwork. So if your kid goes home with a paper in his/ her hand, praise him/ her for expressing themselves.


Cognitive Development

cognitive development

Stamping also allows a child to develop their creativity as well as creative thinking. Think of it like this: whenever a child uses stamps, he/ she thinks of where to place it, and how it can help improve her artwork. Aside from that, they need to think from the variety of self-inking rubber stamps and use it for their artwork. How can a stamp beautify his/ her artwork, what colour will he/ she use?

The Cognitive ability of a child is then developed through using his/ her critical thinking, creativity, as well as his/ her problem-solving skills. And then combining these 3 to come up with an idea.


Final Thoughts

Developing a child’s Sensory, Fine Motor, Emotions, and Cognitive Skills is crucial as these are the basic skills they need to possess as these are the skills that help them develop their own personality. You don’t need to have expensive art materials for your child to develop these skills. You can buy and order rubber stamps online, and even personalise these rubber stamps for you and your child to use.

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4 Ways to Personalise Your Child’s Party Using Traditional Rubber Stamps

4 Ways to Personalise Your Child’s Party Using Traditional Rubber Stamps

When it comes to your child’s birthday, you want to make sure it’s not like any other kids birthday party. However, making it a one-of-a-kind children’s party sounds quite costly. You’d have to prepare your money for the cake, the food for your guests, the balloons, the party favors and many more. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can have a clown or a mascot of your child’s favorite character, just to have that unique party for your little one. But—not all parties need to be expensive. With just papers, traditional rubber stamps, and glue, you can turn a typical children’s party into something better.




Party Invitations may be the last thing on your mind if you’re planning on throwing a children’s party for your kid, but trust me, Invitations Cards are crucial when it comes to having a birthday party. Without the card, your party won’t have guests. Yes— you can just give the parent or guardian of your child’s friend a call, or contact them through social media, however sending out invitation cards is more formal. Plus, parents and guardians who receive invitation cards for their kids feel reassured in allowing their kids to attend the children’s party.

Which is why it is important that you make the invitation presentable. You cannot just print a plain ‘You are Invited’ on a piece of paper and give them to the parents of your kid’s friend.

You can use rubber stamps and colop self-inking stamps to make your plain invitation card into something better. All you need is a card preferably 210-240 gsm or 280-300 microns and a rubber stamp. You can order a custom-made stamp online for free and have it delivered immediately to your home.

With your card and your personalised stamp, you can easily create neat Invitation Cards for your child’s party. Or if you want you can get creative with your child’s invitation card, put up decor or any stickers of your choice to make it more pleasing to the eyes.


Party Hats

party hats

If there’s one thing that excited kids it’s the balloons and the party hats. Trust me, kids go crazy over party hats especially if party hat has a cartoon character that they like, or is colourful. And without a party hat, your child’s party may feel somewhat lacking. You can buy party hats from shops that sell party supplies near your area and be content with just that. However, putting a personal touch in your party hats makes your child’s party a lot special.

With a premade party hats, art supplies, and rubber stamps of your choice you turn a regular party hat into something spectacular.


Cake Toppers

cake toppers

Cake Toppers bring take your regular cupcake into a whole new level. Think of a chocolate-flavoured cupcake topped with an icing. Looks delicious right? How about topping that plain cupcake with pink crown-shaped cake toppers in it? How does it look now? It now seems quite grand.

Although cake toppers are merely accessories, it makes your party look more colourful. Again, cake toppers can be found from anywhere in your area, but a cake topper with your kid’s name is something you cannot buy from party supplies shop in your area.

You can cut out cards, buy toothpicks, order rubber stamps online with your kid’s name in it and turn it into a cake topper. One great thing about stamps is that it creates a neat and uniformed look in every project you’re using it on.


‘Thank You’ Card

thank you card

What is a Children’s Party without Party Favors? Party favours make your kid and your child’s guest happy as they head home. Which is why adding a personal touch makes your party favour a lot better. The party favour marks as a special memory for your kid and his/ her guests. For a children’s party, party favours may come in the form of loot bags.

Fill the loot bags up with sweets and slip in a ‘thank you’ card inside the loot bag. Not only will it make your child’s guest special for taking part in your child’s special day. And a thank you card is the best thing to be personalised.

You can make thank you cards for your guests using self-inking stamps, traditional stamps, rubber stamps, or any stamps.


Final Thoughts

Your child’s birthday comes only once every year which is why want to make sure each birthday is celebrated with your own personal touch. Using rubber stamps and personalised stamps, you can easily add your personalised finishing touches in your child’s invitation card, party hats, cake toppers, and thank you cards.

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Boost Teaching Performance Using ‘Approved’ Rubber Stamps and Date Stamps

Boost Teaching Performance Using ‘Approved’ Rubber Stamps and Date Stamps

The teaching profession can both exhausting and rewarding. Exhausting in a manner that if you don’t manage your time well, you’d have to work even if you’re already out of the classroom, and out of the school. Admit it, you bring the unfinished papers at home and continue working there. Approved Rubber Stamps and Self Inking Stamps can help you cut some time so you can finish your job faster, and even improve your teaching performance.

Praise & Motivation

With the number of student’s you’re currently handling, there’s bound to be diversity among your class. There are those who are bodily-kinesthetic and is the best when it comes to physical activities, the logical-mathematical ones who show their forte whenever they’re working on mathematical expressions, those students who are intelligent with language and words, and many more types of students. With the number of individual personalities in your classroom, there are times when the students who excel more in the academics get to be praised more— leaving those whose intelligence is not in line with the academics such as the bodily-kinesthetic ones and those who are intelligent with musical instruments, unappreciated.

In the 21st Century Classroom, it is essential that you show equal appreciation for all of your students. One way of showing your appreciation to them is to praise their works.

Marking a big star, or with a ‘Good Job’ in their paper and works using rubber stamps and self-inking stamps leave a positive effect on your students.

Remember that time when you were once on the other end of the classroom, listening to your teacher and working on the classroom activities? What about that time when you had your ‘Very Good’ and Star from your teacher? That felt great right?

Being appreciated by your teacher can significantly boost your self-esteem. Which is why you should praise and motivate them whenever they do an excellent job in their activities.

Marking Dates

Teaching is never easy, your little angels can become quite a pain at times and drain all your energy out quickly. And at the end of the day, you wish you could just dive straight to your bed and rest. But you know you can’t, there are still a lot of papers and documents that need to be done. All of these files need to be marked with a date, especially the forms, and although marking the date is not a very strenuous job, it can be time-consuming when done in bulk.

Self Inking Date Stamps and Rubber Date Stamps can save you a lot of time. From writing dates in the documents into merely stamping them you’d be able to finish your documents faster, and you’ll be able to jump straight to bed right away.

Having a good night’s rest can boost your mood up, a good mood affects your teaching, if you’re teaching well, your students will definitely do well, if your students do well, the student’s parents, your superior and most importantly you will pleased. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Classroom Organization

Being a teacher means you’d have a lot of things to manage, this includes your students, their grades and your classroom. You cannot simply skip out managing your classroom, or the things in your classroom such as the student’s books will magically vanish. The next thing you know, your students are already fighting over whose book is who’s.

Creating a custom-made stamp that says ‘This Book Belongs To:’ will definitely help a lot. This way your students will no longer fight over books because it has their name already printed in it.

Rubber Stamps is also helpful for grading your student’s works from A-F.

Bonus Tip: Use a blue ink pad in grading, so students who do not meet the criteria won’t be that disappointed because they got an F in a Red Coloured Stamp.

Final Thoughts

Although teaching tends to drain all your energy out, at the end of the day, all the exhaustion wears off when you see your students run towards you, hug you, and thank you for being a good teacher to them. A reward that can never be paid monetarily. And this can only happen to you if you give your students all the love and appreciation they deserve.

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The Ultimate Rubber Stamp Set Checklist: 5 Things To Consider

The Ultimate Rubber Stamp Set Checklist: 5 Things To Consider

What do you usually look for when you’re buying a rubber stamp sets? Do you look at the price first? Or, do you check out the brand?

Do you go on Google and ask for the review about the product from the stamp size all the way up to how long does it last?

Stamp sets make a good investment if you buy the right one. And will the endless choices of rubber stamps present in your local stores or even on the internet, you may find yourself ogling at too many choices and too many brands. That’s why we came up with a 5 point checklist to help you decide on which stamp set to buy.

a variety of colop brand self inking stamps in blue black yellow and green and light blue colored stamps

1) Brand

Brand. Why brand? There are a lot of rubber stamps for sale out in the market. And with the endless array of products to choose from, how would you know which one to buy? Looking at the brand of the stamp sets available minimises your long list, by seeing which brands have made a name for themselves in the market you know which ones make quality stamps.

Customer and market review shouldn’t be taken lightly. Top brands are TOP brands because they receive high praise and good reviews from stamp buyers and product critics.  It means that they make stamps that are of good quality, from good quality rubber to crisp, clean prints on paper. Ever experienced buying a stamp that looks ok but when you used it, it ended up leaving a messy mark on your precious document?

Without being selective about your choices of stamp sellers, you will end up buying a faulty product like the one mentioned in the scenario above. By choosing only from the best brands, you’ll be able to buy a product that worth every dime you pay.

a brown wallet with a subtle amount of paper bills

2) Cost

Most people put budget first above quality, but seeing as you’re reading this article means that you care about the rubber stamp you buy. Cost is secondary to product quality. Once, you’ve determined which brands are worth choosing from, you then have to set up criteria for each stamp. Cost or how much the product is worth tops that criteria.

For example you have four brands to choose from, and you find that even though they all produce high-grade stamps, Brand A sells its stamp at a much lower price than Brand B, C and D. The cost alone gives you a winning factor and you can decide whether to buy the stamp from Brand A or not.

By comparing the cost of the brands, you can also compare which brands offer a better deal, for example, Brand B sells their stamps at ₤50, but Brand C sells theirs at just ₤45. You do more research, and you find out that both brands produce stamps that are similar in quality to each other. You’ll end up saving ₤5 more by choosing Brand C than Brand B.

new modern black colop brand stamps

3) Portability

The third detail that you should look into is the portability of the stamp. And portability goes beyond the stamp being lightweight and easy to carry. Since stamps, rubber or not, use ink, you have to make sure if you can carry and place your stamp anywhere.

You wouldn’t want to buy a product that leaves ink stains all over your work area, from your folders to your record books and even on your table, right? Can you carry your stamp with you when you travel or will it stain your bag, clothes and other important personal belongings? You want a product that does the job of stamping and not staining your belongings.

And obviously, since you’re looking for a portable product, you have to check the size and weight of the stamp set that you’ll be buying. Bulky stamps make it hard for you to use them or carry them wherever you go, even though they make good paperweights, you should go for easy to carry, right-sized stamps.

a self inking colop stamp ejected its back portion

4) Ease of Use

Even the best and highest quality stamp can be pretty useless when it requires complicated to use. Using the stamp you bought shouldn’t be rocket science, it ought to be straightforward and uses simple common sense. Not require you to learn complicated features that need a manual before you can master it.

Aside from how to use the stamp, replacing the ink shouldn’t be hard as well. Rubber stamps are straightforward when it comes to applying ink; you just use a stamp pad loaded with ink. But, as for self-inking stamps and those that use cartridge this can get a little tricky.

Look for and buy a product that won’t give you and the other people who will use it a headache when it’s time for you to use it.

a colop brand stamps in two options seal and rectangle stamp

5) Durability

Lastly, on your checklist for buying stamps sets is durability. A product that lasts you a few months looks like throwaway money compared to a product that can last you for years. Have you ever owned a stamp that only lasted a month or more? You know that low-quality ones that seem to disintegrate like wax with each use.

Or how about those stamps that look like incredible hulk but gets damage after the first fifty use. Who doesn’t want a durable product? You’d want a product that lasts, right? And when it comes to a stamp that will probably be used for hundreds of times by you or by people you work with.



These five criteria for buying a rubber stamp can help you buy a product that’s usable, durable and cost-effective. Looking at top brands for stamps rubber or not, wouldn’t hurt but actually, help you make better decisions. And looking for products based on ease of use, portability, cost, and durability will result in finding a product that becomes a staple in your work area. So, don’t settle for the mediocre when buying for stamp sets, instead be selective and buy only the best.

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The Common Types of Rubber Stamps That Everyone Should Be Familiar With

The Common Types of Rubber Stamps That Everyone Should Be Familiar With

We are currently living in a world dominated by rubber stamps. Everywhere you go, whatever you do, you’d always find rubber stamps as a relevant tool to use. That’s why it’s essential for you to be aware of what type of rubber stamps you can use for your project or work. There’s a multitude of rubber stamps available in the market today. Each possesses a wide range of uses and price points. Because of the wide variety, one can land the type of rubber stamps that are ideal for what they need. Innovation has paved the way for the development of different kinds of rubber stamps. However, there remains an elite few that are popular for common, everyday use.


Here are some of the most common types of rubber stamps that are available out there in the market today:


1.) Wooden Handle Rubber Stamp

wooden handle stamps in glossy finished

If you’re looking for a cheap-yet-effective way to fulfill your stamping duties, a wooden handle rubber stamp is the way to go. Considered as the cheapest and easiest-to-use stamp, wooden handle rubber stamps is the traditional type of rubber stamps that can serve various stamping purposes. Just like any regular rubber stamp, the wood handle stamp requires a separate ink pad to be effective.

This type of rubber stamp is ideal for everyday use as both an office or home stamping tool. It can also be used for purposes like address printing, card customization for weddings and other events, and for creating impressions on letters and envelopes. In addition, it’s also the perfect type of stamp for recreational art activities with the use of various special inks.

2.) Plastic Self-inking Rubber Stamp


The self-inking rubber stamp is currently the most popular variant of rubber stamps in the market today. It’s being used by the majority of consumers in both business, schools, household, etc.. It’s widely considered as the best choice for daily use due to its extreme convenience. Unlike the traditional way of stamping, you will no longer need a separate ink pad. The ink is already installed inside the stamp, which automatically re-inks the stamp for every time an impression has been made.

With its slick design and convenient mechanism, self-inking rubber stamps provide everything you need, whether you’re at home or on the office. It produces very clean impressions that don’t blot or splatter. Thanks to its integrated replaceable ink cartridge, the stamp conveniently re-inks itself for everytime you punch the stamp on a surface to produce imprints. Self-inking cartridges also promote longer-lasting stamping possibilities, as it can potentially last up to 10,000 impressions before needing a refill.


3.) Metal Self-inking Rubber Stamps

daters stamp


This variant of the self-inking rubber stamp line works precisely the same as the plastic self-inking rubber stamp. The only difference is the body, in which this variant is made of metal instead of plastic. This feature makes this type of self-inking rubber stamp extraordinarily durable and long-lasting. It doesn’t easily get broken, making it a standard and ideal stamp option for extensive uses. Most of the time metal self-inking stamps are used in heavy-duty work. You’ll most likely see this type of self-inking stamps in carpentry workshops, construction areas, garage work, and several other areas where it can potentially fall or drop to the ground. Plastic self-inking stamps are brittle and can break easily when we accidentally drop it to the ground. With metal stamp variants, it’s the other way around. It’s incredibly durable and can be used for various purposes without the fear of breakage or damage.


4.) Standard Self-inking Rubber Stamps

self inking stamp in red hue

The standard self-inking rubber stamp is was designed and created to promote the production of high-quality impressions for various types of surfaces. Common self-inking rubber stamps are available in black, blue, red, or green ink cartridges. They can provide the exact ink quantity for the best impressions and print results. Various brands of self-inking rubber stamps are thriving behind the mass demand for this type of rubber stamp. Brands like Trodat Printy or Professional are among the companies that produce the best quality self-inking rubber stamps in the market today. They offer the best solutions for all of your stamping needs. They also exist in different versions: Custom text stamps, Image & Custom text stamps, date stamps, date & custom text stamps.

Other Stamp-making solutions & Rubber Stamp Alternatives

Apart from the standard Rubber Stamps, there are other alternatives that you can use to fulfil your stamping needs.



embosser stamp in silver

Embossers are similar to stamps in that they produce impressions. However, unlike standard stamps, they do not use ink to make prints. Instead, they crimp the paper, which then leaves a permanent embossed finish. Embossers embellish and secure various documents, leaving an unforgettable discreet imprint. If you choose embossers, you can choose between desktop or pockets models, depending on the paper you need to mark.

Electronic Stamps

electronic stamp in white hueElectronic stamps (also called digital stamps) are alternative stamps that electronically print custom texts, numbers, date, and time, all while securing and tracking all your documents. That means electronic stamps print out impressions to electronic documents like a PDF, a Google doc, or a Word document. The print finish looks and feels pretty much the same way as when you apply a rubber stamp to a paper document, making it convenient as you no longer have to punch the stamp manually. Electronic stamps come in a variety of formats, which includes.JPG, PNG and.TIFF.

Metering Machines

a stainless metering machine for rubber stamp


Metering machines use traditional methods regarding its mechanics. It’s a mechanical machine that’s used to create and apply physical evidence of postage to mailed matter. A country’s postal authority commonly regulates postage metering machines.


If you want to make your life easier, then try to take advantage of what rubber stamps can offer. These tools work wonders in helping you be more efficient and consistent with your work. There are a lot of rubber stamp variants available out there. Get familiar with them and identify which one suits best with your preferences.

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