The Common Types of Rubber Stamps That Everyone Should Be Familiar With

The Common Types of Rubber Stamps That Everyone Should Be Familiar With

We are currently living in a world dominated by rubber stamps. Everywhere you go, whatever you do, you’d always find rubber stamps as a relevant tool to use. That’s why it’s essential for you to be aware of what type of rubber stamps you can use for your project or work. There’s a multitude of rubber stamps available in the market today. Each possesses a wide range of uses and price points. Because of the wide variety, one can land the type of rubber stamps that are ideal for what they need. Innovation has paved the way for the development of different kinds of rubber stamps. However, there remains an elite few that are popular for common, everyday use.


Here are some of the most common types of rubber stamps that are available out there in the market today:


1.) Wooden Handle Rubber Stamp

wooden handle stamps in glossy finished

If you’re looking for a cheap-yet-effective way to fulfill your stamping duties, a wooden handle rubber stamp is the way to go. Considered as the cheapest and easiest-to-use stamp, wooden handle rubber stamps is the traditional type of rubber stamps that can serve various stamping purposes. Just like any regular rubber stamp, the wood handle stamp requires a separate ink pad to be effective.


This type of rubber stamp is ideal for everyday use as both an office or home stamping tool. It can also be used for purposes like address printing, card customization for weddings and other events, and for creating impressions on letters and envelopes. In addition, it’s also the perfect type of stamp for recreational art activities with the use of various special inks.

2.) Plastic Self-inking Rubber Stamp


The self-inking rubber stamp is currently the most popular variant of rubber stamps in the market today. It’s being used by the majority of consumers both business, schools, household, etc.. It’s widely considered as the best choice for daily use due to its extreme convenience. Unlike the traditional way of stamping, you will no longer need a separate ink pad. The ink is already installed inside the stamp, which automatically re-inks the stamp for every time an impression has been made.


With its slick design and convenient mechanism, self-inking rubber stamps provide everything you need, whether you’re at home or on the office. It produces very clean impressions that don’t blot or splatter. Thanks to its integrated replaceable ink cartridge, the stamp conveniently re-inks itself for everytime you punch the stamp on a surface to produce imprints. Self-inking cartridges also promote longer-lasting stamping possibilities, as it can potentially last up to 10,000 impressions before needing a refill.


3.) Metal Self-inking Rubber Stamps

daters stamp


This variant of the self-inking rubber stamp line works precisely the same as the plastic self-inking rubber stamp. The only difference is the body, in which this variant is made of metal instead of plastic. This feature makes this type of self-inking rubber stamp extraordinarily durable and long-lasting. It doesn’t easily get broken, making it a standard and ideal stamp option for extensive uses. Most of the time metal self-inking stamps are used in heavy-duty work. You’ll most likely see this type of self-inking stamps in carpentry workshops, construction areas, garage work, and several other areas where it can potentially fall or drop to the ground. Plastic self-inking stamps are brittle and can break easily when we accidentally drop it to the ground. With metal stamp variants, it’s the other way around. It’s incredibly durable and can be used for various purposes without the fear of breakage or damage.


4.) Standard Self-inking Rubber Stamps

self inking stamp in red hue


The standard self-inking rubber stamp is was designed and created to promote the production of high-quality impressions for various types of surfaces. Common self-inking rubber stamps are available in black, blue, red, or green ink cartridges. They can provide the exact ink quantity for the best impressions and print results. Various brands of self-inking rubber stamps are thriving behind the mass demand for this type of rubber stamp. Brands like Trodat Printy or Professional are among the companies that produce the best quality self-inking rubber stamps in the market today. They offer the best solutions for all of your stamping needs. They also exist in different versions: Custom text stamps, Image & Custom text stamps, date stamps, date & custom text stamps.


Other Stamp-making solutions & Rubber Stamp Alternatives

Apart from the standard Rubber Stamps, there are other alternatives that you can use to fulfil your stamping needs.



embosser stamp in silver



Embossers are similar to stamps in that they produce impressions. However, unlike standard stamps, they do not use ink to make prints. Instead, they crimp the paper, which then leaves a permanent embossed finish. Embossers embellish and secure various documents, leaving an unforgettable discreet imprint. If you choose embossers, you can choose between desktop or pockets models, depending on the paper you need to mark.


Electronic Stamps

electronic stamp in white hue


Electronic stamps (also called digital stamps) are alternative stamps that electronically print custom texts, numbers, date, and time, all while securing and tracking all your documents. That means electronic stamps print out impressions to electronic documents like a PDF, a Google doc, or a Word document. The print finish looks and feels pretty much the same way as when you apply a rubber stamp to a paper document, making it convenient as you no longer have to punch the stamp manually. Electronic stamps come in a variety of formats, which includes.JPG, PNG and.TIFF.


Metering Machines

a stainless metering machine for rubber stamp


Metering machines use traditional methods regarding its mechanics. It’s a mechanical machine that’s used to create and apply physical evidence of postage to mailed matter. A country’s postal authority commonly regulates postage metering machines.



If you want to make your life easier, then try to take advantage of what rubber stamps can offer. These tools work wonders in helping you be more efficient and consistent with your work. There are a lot of rubber stamp variants available out there. Get familiar with them and identify which one suits best with your preferences.

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9 Rubber Stamps Every Professional Needs

9 Rubber Stamps Every Professional Needs


I know how burnt out you are in your workplace. Imagine having to write your name or company address over and over again. It’s exhausting, right?

Save more time and increase your productivity at work every day with rubber stamps. This office supply is efficient in preventing your errors and reducing stress from the tiring and repeated writing. It’s more work you can do in lesser time and effort. find help with this best types of rubber stamps for your Office or at home.


I remember so well how stressful and tiresome it was labelling paper works like “ISSUED”, “PAID” or “APPROVED”. I had everything that needed to be filled on my table. Then it would get me frustrated misspelling words. Not to mention signing so many documents!  My hands would hurt after a busy day full of scanning and writing. I’m glad my office mate introduced me to these rubber stamps that got me out of the troubles.


Save yourself from the hassle too and make sure you have these nine essential rubber stamps:

Customized Rubber Stamps

stamp with logo and address printed on paper


For any corporation, authenticating your documents is essential to keep the business running. So is authorising corporate legal matters. It is essential for every corporation to have a customized rubber stamp of the company’s logo and name along with the common seals. The importance of these stamps is still indispensable when it comes to professional documents. Compared to the digital logo which would take time to format and edit to the paper, stamps are of no hassle of pressing your company logo and name directly. They are time-saving and makes your tasks less tedious.

Address stamps

adress stamp with address written on the stamp handle

A company address is necessary because it provides your customers with your company details and how to contact you. But, those documents, packages, letters and other papers won’t write your company’s address for you. It’s time-wasting and demands so much effort. Instead of throwing away your precious time writing that long address over and over, get yourself a personalized address stamp. Imagine the more work you can still do without this hassle.  It saves you from possible errors and saves so much time. Limit your errors and start stamping your company address. Be more productive with your daily work.


Name stamps

name stamp printed name at the paper

Many documents would require you to put your name on it. If you’re bombarded with a lot of these to fill, having a name stamp is very handy. It is easier to scan and press your way through papers rather than investing your precious minutes repeatedly writing your name. You can even use these personalized stamps to label your things in the office so others can return it in case you forget where you placed them.  


Signature stamps

name on a piece of paper taped on a card

When you have tons of paperwork to sign, then investing in signature stamps is a very wise. Save your hands from aching. It’s a very big help when you find yourself signing a lot of documents to finish in a day. These stamps were made for these large paper works. Put your signature nicely below that professional engineer seal. Now you can just press your signature on documents or paper works instead of writing through all of the papers.


Date stamps

date stamp with photos at the top of year and a month

We forget the date easily. Sometimes we even look at the calendar to see what date it is. We can also get so careless at times and put the wrong date on papers. Rubber stamp dates are effective in minimizing these errors. Just be sure you adjust the date as soon as you arrive at the office. Then, you can worry no more about the date and start stamping your day.


Label stamps

name of emily wilson a greeting paper

Organizing tasks or things involves labelling. If you’re in a hard time sorting your documents or what-to-do’s, rubber stamps will help you with that. Work would be easier and time efficient if you can get organized faster. It eliminates the confusion in a loaded work set-up. It enables you to easily identify processes and what do next with the documents you’re handling. You can also make scanning through documents easier, and it helps identify missing or misplaced documents in case there are any.   


Sale/Discount Stamps

sale stamps with printed sale at the bottom canvas

It’s a good business strategy for corporations to make use of sales offers and discount codes. Sale and discount stamps are an ideal tool for these marketers to use. Stamps are useful if you’re selling items that are on promos. Using sale or discount stamps make calculations easier and faster. It helps the accounting team keep track of the products on sale or discount and can be used as a reference for discount percentages. Plus, these stamps can tell what sales they apply to. Your customers would be guided with the promos and find it easier and more convenient.


Identification Protection stamp

Identification Protection stamp with codes printed paper

Paper shredding can be expensive and quite messy. But these stamps are a great alternative to replace them. To protect your customer’s information such as contact details and social security number, these ID protection stamps provide a way to obscure information easily. They black out sensitive information through a series of unique patterns with characters that are randomly rotated.


Thank you stamps

thank you stamp that is printed on a stamp

Customers are important and these “Thank you” stamps are a way to show them your gratitude. They are the air that gives life to your business. You can build relationships and loyalty with customers using these custom stamps. You can incorporate them on transactions like an invoice paid on time or maybe a completed order.


Perhaps in any business or profession, you’re in, these rubber stamps will never seem to get ousted by time. Especially in the digital and electronic age, the use of these rubber stamps is still important.  It’s still valued by many companies, and the advent of computers has complemented its use. From tracking documents to aiding you to work efficiently, rubber stamps have greatly minimized the hassles of our daily job. It maximized our time to work on more important things other than writing and manual tracking. And it has increased our quality as employees and improved our outputs. Printed documents will never be out fashioned, and nor will its dependence on rubber stamps. There are readily available stamps to order almost everywhere; it’s time to grab yours now. at your near Ecom and Estamps Stores. Australia to Europe wide
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A Collective Guide To Self-Inking Stamps

A Collective Guide To Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps can cater a lot of your stamping needs.

They are cheap, versatile and easy to use and carry around. May it is business/office, personal or creative uses, self-inking stamps can always come in handy. But, self-inking stamps, like all other things, need care and love, too. You need to take care of your stamps so they can last and to do their job correctly as long as you want them to.

Self-inking stamps are stamps that have ink pads within so a separate ink pad is not needed. It is efficient and light-weight. If you are looking for crisp and clear labels and refillable features, self-inking stamps are the perfect items for you. It’s a practical innovation, but still meets the requirements of a trust-worthy stamping buddy. Common self-inking stamps only come in basic colours (black/blue), but some manufacturers offer different colours of ink, depending on your preferences.

About Self-Inking Stamps

Colop red Self inking stamps

There are three major parts in self-inking stamps: the actual stamp, the ink pad and the stamp frame that holds the parts together. These kinds of stamps are usually of plastic material, usually a couple of inches in height and two or three inches wide. The text in the stamp can be seen labelled at the top of the stamp, indicating its contents and position of use.

When using self-inking stamps, there is a specific motion that must be done to complete the stamping process. A slight pressure applied to the stamp pushes the handle, inking the rubber stamp inside and transferring the image/writings on the stamp onto the paper.

Rubber self-inking stamps are recyclable. When you need to change the data in the stamp, it will only require a new rubber die. Self-inking stamps are durable and you can use them hundreds or even thousands of time before the ink runs out. Signatures, addresses, contact information and much other information, can be put in the stamp to create the impression you need.

Self-inking Stamp Tips

Re-inking the pads:

Self-inking stamps are mostly refillable, and there will be a time when you need to refill it because the images/letters might not be clear and crisp anymore. Follow these steps to easily re-ink your ink pads:

  1. Before replacing the ink pads, make sure the area where you are going to change your pads, is protected. You can lay a parchment paper or old/used papers to protect your tabletop from stains.

Yellow Piece of Cloth for Rubber Stamps

2. Hold the stamp and push the two buttons at the side of the stamp until you hear a soft click. And pull the edge of the stamping pad to remove it from the stamp case.

3. Put the pad, ink-side-up, on the table. Remember to use to proper ink for your self-inking stamps (mostly according to its model), to avoid doing damages to your stamp.

4. Re-ink the pad with 3-5 drops of ink. Then, allow the ink to absorb into the pad before putting the pad back to the stamp.

Black Piece of Stamp Pad for rubber stamps

5. Put back the stamp pad to the stamp, ink-side down. You can continue stamping with ease.

Replacing ink pads:

Though most self-inking pads are refillable, time will come that you might need to replace your ink pads. Here are the easy steps to follow:

    1. Make sure to secure your working surface from any possible stains that are caused by changing your ink pads. You can use parchment paper or used/recycled papers to protect the surface
    2. Push the stamp with a little pressure until you hear a clicking sound. This indicates that the stamp is open and you can now pull the ink pads out.
    3. Remove the ink pads from the stamp and place it on the table ink-side up.
    4. Replace it with a newer ink pad and insert it into the stamp.
    5. Press lightly on to paper and achieve a newer and clearer image from your stamp.

Other self-inking stamps care tips to follow:

Again, your stamps, like all other things, need love, too. Here are a few other tips to remember in taking care of your stamps:

  1. Do not mix inks with different ink formulas. Each stamp comes with a designated ink, compatible for its model and type. Using inks not suited for your stamp might damage it and your stamped documents, too. We don’t want that happening, do we?

thrree mini glass bottles of ink for rubber stamps

    1. Only refill your ink pads with the same colour of ink you are already using.
    2. Do not oversaturate your ink pads. When refilling ink, gradually add ink to the pad and wait for it to absorb. If more ink is needed, add it little by little. If a pool of ink is forming, you can blot it with a paper towel and proceed to use your stamp.
    3. Do not use a stencil and quick dry inks for your stamps. These stamps are usually without cover, so quick dry inks are inappropriate.
    4. Do not slam or apply sudden and intense pressure to your stamps. It might break or damage your self-inking stamp, and you might be left with a pile of documents to sign and label.
    5. Dust and dirt might collect in your self-inking stamp over time. When this happens, blot the rubber due to a paper and with Scotch tape, press and lift it to the rubber die to remove the dust and lint. Repeat if necessary.
  1. Store your stamps in dry place. It is also advisable to keep it in a ziplock if not in use, to avoid the ink from drying up.

Colorized Ziplock with zigzag lines


Self-inking stamps are gaining popularity in different industries due to its versatility and user-friendliness. It is customisable, light-weight and relatively cost-friendly. You can decide what information to put, what font to appear and what size you need. You can opt for this type of stamps to save time, space and effort in writing necessary information for your documents. Not only are these stamps used in the office. It can be used creatively to stamp logos for products and cards for all occasions. Keep in mind that you need to take care of your stamps to extend their life and continue to be at your service.

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Easy How To: 3 Ways to Clean Your Rubber Stamps

Easy How To: 3 Ways to Clean Your Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are helpful, in many different ways – from creating original crafts, unique greeting and invitation cards to professional uses like marking documents and many others. And it is inevitable to get your rubber stamps dirty after and between applications. Dirty rubber stamps can affect its performance and the quality of your stamps.

There are easy methods you can use to clean your rubber stamps before storing them and between changing different kinds and colours of inks. These methods will keep your stamps clean and avoid contamination of colours between your ink pads. You don’t want your stamps ruining your beautiful work of art. With proper care and cleaning techniques, your rubber stamps can last a long time.

Method 1: Using Alcohol-Free Wipes


1. Blot the remaining ink from your rubber stamps in a piece of scratch paper. (more…)

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