A rubber stamp is an essential tool for most crafters and artists.

There was a time where rubber stamps weren’t that sophisticated. Our impressions about them were as simple and straightforward. Rubber stamps were just that – stamps made out of rubber. There’s nothing special about them, apart from the fact that they can imprint a design or message on a surface. Nothing more; nothing less. But that’s all in the past now. Everything’s changed; rubber stamps have evolved into something else; something more. here are the different types of rubber stamps showed later for you.


The concept of rubber stamping underwent significant innovative changes every year. Today, rubber stamps are now more than “just a stamp.” There are now different varieties of rubber stamps available in the market today. A rubber stamp is an essential tool for most crafters and artists. The rising demand resulted in the development of multiple varieties of rubber stamps, in which most people have access nowadays. From painting exciting abstracts, designing a home, to business-related stamping, you’ll be surprised at the number of things rubber stamps can do. These applications use different types of rubber stamps.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different types of rubber stamps and the ideal one to use for starters.

1.) Mounted Rubber Stamps

round cream brown black rubber stamp with handle and black tied lace

The mounted rubber stamp is easily the most recognisable type of rubber stamp. Used in a wide variety of stamping purpose, it’s highly considered as the standard type of rubber stamp. Mounted rubber stamps are produced and ready to use in a wide range of purposes. It creates very detailed imprints when coupled with an ink pad. If you’re looking to use rubber stamps on fabric, make sure to use a deep-etched variant as they tend to ensure the ink sifts through the cloth and produce a more detailed image. Mounted rubber stamps are also used for pots and other varieties of dry clay.


Most of the time, the wooden handle of mounted rubber stamps is readily attached. The handle is an essential feature of this rubber stamp, as it makes stamping comfortable and convenient. It adds force and precision which is necessary if you want the best-quality print. When punching your print onto a fabric or any type of material, make sure you don’t lift it right away. Wait for a couple of seconds. It’s less sophisticated than the other rubber stamp types since you don’t need anything other than its standard ink pad. You can also use paint but make sure it doesn’t dry on your mounted rubber stamp.

2.) Unmounted Rubber Stamps

From the standard wood mounted rubber stamps, we turn to the unmounted version. While the former is the most common one, the latter is an increasingly popular alternative. The two are relatively the same, with the only difference being the mounted variant having a handle. Unmounted rubber stamps only have the ‘die’ part. For unmounted stamps with acrylic blocks, users can either mount the stamp permanently on a handle or use a removable one. While both variants provide the same stamp results, unmounted stamps are usually cheaper than mounted stamps, which is one of the reasons why it’s becoming more and more popular.

3.) Clear Stamps

White Transparent Stamp with hand holding on it


While not as heard of as the other two rubber stamp types, a clear stamp (otherwise known as an acrylic stamp) have its own unique purpose. Highly considered as a ‘stamping revolution,’ clear stamps are transparent stamping blocks that work to help crafters easily and accurately place stamps and use them to create amazing designs. It can be used by temporarily adhering to an acrylic stamping block, giving it the design pattern to be used for stamping purposes. Clear stamps are versatile, which makes precise stamp placements simple and straightforward. Clear stamps are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. It’s also relatively easy to maintain, as you can simply clean them straight away after use and have it ready for your next project.


Clear stamps are way cheaper since it only consists of the pattern that is to be used to create the stamp design. It’s a versatile type of stamp that you can use to create different kinds of patterns and designs. Perhaps the only downside to clear stamps is the tendency of it discolouration over time. Some rip even when placed correctly on the backing sheet. However, despite that, clear stamps are still an amazing tool that you should consider using.

4.) Foam Stamps

Foam Pink Colored round citrus shaped and leaves design stamps

If you’re looking for a stamp that produces large or bold images, foam stamps are your best choice. Soft and lightweight, the foam stamp is a favourite amongst children when it comes to creating their arts and crafts. It is also prevalent in interior designing as well as other stamping projects. Unlike traditional stamps, foam stamps are best used with acrylic paint, although ink is also a viable option.

5.) Digital Stamps

Cartoon of a child on a dirty white bath tub with lots of bubbles

Just when you though stamps couldn’t get any more innovative, it now comes with a digital version. A digital stamp, also called a digi stamp, is a form of imagery that you can purchase online or download for free. Once you’ve acquired your stamp, you can print it on any material you desired. Digital stamps are available in either coloured or black in white, with the latter requiring your to colour them manually. Digital stamps are becoming increasingly popular. It presents whole new stamping and crafting opportunities, along with being an interesting alternative to traditional stamps.


Be Innovative!

To close this discussion, we’d like to encourage you to be creative and create your own custom rubber stamp. Keep in mind that these five types we’re conceived out of people’s curious minds. So make sure you also join the revolution and create your very own rubber stamp. You can make a stamp out of anything. There are a surprising number of ways where you can come up with your own stamp. It can range from cookie stamps, potatoes wedge stamps, to carving images into wooden pieces of foam. You can seek more ideas online. In the end, rubber stamps are innovative tools that serve multiple uses. Their usefulness paved the way for the introduction of several other types of rubber stamps.

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