Why should you invest your money on rubber stamps, or be exactly why should you buy custom self-inking stamps? What benefits can stamps give to your company?

Are your wrists tired from having to sign so many documents over and over again? Doing repetitive task can both be a hassle and a physical pain, especially if you’re tasked to do a certain task numerous times.

Buying rubber stamps and creating your own stamp design can remove the hassle by giving you a tool that you can use over and over again without exerting too much effort. Find out the four ways self-inking stamps save you time in the office.


your signature stamps for rubber stamps

Signing Paperwork

One of the first tasks that stamps help you save time on is signing documents. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO, supervisor or the manager. Anyone who holds an administrative position in a company will be required to put their names and signature on a piece of important document.

Now, signing one document isn’t exhausting, but when you need to sign more than ten documents, then things will become a nuisance. Aside from the strain, it’s going to put on your wrist, which is caused by having to sign multiple documents, your signature will also be inaccurate. The accuracy of your penmanship may be hindered by (1) tiredness (2) number of documents you have to sign (3) the urgency of the signing task. When you have to sign 14 papers in a rush, you’ll end up compromising your penmanship in order to finish signing everything.

Having a personalised self-inking stamp with your name and signature on it will make attaching your signature to any document easy. You’ll have crisp, clear and accurate signs every single time and you won’t make a mess on your desk because your signature stamp is a self-inking stamp.

approved stamps with signature stamps and date


Approving Applications and Projects

With stamps, you can quickly approve or disapprove of projects, cash memos, invoices, vouchers and bills without having to write “Approved” on the document repeatedly. Manually writing is as demonstrated in the first task can be strainful. Having a stamp removes that strain because you can just use your stamp to put approved or not approved on each document after reading them.

Another plus point about using stamps is that you can have custom rubber stamps that have your company logo as well as the date and other details on your stamp. More details give you more information when you have to create reports on your business operations.

accepting stamps with self inking stamps

Accepting Documents

Business to business transactions would always result in giving and receiving documents either for legal purposes or documentation. A stamp will make this whole process easy by removing the need to hand write the date, place and person who got the documents. You can just stamp on the document, and the task is done.

Similar to approving documents, you can also buy rubber stamps that are customised for your business. Customised self-inking stamps will have information or details that usual generic department store stamps don’t have.

numbering stamps with daters stamps

Writing Dates

Receipts, invoices, vouchers and basically any document in your business requires dates to be written on them. Manual writing wouldn’t be so bad with a small business but as your company grows you need a tool that will help you consistently write accurate dates. Relying on manual work can be time-consuming and troublesome at the same time.

Because it would require repetitive actions on your part.

Stamps make placing the dates on your documents relatively easy and convenient. No need for ball pens and even an ink pad because self-inking stamps have built-in ink pads. You can merely stamp and move on to the next document.


Self-inking stamps save you time by becoming a tool that you can use repetitive to replace doing things manually. With stamps, you can produce crisp and accurate results every time you use it. They’re customisable tools that you can order according to what you want and need.


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