Whether it is for personal use or for your business, rubber stamps can and will be your best friend. There are a lot of ways you can use personalised name stamps and custom rubber stamps for you or your business and here are some.


Of course, you own rubber stamps or a self-inking stamp, why not use it to your own personal advantage. You can order a rubber stamp or a self-inking stamp with your name and address on it. And from there, you can use it almost everywhere, as long as the things are yours of course. You can name your personal belongings like clothes, letters, receipts, folders or other personal paperwork. If you are a person who constantly loses something and then finds it and doubts if it’s yours, stamps are your saving grace.

You can also use stamps for your invitations. Planning on having a housewarming party or a party for your kid? Grab your rubber stamp and stamp your invites away. If you need a rubber stamp for invitations, there are a lot of supplier of custom rubber and self-inking stamps.


The classic use for self-inking and custom rubber stamps are in schools, especially preschool. Children seem and will love those cute figures in the custom-made stamps and other stampings that may say Great Job! with a little star or a smiling dinosaur on the side. Given this, stamps can help you save a great amount of time from marking and checking all those cute paintings and drawings.

Hospitals and Clinics

Even with the most organised medical records, mistakes are inevitable. One great way to ensure records are accurate and properly marked are custom rubber stamps. Save time writing repetitious details with self-inking rubber stamps. Rubber stamps have been used to help doctors and nurses with marking tasks as they provide a great and clear impression. There are also rubber and self-inking stamps available for nurses in clinics and hospitals, good to carry around. It is a convenient and time-saving way to put important particulars to papers or medical records.


Custom self-inking and rubber stamps can help your business in hundreds to ways, to say the least. From promotion to branding, stamps can be used almost in every aspect of your business. Yes, you can buy a rubber stamp for your business logo, information and address and use this to mark your business’ apparel or packaging for takeaways such as bags and coffee cups. Aside from its convenience, rubber stamps are unbelievably cost-effective and easy to use. QR codes linked to your business website or social media accounts can also be manufactured to be put on rubber stamps. This will give people or potential customers an easy way to reach you and your business. Aside from rubber stamps being less costly than printing, they can be used again and again before needing any replacement. Custom rubber and inking stamps are also simple to refill and re-ink and you can do it yourself within a breeze. Good business at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

Custom and a self-inking personal name and address stamps are truly convenient rubber stamping solutions for your marking and branding needs.

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