Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Use Your Bullet Journal Stamps In Journaling

Having a hard time using your bullet journal stamps in creating new designs for the weekly layout of your bullet journal? Don’t know what to use and choose from? You don’t have to fret anymore! We’re here to help and give you tips on where to use your stamps for your bullet journal.

Bullet journal enthusiasts, like yourself, should always be ready and armed with craft and art materials. Albeit, what a bullet journal really is for goal-setting and tracking your schedule and plans, you can always try and play with the designs you do. Along the way, the longer you’ve been doing journal-ing, you get more used to designing pages, and you’ll be adding more advanced pages other than the basic ones for beginners.

But for BuJo beginners, you’d probably get comfortable for more simple designs. Don’t worry! You can still put a detailed style using your rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and a common seal.


Here’s how you can use your rubber stamps in 6 easy ways without breaking a sweat!


Charting Your Future with Stamps

You may use chart designs or weekly layouts for your trackers, collections, lists or plainly pages. Make use of your rubber stamps and get innovative. These stamps not only decorates your chart, it sort of creates an organisation too and certainly helps you in creating such intricate designs. You can always trust on your rubber stamps to build you a convenient design, with a detailed division of what you want your charts to be about, whether it’s your budget tracker or the list for the movies you want to watch.


Creating Lines and Borders

Investing time and effort on a certain level, completely committing to your weekly or daily layout designs can be such a drag. Looking for a perfect layout which best fits your taste is a critical decision for your journal to work effectively. Using a ruler is an effective way, it’s the traditional way of creating lines or borders to divide sections of each page.

Bullet Journal beginners, like you, may be drawn to simple designs because you’re still testing the waters. But, along the way, as you’re expanding your designs, as you get creative and you’re experimenting and looking some alternative patterns in sectioning the days of the week, you may find yourself drawn to your rubber stamps.

Imagine using your collection of rubber stamps and creating a trendy design of borders, or wavy lines that you incorporate with different colours of ink pads. Giving you a variety of colours that you’ve mixed and matched to have an organised look week to week.


Different Shapes

BuJo enthusiasts spend most of their time finding and looking for a perfect layout for their daily and weekly logs. These sections usually include the date and day of the week. It’s that detail that the eye recognises quickly.  

Shapes like hexagons, circle, square, or flags adds a lovely decorative detail to your layout design. Especially wreaths, it gives you a great detail of sense of order. You can try incorporating different colours and vary the fonts for each shape to give each week a distinct feel. Although, straight lines do give a clean and contemporary look to your layout. Minimalism is also an excellent way to go if you’re one for simplicity, but you can also try a mix of floral and sunburst rubber stamps. Not only that, get colourful too, try using colours that fit the colour scheme of your layout.

The more you add activities, lists, events and plans, the more you get into detailed layouts, and your due dates can quickly catch up with you. That’s why it’s a good thing to have a collection of rubber stamps in different shapes, whether it be in hexagon, wreaths or just simple designs you can alternatively use for one date and another. Surely, your basic to-do’s will look more unique and as exciting as others.


Abundance of Checkboxes

It’s not a journal if it doesn’t have a checkbox system, (hurray for checkboxes!) because not only does it give you a visual and an orderly process of filing your priorities and checking them once they’re finished. You can utilise checkboxes as sort of a reminder.

Let’s say, you’ll be travelling, you can capitalise the use of the checkbox system to list and check the belongings you will be bringing along, and to check if you’ve forgotten something or not. Or when you’re grocery shopping, it gives you a track of what you’re gonna buy, instead of just going to the store empty-handed. A structured list completely based on your priorities, goals, hopes and dreams. You’ll know and remember, what you’ve prioritised and what you haven’t.


Easy Input of Dates

Getting tired of writing the day, date and month on every page? Even with borders, rulers and pretty pens, scribbling out the days of the week and the month can become a chore. When your penmanship wanes, your drive to keep plotting on may falter.

It’s no joke writing the day, date and month on every page. Of course, it’s natural that you’d get tired. It becomes a chore, even if you’re accompanied with pretty pens, the borders rulers. Your hand just gives up, you may want to quit.

But that’s where self-inking stamps come in, these stamps are handy and functional tools, which gives you convenience and comfort every single time you’re on the circle of putting the day, month and date of each page or section. A single stamp can provide you with precise and accurate information for distinguishing the date. Instead of doing it manually, you can now save time because you’ve got a handy tool. Let it be a fun-filled journal, where you get motivation every time you make another layout for an upcoming week.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve read this far, then you know that you have a wide range of access to resources from rubber stamps, to self-inking stamps and even a common seal. If you’re an avid collector of stamps, then you’ve got leverage and an advantage in making creative designs in creating the best possible layouts your mind can think of. Take out your stamp and start using them on your bullet journals and let your imaginations run wild!

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Preventing Kitchen Disasters Using Stamp Labels

The kitchen is where we do all the food preparations. Where you’re crafting the food to either give to others, or for yourself.  Now, what would happen if it is not organised? Mix-ups between the ingredients could happen which can greatly affect your prepared goodies. Stamp labels can prevent these from happening.


Here’s how stamps can help you organise your kitchen:


  • Keeping Food Fresh

We all want the good things in life and that includes good food. To be able to have a good food, you need to have a fresh ingredients. Because if the food you’re preparing is not fresh then the food you’re going to make would only be as good as the ingredients you have on your shelves.

But, even at our young age, we often forget things. This includes the time and date of when we bought our fresh ingredients. And unless the food gets dry and wrinkled, we won’t notice that the food is no longer fresh. And we even wonder why the meal does not taste good. Believe me it happens to all of us.

Date Stamps can help you keep track of the food items you bought, especially the organic foods which may go bad real quick. How? By marking your food with the date of purchase of  the item, you are able to keep track if the food you bought is still fresh or not. Of course, if you know when you bought the item, you’ll know when it’s still edible or,when it’s going to go bad. This stops you from using expired condiments on family meals and even boxed lunches.


  • Marking Your Personal Food

This may not apply to a household that shares all their food items. However, to people who are renting. Those who are sharing one fridge and cupboards, you know very well that you need to mark your items.  Or else, other people may eat your food. Most of the time, you’re using a marker to mark your own food items. And there are times when you’d have to search for that marker to label what’s yours from store bought foods to fresh produce.

Now, with a personalised stamp, that you designed yourself, you can mark what’s yours and even what’s theirs with stamps. For example, you want to keep the people away from your chocolate cake, you can make a rubber stamp that says ‘Heather’s. Do NOT Touch’.

The good thing about stamps is that just like a marker, it is light and is easy to carry. However, this time, instead of writing on the items, you’re only going to stamp on the wrapper.

If you’re worried about the cost of a personalised stamp— you don’t have to because a personalised stamp is cheap and just as affordable as your regular marker. Plus, you can just create your own stamp and order rubber stamps online. You don’t have to visit the shop since the stamp will also be delivered right on your front door.



  • Organising Foods

An organised kitchen helps you finish food preparations faster. Especially if you know what shelves are the knives and utensils are kept, where the spices are kept, and where are the fresh goods are stored. This is why it is important for you to label your kitchen, especially if you have other people in your house when you’re not around.

This may not be very applicable to the big obvious objects and items in your kitchen, but when it comes to the small things such as sugar, salt, flours and spices, you may pick the wrong one and instead of making your dish, or baked goodie to taste better, it’s just going to kill the flavour you have built up.

By putting a label for each of the containers on each of your ingredients, you are preventing the confusion that’s bound to happen if there are no labels. Using rubber stamps you can easily label the container for your ingredients. While you’re, you can get creative with the labels. You can use tags on bottled goods such as olive oils, vegetable oils, and corn oils. You can buy labelling tags, and sticker papers, then mark it using a rubber stamp.


Final Thoughts

Kitchen organisation is the one thing that is always forgotten and overlooked by most people around. Using stamps, you can keep track of your bought foods to keep them fresh, keep other people away from touching your foods and most importantly, you’ll be able to organise your foods and ingredients. An organised kitchen can produce excellent dishes and baked goods.

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How To Have a Unique Christmas Using Rubber Stamps

With the Christmas coming right up, everyone is becoming more and more busy for the upcoming holiday. Decorating their home with wreaths, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights to make your home warm and festive. The kids are looking forward to Santa’s home visit this coming Christmas Eve. Christmas can be pretty cliche, but we all admit that even with it being cliche, people still look forward to this season. After all, this is a season that’s full of loving and giving. But wouldn’t it be better if you made your Christmas unique, with just rubber stamps?

Here are 3 things that you can tweak to make your Christmas unique from the rest of the people in your neighbourhood:


Add Personal Touch

Christmas is only a week away, and by now, you may have decorated your house, and adorned it with Christmas lights. You may have your Christmas tree, wreath, and even a mistletoe ready. However, if you want for your house to be unique this season, then I suggest you should do something to make your extra special. After all, it’s never too late to put on your Christmas decorations.

So, how you make your Christmas decorations unique? The answer is simple. You just need to be you, add your flair to your Christmas decorations. You don’t need to remove the decorations you have already put up, all you need to do is add some final touches.

Get your rubber stamp that you like the most. Then grab your card stock, cut it into a shape that you desire, then stamp it up. You can also mark your cut out card stocks with the values of Christmas. Or you can use a rubber stamp to imprint the name of your family members in the tree. Then have them colour or decorate their name. After doing so, punch a hole on the cardstock then attach a string in it, and put it up on your Christmas tree. You can also do this with your friends if you’re celebrating Christmas with them this year.


Create Personalised Cards

Another thing that can make your Christmas unique is Christmas Cards. You can buy them in your local stationary store and give them to the people you care about. However, if your goal is to make your Christmas unique, there’s no other way to personalise it than to make the cards yourself.

Making your Christmas card is not as difficult, or as time-consuming as you think, you need to think of how you want the outcome of your Christmas card to look. What is the stamp you’re using for the card? Do you want to order a rubber stamp that has characters in it? Or Would you rather buy a custom-made rubber stamp that you can use not only for this year’s holiday season— but throughout the entire Christmas season? You can even put up your favourite saying for Christmas, and stamp it up on your card. You can then handwrite the things you personally want to tell them. This will make your card more special and will be able to touch the heart of the person receiving your card.


Personalised Gift Wrapper

Adding your own personal flair for the holiday does not only apply to your Christmas decorations and your Christmas cards but can also be applied to your gift wrapper. Although you can easily buy a gift wrapper locally or online, nothing beats the gift you made you made yourself.

On the other hand, the person receiving the gift would be very much pleased because you took the liberty of time so that you can give them a present this Christmas. Wouldn’t it be better if you wrap your present in a wrapper that you created yourself? Using your rubber stamp, self-inking stamp, or any kind of stamp that you have, you can create a gift wrapper of your own. By using a wax paper, or any kind of paper you currently have, your stamp you can personalise your own gift wrapper.

You just have to lay the paper on the surface and using the stamp. You can create patterns across the entire surface of the paper. And if you can, you can put a special message, a word that you think best describes the person to whom you’re giving the present to at the centre of the wrapper. You can then tie your present up with ribbon that complements well with the colour of the wrapper you chose to stamp on.


Final Thoughts

Making your Christmas does not have to take so much time, and does not need a lot of cash. All you need to have are your good rubber stamp, an ink pad, and material to stamp on and your one of a kind Christmas will be coming right up. Just tweak your Christmas decors, handmade Christmas cards and your gift wrapper and you’re good to go.

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How To Cut Marketing Cost for A Takeaway Business Using Ink Stamps

Starting a takeaway business may seem like a simple thing. All you need to have is the location, the product, the people to man the business and you’re good to go. Although you can start your business with just these three— you need to make your business stay afloat. How are your going to do that? Simple, all you need is a good paper, a business ink stamp, with a good marketing strategy and your business will stay for a long time.

You may be wondering why a takeaway business owner like you needs to have a stamp. So, we have listed 3 reasons why business ink stamps are essential to take away businesses owners like you.


Cutting Cost Without Ruining the Quality

One of the things you need to prepare when it comes to owning a takeaway business is the packaging. Because take away business is mostly made up of businesses that involve food, it is important that you constantly fill the container of your food wraps or packaging. The packaging is one of the factors that can grab people’s attention, not to mention they base the quality of your product through its packaging. After all, there’s a reason why many people would advise their friends not to judge a book based on the cover— this is because people tend to do just this. People judge the content through how it looks externally. Which is why if you don’t put an effort of putting up a good packaging, there’s a huge chance that your takeaway product will not get sold.

Now, you must know at this point that personalised packaging is never cheap. Especially if you buy in huge bulks. Which is why if you’re someone who’s just got into the business recently, the cost for each custom-made packaging may hurt your budget. But there’s a way for you to be able to put your product in a suitable packaging through papers and custom-made rubber stamps.

You can personalise a stamp with your brand’s logo. Now, order a plain paper packaging. Say, for example, a paper cup sleeve. The cost for the plain one from the personalised one has a huge gap. But if you use your personalised stamp on your plain paper cup, it will look a hundred times better. Especially if the logo of your brand is straightforward and minimalistic, this will go well with a paper cup sleeve very well. Which means you don’t have to call for someone else to do your product’s packaging, with a rubber stamp, an ink pad, and a plain paper packaging, you can create your own packaging.


Loyalty Scheme for Your Takeaway Business

Once your takeaway business is already operating, you may notice some customers come back more often than others. These are your regular customers, and it is essential that you will take care of them, and nurture them. And one way to do this is through a loyalty scheme. The loyalty scheme is when you encourage your customers to buy more through the means of a reward system. Loyalty schemes use a loyalty card and stamps most of the time, especially if you’re using the punch card reward system. This is where you give your customer a card with a number of empty slots that can only be filled through certain conditions. After the customer is able to completely fill the empty slots with your seal stamp, the customers can then get a reward.

This kind of loyalty scheme works best with small businesses as well as small takeaway business that caters only a small scale of customers. Now you don’t have to go big with the reward. You can use your product as a reward for them, people by nature loves freebies, and they won’t think twice to grab the opportunity to get a freebie. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customer. You get the returns (and the customer), and your customer gets the freebie.


Gives Value To Your Customers

One thing that makes your customer return to your takeaway business is their experience they get to have with your business. If your customer had a great customer experience with your business, they wouldn’t think twice in coming back for more. So, how can you provide a great customer experience? The first thing is how your employees deal with your customers. The second is being able to present them their orders.

Say, for example, your customer orders a 100 pieces of your double cheeseburger, 60 pieces of your all meat burger and 50 pieces of your diet burger. With different quantities of different kinds of the burgers being ordered, a mixup could happen, or the customer may have to peek through the packaging of the burger to be able to know what kind of burger is which. So you labelled which kind of burger is contained in what packaging using your rubber ink stamp. You may be wondering why should you use a rubber ink stamp rather than use pens when labelling. The reason for this is, rubber ink stamps impression looks more professional rather than that of an ink pen.

Customers like it when you present them their order in an orderly manner. And you’ll be surprised, the next time that they need a huge amount of takeaways, they will give your business a call.


Final Thoughts

The formula for a successful takeaway business is excellent customer service, good relationship with the customers and of course excellent products. Excellent packaging and loyalty schemes are only a bonus, and if you’re able to give them to your customers, there is no doubt that they will continue to love your brand. A simple stationary tool such as rubber stamps can go a long way for your takeaway business. Which is why if you don’t have a stamp on your business I strongly suggest that you order a rubber stamp online.

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Unique Ways To Use Your Rubber Stamps from UK

You know what rubber stamps from the UK are made for right? It’s made to make the lives of those from offices, schools, hospitals, and business owners a lot better. Stamps do not only help us manage and organise our stuff, but it also helps us to finish our jobs a lot faster.

Business Stamps and stock stamps are very handy when it comes to marking receipts and paid bills. Although stamps are not a part of the major operations for businesses, it does not change the fact the stamps make the minor tasks less time-consuming.

Stamps for teachers also works the same as a business stamp would. Lending a helping hand especially when it comes to grading the students quickly. However, are there are other ways that you can use rubber stamps aside from office use, school use, and other business uses? The answer to that is yes. There are a lot of ways you can use your personalised stamps aside from what I mentioned earlier.


Here are 3 creative ways that you can use with your personalised stamps:


Motivate People

People today have become too busy with work, school, social media and other stuff that they often forget to give themselves a time to relax and recover. This causes the people to feel tired and exhausted all the time. The lack of sleep can heavily affect a person’s emotions, energy levels as well as the outlook in life. A lot of people today are sensitive and can get pretty down easily.

One thing that can cheer people up is inspirational and motivational quotes. These quotes can come either from books, internet, cards, and even on walls, posted as a wall decoration. This is where custom-made rubber stamps from the UK comes in. You can design your own stamp, as well as the text that’s going to be in it, through an online stamp designer. You can pick up your favourite motivational quote and put it into stamps. Using your personalised rubber stamp, you can cheer not only yourself but also others.


Event Invitation Cards

Parties and Special Events needs to have guests, and how else are you going to have your desired guests to attend your event other if you don’t give them an event invitation. Sending out event invitations to your desired guests is a formal way to invite people. Although, you can just give your desired person a call or send them a message through social media. Sending out invitation cards to your guests makes the event invitation more formal (and professional).

So if you’re a business owner, an event organiser, or someone who is tasked to invite people in a formal event, give your desired guest an invitation, and might as well give them a call to let them know that their presence is highly appreciated.

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on this. You can just use a cardstock, a date rubber stamp,  an address stamp and if it is a company event, add in the company’s common seal. With a little bit of creativity, you will be able to give your desired guests a beautiful event invitation card.


Messages For Your Beloved

In this time and age, receiving a handwritten letter from the person dear to you is very rare. Especially with the rise of smartphones, and social media, communicating has never been easier. These days, however, the only letters that are being written and sent out are application letters, authorisation letters, and resignation letters. However, sending a handwritten message to your loved ones will no doubt make them very happy. Sending handwritten letters to the people you love signifies that you care for them so much that you took an effort of writing a letter for them.

You can spruce your letter up, through the use of stamps. Rubber stamps make your handwritten letters look unique. Think of it this way, stamping on your paper makes the paper one of a kind. Which makes personalising your letter by adding stamp impressions and accents makes your letter very personal. As if you’re pouring your whole intention on the paper. A handwritten letter is a private way of telling someone that you care deeply for them.


Final Thoughts

Using a simple stationary tool such as rubber stamps in the UK, and your creativity, you can inspire people and motivate them to keep doing what they love, you can formally invite people on the events you’re hosting, and spruce up your handwritten letters you’re sending to your loved ones.

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