How To Make Your Own Jewelry Using Custom Rubber Stamps

How To Make Your Own Jewelry Using Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom Rubber stamps are commonly used as office stationery and/or in a craft whether it’s for organising documents, greeting cards, gift wrappers, embossing on fabric, or any other possibilities where self-inking date stamps are imprinted.

But, have you ever used your customised rubber stamps in making a pendant for your jewellery? Don’t miss out on the fun you can get from playing around with your rubber stamps. Plus, you can also save cash by making your own accessories instead of buying them.

It’s an easy activity, where you can unleash your creativity and resourcefulness by just using custom stamps. It’s that easy! Thinking about the cost of the materials? Don’t sweat it because this is a very cost-effective activity.


Making Your Own Jewelry

Oven-baked clay jewellery-making is a do-it-yourself activity, where clay is moulded into shapes and sizes, baked in an oven to harden, and is attached to a chain for a necklace, earrings or, for bracelets. But let’s not focus on the clay; the highlight is on what tool is used for designing the pendant. This is where you capitalise the use of your rubber stamps for this activity.

It’s okay if you have no experience in jewellery-making. No sweat, because anyone can do this activity. Moving on, here’s how you can use your seal stamp in making customised jewellery.


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

gather your materials

The very first thing you have to do is to gather all your materials together. Materials including polymer clay, blocks, your rubber stamps, cookie cutters, pick, jump rings, pearl powder, and thread or chain. You don’t have to specifically choose polymer clay, because any type of clay is applicable for baking. As for the blocks, it’s used to flatten the clay. Cookie cutters have different shapes and sizes; it’s used after the stamp is imprinted on the flattened clay. The pick’s utilised for the hole on the formed pendant, where the jump rings are connected.


Step 2: Prep the Clay

prep the clay

After you’ve gathered your materials together, start by loosening up the polymer clay. It depends on the size of what you’re gonna make. In this case, creating a pendant that’s the same size as a coin is a good start.

Take a little piece of the clay, about the size of a marble, and roll it around your hands. It’s quite hard as it needs to be worked and warmed up. But by continuously rotating it in your hands, it then starts loosening up as heat from your body will transfer on the clay. As we’re making a coin-shaped pendant, the next move is to flatten the clay.

Blocks or any hard surface is a good place to even out the clay. This is to compress its dimensions evenly and to avoid lumps in certain areas. So, when it comes out of the oven, there are no signs of unevenness.


Step 3: Stamping the Design

stamping the design

Now comes the greatest part! The stamping part! Place the evened-out clay on your front. Prepare the rubber stamp and position it facing downwards on the clay. Then, gently stamp it in position and press hard. You can also do it while standing up. It gives more pressure because you’re putting your body weight on it. Then, slowly pull up. And viola! You now have a hand-stamped clay pendant.

But, if you find the pendant too big or you suddenly want a new shape, manipulate the clay using the cookie cutter. It depends on the shape that you want, or where you want the centre of your pendant to be placed on the newly designed clay.


Step 4: Assembling the Jewelry

assembling the jewelry

Pierce a hole on the upper part of the clay using a pick. This is where the jump rings are placed to connect the pendant to the chain. Though, make it bigger than what you’re imagining. Bead holes tend to shrink; if you’re not careful enough, the rings might not go through. To make the intricate design stand out, brush it with the perfect pearls powder; these are pigmented powders that are easy to use. But if you don’t have one, use pulverised makeups, especially eyeshadow ones. It gives the pendant shimmer.


Step 5: Baking the Product

baking the product

For the final step, place the pendant on a pan and bake it for about 30 minutes at 275 degrees. Let it cool. Connect it to the chain, and you’re done! Your polymer clay jewellery is now ready for use.

There are a lot of designs you can find to incorporate for your pendant. Look for rubber stamps online, if you don’t own one yet. Or if you want something that has more of your personal touch, there are custom stamps online, where there’s a stamp designer to decorate your own.


Final Thoughts

Rubber stamps aren’t just made for stamping documents. You’ll be amazed at the numerous ways these stamps can be used. Mostly, rubber stamps in Auckland are used for decorating pages of scrapbooks, documents, or for postage. Though there are other surfaces, you can stamp on besides paper like wood, metal, fabric, and especially on clay – just like this activity. You’re collecting accessories but have no budget to buy new ones? Less splurging on expensive ones and make your very own personalised accessories now!

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How To Use Cheap Stamps in Wedding Decorations

How To Use Cheap Stamps in Wedding Decorations

Cheap stamps are commonly used in offices or paperworks. For instance, in documents like official invoices, business contracts, signing of purchase orders, rental agreements, and etc. But, did you know that you can use them in wedding decorations and preparations too? Read on and find out how.


Using Stamps in Wedding Preparations

If you’re looking for cost-efficient and innovative decors for wedding receptions, use your self-inking stamps. Save money on wedding decorations by making them yourself. Plus! You won’t have to worry about splurging anymore, because Do-It-Yourself decorations cost less than store bought ones. Take time and use your rubber stamps on your decorations. Or, better yet buy cheap design it yourself stamps or make one yourself using materials you can easily get from craft stores.

Here are seven ways to use your rubber stamps in your DIY decorations. And remember to get creative. What you won’t spend on money, you’ll make up for with time – fun and engaging time. And don’t worry about how your decorations will look, because with stamps you are sure to get clean, sophisticated results. Not, like when you’re using paint brushes and paints.


12  Ways You Can Use Your Stamps


Wedding Invites

wedding invites

First off – invitations. You can’t have a wedding if you don’t send out invitations to family and friends. Don’t agonise about the design. This craft can be done by anyone, even you.

If you’re worried, go for something minimal. Nothing goes wrong with the basic look.  Just get yourself a piece of cardstock and your trusted custom made rubber stamps. Ink the stamp thoroughly, stamp it gently straight down on the paper to see good results, let it dry, and you’re done!


Wedding Envelopes

wedding envelopes

You keep envelopes on your cupboard, right? Get them out of there and use them on your invitations. Begin by printing the important details on the envelope first. It gives more emphasis and priority on what significant information you have to remember, such as: who’s getting married, where it’s gonna be, and when it’s gonna happen and most importantly who are you sending it to.

The bonus of doing this is, you won’t accidentally send you aunt’s invite to a distant relative because you can immediately write their names on the invites after you stamped on them.


Wedding Tablecloth

bunch of stamps on table cloth

Whether you’re doing an outdoor wedding or a grand chapel one, you’re bound to have a reception. And screams your special day more than a tablecloth that specialised for you. It’s another great chance for you to use your stamp and customised you tablecloths

There’s no need for you to spend a fortune, just to buy patterned tablecloths, stamp on them using your custom rubber stamps. Take your fabric and make a style of your own. Design by creating a pattern, repeatedly on the same line, until you start in another line progressively. Whichever angle you prefer the stamp to be facing. Then, let it dry after you’re finished stamping.


Festive Buntings

Buntings are also a good choice for decorations. You ca drape it on the ceremonial wall or all over your reception area. Print letters on each triangle, so when you put it together, it forms a word or a phrase for the audience to see. Designs that correlates to the occasion like: rings, cake, an outline of a couple kissing, etc. Also, grain sack is a good alternative if you don’t have any cardstock available as your bunting.


Event Balloons

event balloons

Balloons, for wedding can come in a variety of styles and shapes. And depending on what you want you can go crazy stamping them.  And they are frequently used in different occasions, whether it’s celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and or parties. So, no fuss you can play around with them.  It gives highlight on the event, especially if the print is pleasing to the eye. Just blow at least ¾ air into the deflated balloon, keep the air inside and ink your approved rubber stamp thoroughly. Then press it down accurately as possible to have clean results.


Chair Covers

chair covers

Another cool thing to do with stamps is decorating chair covers with prints. You can go all out crazy with stamping on them or you can take the modest approach of decorating only the chair tie. It can give a very endearing feel to any wedding decoration, since you stamp the names of the people sitting on the seats.

Do note that, it’s preferable to use fabric and have your way in designing using your personalised stamps. Use the ink color that fits the motif of the event, of course. Minimal designs are actually good for these kind of decorations


Napkins and Tissues

napkins and tissues

If you can make DIY prints on chair covers and balloons why not on napkins and tissues right? Blend it to the motif of the wedding. Use your traditional rubber stamps that you either buy on craft stores or old ones you get at thrift shops! Let’s combine creativity and convenience together. Stamp down designs on your napkins and tissues carefully in coordinated lines. Whether you want them in the left or right angle, whichever you prefer.


Cookie Giveaways

cookie giveaways

People are getting more and more innovative. Eating food embossed with custom made rubber stamps using food coloring as ink is a new feat. Pressing your stamp down carefully on unbaked dough takes a good reflection of the exact form of the self-inking stamp. You can do it on cookie treats too!

Take for example, a cookie is covered in royal frosting. It’s good to press down the stamp gently, (because we don’t want the cookie to break) on the frost that’s beginning to harden to create a perfect image. Just remember to use stamps that are new and have never touched ink that’s not edible.


Wedding Cake

wedding cakes

What’s a wedding without a cake, right? Honestly, the highlight after the bride and groom is the wedding cake! One of the things that makes a bride stressed during the organising of the event. Use the same approach that you did with your cookies on to your cake.

Transform your simple and a boring cake into one that you’ll remember. Make this event even more romantic, cover the body of the cake with portions of your vows.


Deco Ribbons

deco ribbons

Have no idea for your souvenirs? Personalise using your traditional rubber stamps on ribbons, grain sack pouches, cards, and etc.

Try using your ribbons or washi tapes in wrapping gifts! It’s a good alternative if you don’t have any wrapping papers available. Just tie the gifts with your stamped ribbons.

Stamp your rubber stamps in a straight line with one after another.  Whichever angle you want to imprint the stamp several times. It’s okay if it’s repetitive, that’s the purpose, so when you tie it around, you can see the stamp design. Make sure that your stamp is inked thoroughly to avoid mistakes.


Wedding Pouches

wedding pouches

Pouches are also good gifts to give. Make it even more unique by printing stamp designs on them. Add your personal touch on your pouches. Space is limited, so you can just stamp one or two designs. Embellish the pouch with the wedding couple’s name, the date, or a short message you want to say.

Prepare your custom made rubber stamps that’s already inked thoroughly. Align the area where you want the print to be. Gently stamp down the stamp design on the pouch to avoid outlines, then let it dry.


Wedding Cards

wedding card

Or if you are on a tight budget, give out wedding cards. It is a lot smaller compared to invitations. These cards are basically styled only with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding. Anything else is just left simple and sophisticated.

Use your available craft papers where you will be stamping your personalised stamps. Ready your approved rubber stamp and ink the color of your choice unto the stamp completely. Next, position the stamp on the craft paper directly. Hold the stamp in precision to avoid outline marks on the sides of the result. Then, smoothly remove the stamp to let the card dry.

Now you can enjoy your special event  with your self-designed wedding decorations!


Final Thoughts

Personalised stamps are not just for authorisation purposes. You can use it in a lot more ways than you can imagine. Even on such a special occasion, make do of your custom made rubber stamps. It’s not just limited for business relations. In this case, a wedding is a special occasion that only happens once in your life, might as well make it even more special and style it yourself, right? So don’t wait and start designing your own now!  

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Using Made to Order Stamps To Decorate Cookies

Using Made to Order Stamps To Decorate Cookies

Who says stamps are only for paper art? Some people make great scrapbooks and cards while others have excellent hands and taste in the kitchen using made to order stamps. Crafting and baking and two expertise that will create beautiful and delicious results when combined. With our growing love for food and art, cookies have also evolved from the plain chocolate chip or peanut butter to fancy yet edible displays. As professionals use rubber stamps for designing, bakers use edible ink to stamp on cookies to make them more attractive and appetizing.


Here are 4 tips to help you get ready before stamping on your cookies:


Choose Stamps with Clear Designs

clear stamp design

When you only want a single design on your cookies, it’s best to use stamps without a backing mounted to it. It creates a blind spot when you’re trying to place the design in the center of your cookie. Make sure you also choose stamp designs with strong, clear and clean lines, so it presses well and maintains on the cookies. Complicated and soft designs may not reflect well on your cookies. You can order rubber stamps online where you’ll find a variety of them to use.


Bake the Cookie You Want

bake the cookie

First, reduce using leavening agents in your cookies such as baking powder or baking soda or do not use them if possible. Next, your dough shouldn’t be too sticky nor too dry. It must be similar to a playdough inconsistency instead. Lastly, if you’re planning to stamp your cookies before they’re done, take about 2 tbsp of dough for every cookie. Rolling is optional, and if you want them to be perfect, you can use a cutter to soften out the edges of your dough.


Ink Your Stamps

Start by picking your colour ink gel of choice. For best and convenient methods of inking your stamps, use a brush to apply the ink to your stamps. This will allow you to spread the ink excellently. If you plan to create a diversity of colours, it’s also much easier to blend colours and paint different portions of the stamp with this method. Brushing is also helpful if you only wish to colour a particular part of your stamp.
You can also try other methods of inking your stamps. It can be messy, but you can create a thicker ink by mixing a couple of ingredients – gel food colouring, a little vodka and isopropyl. Then, brush the solution on the bottom of your stamps.
If you’re planning to make more than a handful of stamped cookies, you might want to consider making a pad of edible ink, so it’s faster to repaint your stamps with a brush.


Design Finished Cookies with Stamps

cookies with stamps

Perhaps the best cookie surface to press your stamps are on royal icing. This type of icing flattens out on your iced cookies when already set. However, some icing can be deceiving. They might look settled on the outside, but you’ll find them soft underneath. You should be careful with chocolate icing or even confectioner’s sugar glaze because they might crack or deform when you press your stamps. Make sure all your ingredients have a food safe marker.


With all of that set, you’re now ready to start stamping your cookies with these 3 easy steps.

Step 1.

Once you’ve already painted your stamps, roll the stamps gently on the cookie icing, making sure it’s already set and won’t crack when you stamp.

Step 2.

You can’t expect your stamps to be painted on the cookies perfectly. Instead of trying to stamp again, use your brush to colour the blank parts or draw on the cookie to complete your design.

Step 3.

Let the ink dry before you add more details so it will not ruin the design or smudge the colours. You can buy rubber stamps online to find the perfect match for your plans and achieve your desired cookie design outcome.


Final Thoughts

Cookie stamping is a fun way to release your artistry. You can be innovative from using self-inking stamps on paper to creating your ink for your cookies. This is an excellent recreational activity to spend your leisure and a handy skill especially in kids parties and other themed-celebrations. Be a creative stamp designer and let the colours of your art burst into your creations.

Who says stamps are only for paper art? Some people make great scrapbooks and cards while others have excellent hands and taste in the kitchen using made to order stamps. Crafting and baking and two expertise that will create beautiful and delicious results when combined. With our growing love for food and art, cookies have also evolved from the plain chocolate chip or peanut butter to fancy yet edible displays. As professionals use rubber stamps for designing, bakers use edible ink to stamp on cookies to make them more attractive and appetizing.


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Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

Common Seals for Businesses Using Rubber Stamps and Embossers

If you own a business, Common Seals must be a familiar word for you. However, if not, you may want to get more acquainted with the word, especially if you intend to make one. Common seals refer to a Company’s official seal or official logo. Most of the time, it is used for legal transactions. However, today, it can also be used for spreading your brand/ business’ name.


2 Types of Common Seals

There are 2 Kinds of Common Seals that most businesses use. The Embossed Seal and the Printed or Inked Logo. Both types of common seals are used to make an impression on your files and documents. However, both the embossed and the stamped kind has its own difference.

Embossed Seals

embossed seals

An embossed seal is very useful for the files and documents that you don’t want to be replicated or be photocopied such as certificates, enrollment forms and other important documents. Embossing your Seal on a piece of means you’re raising certain parts of the paper to create an impression. Which why it cannot be reproduced photographically and is impossible to photocopy.

A note with a ‘Not valid without the Company Seal’ is printed on every document. Which is important in keeping your file authentic. Although, the prints can be photocopied. The embossed seal part of the document cannot be replicated. Without the seal, the document is not valid.

Stamped Seals

stamped seals

A stamped seal is commonly used for papers and documents that can be duplicated or photocopied such as the Company Head’s Signature. Stamping on important files and documents means you’re making an impression on a piece of paper through pressing ink on certain parts of the paper.

Most of the time if custom made stamps were created to be used for signatures, the stamp is still used together with an Embossing Seal to guarantee the document’s authenticity. Stamped Seals can be used aside from stamping signatures. It can be used for certifying documents for its authenticity or can be used for imprinting/ stamping the company/ business logo for spreading brand awareness.

There’s a huge variety of stamped common seals in Australia, such as rubber stamps, personalised rubber stamps, and self-inking stamps. You can order rubber stamp online for your business’ common seal.


What are Logos and Common Seals Used for?

Logo and Seal is the face of your brand/ business. Just like how a blue square with a large small letter f, or how a letter U, overlayed with an inverted ‘U’ is to the shoe brand Under Armour. How your logos look to represent the product of the service you provide.

People by nature tend to forget names. This is why you may not remember some of the names of your classmates back in primary school. This also applies to your brand, especially if your brand has quite a long name, people will most likely forget your brand’s name. Photos and images, however, can easily be remembered than basic words and phrases.

Promoting Brand Awareness

promoting brand awareness

If you want to spread brand awareness, printing or stamping the logo on your each of your products, flyers and posters is an excellent way to start. This is because logos can be of any size, large or small and it can still can recognizable, especially if your logo looks simple. You can stick your logo on your paper advertisements, online advertisements, or brand each of your products with the logo. You can print logos, or stamp them using rubber stamps on any surface you want to see your logo on.

Providing Authenticity with Your Documents

providing authenticity in your docs

Stamping your documents with your brand/ business’ logo validates each of your files and documents. It means you allowed the person to hold the document or an important file. Using a rubber stamp, or any self-inking stamps can help you certify the authenticity of documents and files.

You can use rubber stamps, or and self-inking stamps for marking logos and seals on your documents or any surfaces that you need your logo and seal to be imprinted.


Final Thoughts

The seal for your brand/ business doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if your business is just starting to bloom. Through rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and embossers, you can give your business a face and an identity spread brand awareness, as well as certifying the authenticity of your documents.

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4 Ways to Spark Brand Awareness Using a Stamp Designer

4 Ways to Spark Brand Awareness Using a Stamp Designer

Not a lot of people can turn their hobbies and interest into a business. And when they do, they want to make sure they succeed. So if you’re crafty and you’re thinking of turning your hobby into a business. You may want to start planning how to let people know your that your business exists. It may sound quite expensive, you’d have to spend a lot of cash for advertising your product. We have a more affordable alternative for that, and that is through a stamp designer and custom-made stamps.





It’s not all the time that the hobby you love doing during your leisure time can be turned into a business. So once you’re able to turn your passion into a small business, one of the things you need to have is your product’s packaging.

Most businessmen spend hundreds if not thousands of money to have their products adequately packaged. However, for people who are just starting to establish their brand, they can opt for a much cheaper packaging through the use of custom made rubber stamps.

However, a much cheaper packaging doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. You can get creative with it. With a self-inking rubber stamp, a paper, and your creativity, you can create a simple packaging for your budding business.

Let’s say you’re turning your passion for baking into a business. You can buy brown paper bags, mark it with the rubber stamp you created using a stamp designer. You can then place your cookies into the brown paper bags. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also does not cost that much.

You can also use the stamp on a variety of surfaces such as textured papers, fabrics and many more.


Promotional Literature

promotional literature

Custom-made stamps can also help you with the promotional literature such as pamphlets, brochures and flyers for your business. Commercially printed promotional literature can cost you hundreds. However, you can lower the expenses down. Through creating your own rubber stamp, you can make flyers and pamphlets to help you promote your newly established business.

Through promotional literature, you can promote brand awareness for your business. This way, people are going to be aware of what product your offer, or what service your offer. If people are aware of the existence of your business, they will avail your services and buy your products.


Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

Another thing that’s going to help you establish is through a logo. Just how the Nike shoe brand has a checkmark on their products, and McDonald’s with a particular yellow ‘M’ shaped logo with a red background, putting a logo helps the customers differentiate your brand from the rest of the businesses that offer the same products and services as you. It’s the symbol of your brand’s uniqueness.

Creating a rubber stamp for your brand’s logo helps you brand your products. Stamps are affordable, portable, and is easy to carry. All you’re going to need is an ink pad and a rubber stamp. You can just mark the logo on the packaging, freebie, flyers, pamphlets, or anything that you use to spread brand awareness.

You can even create your own website, put up your created logo on your site, so everytime people will see your logo. They’re going to think of your product or service.

Bonus Tip: Make your logo unique and straightforward so people can easily remember it.


Business Cards

business cards

Business cards are also an essential element to let people know you’re starting your own business. You can hand them out to people you know, people who are inquiring about your business and your offer, or to everyone who you think is interested in your business.

You can create classy-looking business cards, using a black ink pad, and a textured paper, or a card. You can buy rubber stamps online that you designed yourself. Just write your name, the contact number for your business, your business’ email address, the website for your business all the necessary details to help your customer contact your or locate your business.

The advantage of having a rubber stamp for your business card is that stamps are portable and easy to carry. You can bring it wherever you want.

Another thing, you also want to be creative with the spacing on the details for your rubber stamp. You can then use the stamp with your logo in here. Another technique of spreading brand awareness.

Here’s a Sample Template for your Business’ Card:


Logo Here

Shammie’s Shimmie Jewels


Wobbly Shmanimoovs


Address: Line 1 / Line 2 / Country


Final Thoughts

One of the things you’re going to need if you want your crafting business to be successful is to spread awareness. Through the packaging, promotional literature, marketing strategy, and business cards, you can spread brand awareness. Because once people are aware of your brand as well as the products you make, they will definitely be interested with what you have to offer.

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