Easy How To: 3 Ways to Clean Your Rubber Stamps

Easy How To: 3 Ways to Clean Your Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are helpful, in many different ways – from creating original crafts, unique greeting and invitation cards to professional uses like marking documents and many others. And it is inevitable to get your rubber stamps dirty after and between applications. Dirty rubber stamps can affect its performance and the quality of your stamps.

There are easy methods you can use to clean your rubber stamps before storing them and between changing different kinds and colours of inks. These methods will keep your stamps clean and avoid contamination of colours between your ink pads. You don’t want your stamps ruining your beautiful work of art. With proper care and cleaning techniques, your rubber stamps can last a long time.

Method 1: Using Alcohol-Free Wipes


1. Blot the remaining ink from your rubber stamps in a piece of scratch paper. (more…)

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